MissDagger's Try for 30 Levels in One Year

So, I’ve been neglecting Japanese quite a bit. I finished my year in Japan a little more than a year ago. And since then, well… I did move three times (internationally back to Sweden from Japan, cross country and then a local move), and I’m slowly getting set up in my new home. A permanent home for the next few years. But I only moved here in mid-late April, so… yeah…

I recently reset from 32/33 to 30, because I realized I’d probably remember nothing of the last few levels, and I’ll be struggling with the last few twenty levels anyway, but I can’t make myself go back more. I have just under 900 reviews from basically not touching WK for about a year.

(I think I poked at it in Nov/Dec some last year (not enough to get reviews to zero, only doing about 100 burn reviews or so), and that was the first time I poked at it after my move from Japan in March 2020 (yeah…).)

But! I do want to get back to both reading (which is my main priority with Japanese) and finishing WK. So let’s go/try?!?!?!

My aim is to be level 60 around my birthday next year, which is May 23rd. It gives me a little time to try and get the reviews cleared, and then do 30 levels over 52 weeks. I know that is a pace I can keep up since it is about 12 days per level and I can do 9-10 days per level comfortably.

Follow along if you want :3 or just send some encouragement. I have a bit more than a week to try and reduce the 900 review pile enough that adding new lessons is only stupid and not completely, utterly, mind-numbingly stupid.

Wish me luck! :sparkles:


Pinging @RoseWagsBlue because I think you’d want to know about this thread of mine.

Lots of love. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


This is really ambitious of you (I think).

How many reviews / lessons do you take a day to get it done this fast?

Good luck!


Good luck!
Coincidentally, the Tokyo Skytree deadline is May the 22nd. You’re welcome to climb with us!


A very nice goal. がんばろう!



I wish you all the luck during your journey! Do you want us to hold you accountable in the mean time?

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頑張ってくださいね :slight_smile:

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@sashin Thank you! If I remember correctly I typically did between 16 and 20 lessons a day to level every 10 or so days. But honestly, last time I leveled was over a year ago, so I’m not sure I remember correctly. As for reviews, I would just do all I had that day, but I was never consistent enough, so my reviews fluctuated depending on if I had new burn reviews coming in.

@eoame Thanks! I might just join you guys. I had a good time with the Olympians; I did 20 levels with them from joining to about when it ended. But I will see how consistent I get on the forum and such with this new push.

@RoseWagsBlue Thanks! I’ll do my best.

@TheFlaminMunch Asking the hard questions, but a good one. I think for the time being encouragement only is probably best. While I get this effort up and going. Let me revisit it in a few weeks. :slight_smile: Also thanks!

@AndyMender ありがとうございます!


Totally doable, you got it.

Having taken two long breaks and come back to thousands of reviews each time… definitely rough sledding at first, but it goes surprisingly quickly and then you’re right back on track again.


I am actually really happy that you are feeling settled enough to take on studying. :slight_smile:
Now it is time for me to go to work. I went in to get some things done for an hour or so, then I came back to the house to visit dogs for a bit. They are unsettled with H. being gone so long! She will be home Wednesday, it would seem for now. She has her second covid shot Thursday.
Have a great day! I hope that snow has melted!
(I am ready to start studying again too. :slight_smile: )

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@jerseytom Thanks! I’ve had a couple of long breaks before too, so I’ve dealt with a mountain of reviews before. I just have to make sure not to speed through them too quickly since then the reviews will keep coming back all lumped together.

@RoseWagsBlue It is a combination of getting settled but also being ready to just get on it again. There is still a lot to do, both with unpacking and even more with fixing stuff in the house. I’ll be there soon enough. Fitting in some studying is in many ways just carving out some time for it.

I hope H have a safe trip back and can get her second shot. And yes, the snow have finally melted. :slight_smile:

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Oh oh oh it’s MissDagger! I brought some friends over for encouragement. You have seen Claude above, and there are several well-wishers below.
motivation izuku

All the best MissDagger! You can do it!
:fist: :fist: :fist:


@inspectatoro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also look:

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 20.24.24
So done about 150ish reviews since posting this topic. Getting so much wrong, or rather trying to cram a lot of kanji and such back into my head is definitely frustrating at times, but I’m getting there.

Also, I have always been a bit lenient, although I’m being less so right now. So a lot of burn reviews are going down to guru again. :sob:


That is very much okay! I have been trying to lower my expected daily reviews myself so I can focus less on WK and more on Genki+listening+Italki (hopefully soon, not at the moment).

You will get back into the swing of things! :fist:

We have to trust the process of kis Crabbiness!

PS - also hello to @RoseWagsBlue. I see you. :eyes:


I trust the process for sure, and I know where it is beneficial for me to be lenient. Aka the way I deal with leeches is not the recommended way, but it works for me and how my brain works.

When I’ve proved to myself that SRS doesn’t seem to work to learn a word (kanji usually get less leech-y after I have some vocab with it), I just ignore all my errors and let it go to burn as soon as the review interval allows, because I figure I will learn that word in the wild and that is how it will get stuck in my head, not endlessly repeating the review again and again and again. (It doesn’t mean that I don’t keep looking at the right answer and trying to make myself remember it, it just means I don’t let it go down SRS levels again.)


Hai. I was just trying to be more encourage-y


Oh I know! Sorry I gave you the impression I didn’t see it that way. D:

I just feel a bit insecure that the way I do WK is often considered to not be good. And it means I feel like I need to add a lot of “this is just how my brain/life works”. But at the same time, I do wonder if I am deluding myself. That maybe 10 levels down the line or 20 levels down the line, I’ll look back and go: “oh, I was so naive that this wouldn’t back fire on me.”

So yeah, that kinda cropped up. Sowwy!


Oh hush. No worries MissDagger!

To hell with them. This is your routine and you do your routine; to hell what they think. :smiling_imp:
They ain’t MissDagger. :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha


:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


About 650 reviews now. Meant to do more, but forgot my second review session until after midnight, so only did a short one. It isn’t like tiredness actually tanks my ability to answer correctly right now anyway. T_T