Missing Kanji used with basic words

You can do more than one SRS at the same time (I’ve been doing three every single day for 2+ years now). I would just strongly recommend pacing yourself very carefully and staying as consistent as possible with each of them so that your daily workload is regular and predictable. Clear all reviews at least once a day and add new flash cards at a steady, even pace, and stay far below the daily maximum in each of them.

You really don’t want to miss a day with SRS just in general, but you really don’t want to miss a day if you have multiple SRS going at once. If that’s not possible for you, then yeah, I would recommend sticking to just one at a time.

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i was doing bunpro. i covered all of n5 and half of N4. Bunpro is great isn’t it because you get listening practice.

At the moment i’m doing FluentU which i really like because you get listening practice, visually seeing people speak, reading practice, tests on vocab and grammar etc. I think for me actually seeing people speaking rather than just hearing them speak is the main draw for me.

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I do find others more relaxed to do than WK though. I did WK at full speed and then you have to do everything exactly in time in other to level up. If you miss one Kanji and don’t level up you’ll have to wait before you can continue with new Kanji.
That was making WK a bit stressfull sometimes, setting the alarm clock every day in order to do all the reviews as soon as they became available.

In the others I’m doing now I can decide my own tempo. If I miss a vocab in Iknow that doesn’t matter, I can do as much new lessons per day as I want to.

You don’t have to do that, though? You can decide your own tempo with WaniKani as well. I got all the way to level 60 without ever setting an alarm for WK or worrying over getting a review wrong. There’s no need to complete it at maximum speed if doing so is stressful to you.


True, but 茶碗 is still the most common by a fair way. The corpus ngram tool says:

word occurrences %
茶碗 994472 84.9%
茶わん 95289 8.1%
ちゃわん 82123 7.0%

You can do multiple, as long as they serve different purposes.

Fair enough. I feel like it does get furigana a lot of the time as well, but that’s a bit hard to check.


The Role of the SRS - YouTube

This video was influential for me in moving away from SRS only to immersion and SRS.

Just to summarise the video - he believes that SRS with immersion is more effective than SRS only or immersion only

Yes, and I would agree. That is precisely what I am doing right now. I’ve been mining words from native media and reviewing them in Anki for over a year now :sweat_smile:.

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Indeed you don’t have to, but WK blocks you from going further until you leveled up, that’s different with other SRS systems like Iknow, Bunpro or Kanji Study.
Of course I understand why WK works this way, but I noticed that doing these other SRS is much more relaxed for me because of this difference.

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