Missing motivational emails


For the first three levels, when finished, I received emails reminding me how much I could do with kanjis and so on.
I know, somebody wanted to convince me to subscribe.
I am here. I subscribed.
I want more motivational emails when I finish a level, @koichi.
The review emails are kind of boring, let me tell you.
For the rest, I love wanikani. :slight_smile:


Completely agree, the emails were nice, I’ll miss them :cry:


Same here…


Was just thinking that myself!

I agree that they should write something among the lines of “You can now do blah blah blah!” “You know as many kanji as a japanese penaut!”, that kind of thing. I miss them too.

My guess is that on the first few levels they want you to convert to a subscriber, so that’s why only the first ones (that happen to be the freemium) send you the motivational emails.

@koichi, use your overlord magic and make it happen! I’d be happy with a mail every 5 or 10 levels. I just want a pat in the back.


Thank you guys, I know I am not alone now. :):kissing_heart:


Can posts be deleted after one day? Really?


This thread has been posted before, and I still agree.


If you are a monthly subscriber, you get an e-mail every month telling you that you just paid WaniKani more money. It’s a great motivator for going faster.


I just got a letter saying they were doing this!


Edit: uploaded the front twice and the back zeroth. It’s a cool picture, but we want the writing!


never ever have i received a single mail telling me what can i do at my current level. nor i have received stickers, nor i have received a postcard, not sure if i subscribe correctly, i guess there are plenty of people like me. but none of this really concerns me, i’m here to destroy myself doing reviews until my breath smells like blood at level 60. if by then someone gives me stuff that be awesome, even then i don’t expect anything but my own satisfaction


Ooh. I love seeing the postcards people get after subscribing. Mine was part Christmas card, as it was December. That, and I’d specifically said in the email about the stickers that I’d hoped I wasn’t too late for the possible christmas card that was hinted at.


“each level?!” :scream::see_no_evil:


Every level is a lot. I hope they don’t degrade into something like the following:

Level 27: Congratulations! 26 was a short level, so you can’t do anything more than you could’ve before.
Level 55: Congratulations, you can read a few more last names.
Level 58: 3 more to go.
Level 58: 2 more to go.
Level 59: 1 more to go.
Level 60: Don’t celebrate too soon. You still have to burn everything.
Level 60 all burned: How about new game+?


True. I prefer a solid email every 10 levels. Even too much love gets boring after a while.


but… but love :<


I would like this as well. Maybe every 5-10 levels…depending on how fast you go…Like those people who blaze through a level every 7 days vs people who take a couple of weeks to do it. So maybe like a timed thing? Every 4 months? Not sure what would work best.


They haven’t started doing the emails about what you can do at your current level. And I think you have to request the stickers yourself (and maybe the postcard goes with that? I don’t know).

I haven’t gotten stickers either.


The stickers email goes out to everyone but, email services being what they are, a good chunk of people don’t seem to get them. You can blame us for including too many .gifs and links and getting flagged as spam as a result. If you don’t get that message, then feel free to email us with your (physical) mailing address to get some.

And yes, it’s postcard+stickers.


There is no such thing as too much love :hugs:


I also agree that people who go through the lessons faster deserve more congratulatory emails.

Faster, ever faster… You must devote more time…