MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log

In my experience, putting things from tabs into lists and then revisiting and resorting those lists into new lists without ever doing anything actually productive with them is half of the Japanese study experience…

But, godspeed for your listening practice! I should probably get more seriously into that too. Maybe I’ll find something fun from your post there.

By the way, does that include Loopers? How far along did you get? I’m thinking of getting back to it too. I get reminded of it every time I see your profile picture :laughing:

Also, a tiny bit belated: Congrats on reaching level 60! That’s such a huge accomplishment! :cake:


I honestly found most of it at Tofugu where they also talked about what the different podcasts covers. I also know there are tons of good resources and options to be found in the listen every day challenge, since I’ve sometimes peeked at it.

I finished chapter 8, and I believe I just barely started chapter 9. And for now, I expect that catch up will purely be the two active VN clubs (BU$TAFELLOWS and 9-nine-), but whenever I’m caught up with those, my plan is probably to read Loopers, unless I really crave reading something other than a VN. xD

Thank you! I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of seeing the golden 60 by my profile pic, so it is always appreciated. ^^


Haha, I bet! The only thing my profile got going for it is being :sparkles: mysterious :sparkles: since I found out that I can hide the badge :laughing:

That’s pretty much where I stopped too! When you have time to start again, do you maybe want to read it at the same pace? With Loopers I really enjoyed talking about what’s happening with others who are at the same point in the story.


I’m like such a curious person and that mysteriousness pokes at me so bad sometimes. :joy: Like I totally respect people’s right to hide it, but man, I just wanna know. :joy:

So true, yeah I’d love to read it together. In the later half of January some time, I should know better how much Loopers I can fit in each week. So let’s reconnect about Loopers then. :smiley:



I stopped doing WK around level 10 somewhere around early 2020, and started hiding the badge when it lead to misunderstandings about how good I am at reading for a WK L10. People sometimes assume WK level = ability level.

Nice, looking forward to it! :smiley:

If you’re on Discord, we can talk about scheduling there then! Or if not, here I guess. It’s a pity WK forums don’t have private messages…


I know and it is a true shame. :frowning: While one can assume/guess a minimum level of kanji and vocabulary knowledge for someone at a certain level, it sure don’t tell the extent of their knowledge.

That is actually one of the reasons I’m glad people can hide their badge, whether it is for conflict between their knowledge and their level, or just because they don’t think it is anyone else’s business.

I’m an adult and I’ve learnt I can’t learn everything I get interested in, but it doesn’t stopp the curiosity from being aroused. :joy:

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I don’t use Discord much. I don’t currently have any servers I’m active in, or any people I regularly talk to there, but I don’t mind.


December 28, 2022

Big Reading Update for 2022

So as the year comes to a close, I wanted to review how reading have gone this year.

I started the year with a stated goal of reading 12 things. Books, bundle of 5 booklets, volumes of manga. Didn’t matter, but at least 12 things total. I knew full well that a book would have more words and probably take longer than a volume of manga, but I didn’t want to restrict myself to x volumes of manga and x number of books.

Honestly I wanted to be open to books while knowing I’d probably read mostly manga. Also the Ask Graded Readers I still had left over, counted more as book than manga, so that also made me not want to restrict what kind of thing I read to reach the goal.

My Result, aka Stats!

4 Books:

  • Ask Graded Readers level 4, volume 2
  • Ask Graded Readers level 4, volume 3
  • 夜カフェ1
  • 夜カフェ2

13 Manga:

  • よつばと1
  • よつばと2
  • 美少女戦士セーラームーン(完全版)4
  • 渡瀬悠宇 The Best Selection 2
  • ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ1
  • ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ2
  • Orange 1
  • Orange 2
  • Orange 3
  • Orange 4
  • Orange 5
  • 耳をすませば
  • 神さまがまちガえる1

1/2 Visual Novel (VN):

  • ルーパーズ (technically less than 50% but close enough)

What a nice long list. I hit the goal with only manga, and also did a third of it in books.

