Mnemonic "Cooties"


Does anyone else have a real trouble remembering any reading where “cooties” is used?
I can’t imagine, or visualise it.

Instead I use “cookies”.

Does anyone else have a similar “issue”?


‘Cooties’ worked for me.


Are you from the US per chance?


Ent and Souren are two radicals that means nothing to me.


You have to be a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien to understand those.


Yep, I am. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. There have been other threads about people outside the US struggling with “cooties”.

When I was first starting, it was hard for me to get used to the Shogun and Hard Gay mnemonics as I had no idea who they were. I still don’t, honestly, but I just kind of made up who I thought they were in my head and it works alright.


Cooties is a word for an imaginary disease kids used in my American elementary school during recess. I had never even seen it written down before, so I wasn’t sure if it was the same word. The meanings mentioned here seems to be a little different, so I had a little trouble at first remembering it properly.


I googled right away on what ‘cooties’ means, lol. At first, I thought cooties are some kind of zombie troops. – That still gives me a vivid picture.

For Ent and Sauron, er, I’ve already known. I’ve read Lords of the Rings novel.

Another word I’ve googled is ‘TIE fighter’. There must be more. I’ve learnt a lot of English words from WaniKani. Naming, especially for Radicals, is weird.


I’ve read enough manga and anime in the past to know who Shogun is, (and what shogunate system is.)


Hmm I guess I’m not watching the right anime or reading the right manga… :thinking:


Hard Gay… oh man.
I always forget him.


There was a time when none of us knew who Hard Gay was, YouTube has enlightened me, can’t say I care for it but I’ll never forget the reading せい


Hmm. Not knowing TIE fighter is a surprise to me.
I guess Tofugu assume their community to be into the same things they are (not necessarily a bad thing).


“Shogun” isn’t a single persons name. It was a real position in Japan. The people who held this position were some of the most important (and popular) figures in Japanese history, such as Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

From wikipedia: “A shogun (将軍 shōgun ?, [ɕoːɡu͍ɴ] ( listen)) was the military dictator of Japan during the period from 1185 to 1868 (with exceptions). In most of this period, the shoguns were the de facto rulers of the country; although nominally they were appointed by the Emperor as a ceremonial formality.”


Wow, thanks! I was thinking something completely different. That is way more interesting than I thought. I shall add it to my long list of things I want to research and learn about.


I’m kind of shocked to hear that someone who is learning Japanese wouldn’t know what a shogun was, but I also never that cooties weren’t every where, in some form or another. I guess it is a disease specific to North America, wonder if customs makes sure you don’t take cooties out of the country and start a worldwide epidemic.


In the UK (well South-east England) the equivalent of “cooties” is the “Lurgy”.


You are rightly shocked. I’m a little ashamed, to be honest. Though I’m still pretty new to the language and culture. Lately I’ve been spending more time on learning the language than I have learning about the culture. But like I said, I do have a list of things I want to learn about. It’s just finding the time. I’ll get there!


i’ve been struggling with the cooties mnemonics myself, but if that reassure you, it’s not use in many words (i think something like 2 or 3 mnemonics actually use it so far at lvl 14) and it seems that it’s not use much in higher lvl too.

I feel your pain, i made a similar thread when i was at your lvl ^^


Interesting, never heard of that one, but I find it interesting that while similar it lacks the gender-based connotation that “cooties” has.