Missing a word in Mnemonic

which the tofu sect is living on.

They are quite responsive to typo corrections and small things by email.

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They already have “on” in the sentence

A tsunami hits the cliff on which the tofu sect is living.

Another one would be too repetitive, I think.


The repetition is not the problem. Another “on” would make the sentence wrong.


Yep, this is the correct grammar.


Wouldn’t it be wrong because of the repetition? The following makes sense too, although I’d want to switch “with” to “that.”

A tsunami hits the cliff that the tofu sect is living on.

Unless you’re following the rule where you can’t end sentences with a preposition, of course.
(That’s a little too strict for my taste)

Well I guess you can say that the repetition makes the sentence wrong. I just meant that being repetitive by itself is not the problem here.

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Surely the point is moot. “A, on which B is living,” is perfectly acceptable grammar…

Edit: this ^. “A on which B is living on” sounds wrong because of the repetition; maybe it’s grammatically fine but it sounds silly.

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We’re on the same page, I just tend to phrase corrections softly so I don’t come across as a grammar nazi :sweat_smile:

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oh sorry i read over that on because i was expecting it to be on the end, my bad

thanks for the many responses


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