This is only thanks to the Read Every Day Challenges: spring, summer, and fall (my home posts in each thread linked). And I can say this with confidence, because I didn’t read anything at all for the first three months of the year.

Bookmeter (my profile) reports that I read 3609 pages this year. For a daily average of just under 10 pages. But considering I skipped three months entirely and didn’t read every day of all three challenges (plus their off months), that number was higher on most days. ^^

Non Stats Results


Finishing off the graded readers I bought several years ago had been a goal of mine for a while. The good thing with that was that I read a very simplified and shortened version of 坊っちゃん by Soseki, and I really enjoyed that. I hope to read the original later, but probably not next year.

I also read my first book book (so to say :joy:). I think they might be considered light novels (LN), but that is more of a genre than type of book as I understand it. (I don’t really understand it at all. :sweat:) But it was nice to do. にゃんにゃん探偵団 were too much 絵本 to really feel like a book. Although I probably called it my first book when I read them.

Why not? xD

I’ll probably call finishing my first real book when I finish my first non-LN book. :joy: Which should happen next year unless I get waaaay too busy with other things I’m reading.


As for manga, I read my first few volumes of it completely by myself, no WK resources available to help (the hotel manga and Best Selection short story collection from Watase Yuu). Although I don’t think there were any resources for Sailor Moon either since it was a independent book club with not a lot of activity. But I had people to ask.

To be fair, I could ask about things in the other things too, but it would have been from people who hadn’t read the thing I was asking about.

I keep saying that the only reason I haven’t read more よつばと is because I got too involved with book clubs and had no reading time left over, and that is the truth. D: I will get back to it though, it is so much fun. I guess I just get to savor it for longer. :joy:

Orange was something I was gonna read by myself, but so many other people were interested that I started an independent club for it, that is still going strong. The last chapter of volume 5 is starting in 3 days. And that finishes the main story. (I read ahead because TOO INTERESTING!!!)

And as I started Orange, I also started reading with other book clubs. I’ve joined the Beginner Book Club for two reads (Mimi/Whisper of the Heart and Kamisama), I joined the offshoot for Night Café, and lastly I joined the VN club for Loopers (but I’ll talk about that under its own heading).

I kept up with some of the clubs better than others, but I finished all the manga (and book) club reads. I was pleasantly surprised by some of them. And I didn’t read anything I was disinterested in (for a club). (Although Night Café 2 really took a turn for the worse and means I’ll probably drop the series, I might read the third volume that I own or I might not.)

One thing that is true is that if I keep reading the same series, one after the other (or close enough), then it just gets easier and easier. Because volume 5 of Orange was so much easier and quicker to read. So I should probably do that with Sailormoon.


So this was also the year I got into VNs. Right around I was starting up Orange. @Daisoujou started up the first VN (main) book club here on WK. (A VN had been read as an independent book club before but this was gonna be an organized main club with nominations and voting for next picks, etc.)

And because I was hanging out with several VN people in the spring read every day challenge, I ended up deciding that I’d join if the VN picked was one I was interested in (and that was on Switch). And Loopers was picked.

While I didn’t finish Loopers and I fell behind pretty quickly. I did read a lot more of it in late November, but still didn’t quite hit the 50% mark. I certainly enjoyed it and I plan to finish it. Other book clubs just got in the way. :joy:

But it also lead to me nominating my first couple of things in a main book club and BU$TAFELLOWS won the vote (along with 9-nine-) as the second pick for the club. So I’m now running that one too. It has barely started though, so I won’t have read much by the time 2022 ends.

The only downside of reading VNs are that I can’t track it on Bookmeter, nor do I want to get an account at a specific VN site to track that stuff. It does mean that some amount of what I read won’t actually show in my reading stats, and I suspect that will become a real “problem” (aka my stats from bookmeter will be very inaccurate in how much I actually read) next year.


My stamina have grown so much. When before I would have had to work to read a chapter of Orange (for example), I can now easily read a chapter of it as long as I have enough time. I also don’t feel like I always want a break after finishing a chapter of manga, I can easily keep reading if I want to/have time.

