Mistake in meaning for 瞳孔

It says “Your pupil hole is still your pupil. It can also be called your pupillary.”

However, pupillary is an adjective, not a noun. You can’t “have” a pupillary.


That should fix it grammatically. I’m interested if this meaning or parts of speech should be updated as well though since an adjective English meaning seems odd with the part of speech list only having a noun.

That item’s in my Reviews right now though; how dare you!

It kinda looks like it’s included in the mnemonic because it’s a secondary definition for the word, but it’s not showing any secondary definitions for me at the moment.

Hah. Looks like was removed as an alternative meaning in November 2020, then added back in March 2022, though I’m not sure where it’s got to now.

Jisho also lists it as just the noun, but it becomes the adjective in English translations of larger compound nouns, because Japanese likes compound nouns more than English does. For example 瞳孔反射 = pupillary reflex, 瞳孔間距離 = pupillary distance​, and so forth.


KireiCake lists it as a na- and no- adjective as well, but I’m not sure if it’s correct.

I think KireiCake is just using a rather out of date version of the JMDict database – if you look at the database entry for this word you can see in the edit history that the adj-na and adj-no tags were dropped as being incorrect in 2018 and the gloss was corrected accordingly.


Oh, that’s good to know, thanks.


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