Missing 喧嘩 『けんか』 vocabulary?

So I was just watching the new Ni no Kuni movie, and one of the characters used that word during dialogue. I knew this word before, but got curious about how it is written, so I searched for it in WaniKani. To my surprise, neither it nor its kanji are in WaniKani’s database!

According to jisho, this is a N4 word. This surprised me, since according to this site: https://www.wkstats.com/#charts.jlpt , finishing level 27 will get you 100% of the JLPT N4 kanji. Are there any more kanji/vocabulary of this kind I should worry about?


I don’t think 喧嘩 written in kanji appears in the JLPT N4. Leebo is answering so I’ll just stop writing


Both of the kanji in 喧嘩 are outside the jouyou kanji. The difficulty of a word and the difficulty of the kanji that are used to write it are often quite different. If 喧嘩 appears on the JLPT, it would likely have furigana or an explanatory note.

めがね is an N5 word, but written in kanji (眼鏡) it would be an N1 word.

The answer is that you do need to study vocab outside of just studying kanji and then applying the kanji to words. There are many common words that can be written with rarely used kanji.


such an invaluable word, but you can only find it on fashionable signs these days.

don’t sweat it. even if 喧嘩 doesn’t pop up, it’s extremely common, and mostly written in katakana.


Oh, I get it now. Many thanks for the thoroughly detailed answer!

If you don’t mind, can you tell me what makes a kanji to be more difficult than another?

LOL! An invaluable word indeed :joy:

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Oh, right… I thought the word was usually written in kanji (because, why not?)


Well, a few things I guess. If kanji have a lot of strokes, and they aren’t taught in school, and they don’t get used a lot in real life… People will say they are “difficult.”

It doesn’t actually mean they are truly difficult to remember individually. But people already have to remember several thousand kanji that do get used a lot.

Trying to be helpful on the forums in a nutshell


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