It has become very clear to me that different mediums/genres use very different base vocabulary. Loopers uses a lot of words I haven’t seen anywhere else, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I saw more of it in future VNs. Night Café used a ton of onomatopoeia, making the nuance of actions hard to understand unless I looked them up.

The thing I struggle with the most is definitely my limited vocabulary. Earlier in the year, I definitely found myself still struggling with grammar, but after the spring read every day challenge, and maybe part into the summer challenge, that stopped. And now, the thing that slows me down is definitely vocabulary.

And yet, I have no plans to dive into an SRS deck to try and “fix” that. For one, depending on what I read, the words I need to learn are very different. So there won’t be a deck I can use straight off. I might use koohi or jpdb some time next year for a specific book/manga/VN, to help learn that ones vocabulary. But I’m not gonna try a scattershot approach, nor am I interested in building my own deck.

Instead I want to keep going at grammar actually, because grammar gives so much nuance, and while I know the general meaning of most grammar I see, I don’t know the nuance. Some of that will come from reading more. But it couldn’t hurt to study more. And I have only studied formally up to the end of N3, so might be good to start peeking at N2 and N1 grammar, just so I’ll know it when I see it (and can look it up again at that point :joy:).

I’m so incredibly happy about everything I read this year. I learnt I love reading together with other people. Especially mystery stories (whether crime or not) because it leads to fun speculation and predicting. Most of that will be wrong, but there is something fun about doing it anyway.

I became a reader when I was 11, but as I hit my twenties, I started to spend less and less time on reading, other things took more space. I stopped having convenient short breaks to dig into reading. (I used to read at most breaks in high school.) I’m now 30+ and I’ve been trying to reclaim the title of heavy reader for a few years now (ever since I stopped reading as much more or less…). And honestly, reading in Japanese have probably been my best success so far.

I didn’t read every day, but I kept coming back to it. And I read a lot of days from the moment I started the read every day challenges.

I hope I can use this momentum and also read more in English too (I’m a hoarder of English fiction too, not just Japanese >_>). Plus there is something magical about just being able to dive in and read. And my vocabulary is too small in Japanese to be at that stage yet, but there are manga where I am fairly close. Soon :tm:

And since this is long enough already. I’ll write out my 2023 reading plans in another post. :joy:


Yes, that.
When I have really tried to thoroughly and correctly understand things, nuance is often the obstacle that gets in my way.
Part of it is just reading and hearing more language, but grammar studies are part of it too.


Also, I have a thing about setting goals a little unrealistically high, and using that more as a scale than an absolute goal. Sometimes I have reached those goals though.
For Japanese, I remind myself that my goal is to make a reasonable English translation. Maybe I will never be able to, but it puts everything into scale in my mind.


For sure, I know I’m missing nuance a lot of the time. Perhaps more subtle nuance at times, but missing it for sure.

I know that there are nuances between similar grammar points that I gave up trying to learn while I was trying to understand their general meaning and patterns. But now that I’ve seen them many times, it is time to start understand what using X vs Y actually does to nuance.

I have a writing mentor that calls this failing to success. :slight_smile:

I personally try to set goals I know I can hit, because I find it motivating. I will inevitable have life events come interfere in my reasonable (and occasionally slightly ambitious) plans. And I prefer to get past those events knowing I can still hit my goal because I kinda counted on that happening.

Only once have I completely smashed a goal I thought I might struggle with. People were banding about the goal of reading one book (in English/native language) a week for a whole year. This was at a time where I was very much the heavy/voracious reader I prefer to be. So 52 books in a year? I hit that before June ended. xD

When I read at an amount I am happy with in English/Swedish, I tend to read 2-3 books per week. I really want to get back to that, but I guess 1 book (in English/Swedish) per week would be fine, since I’m now also reading in Japanese a lot. :smiley:


I usually keep my unrealistic goals to myself. They are my private goals that anyone else would say are ridiculous. So then I secretly work on them so that I can surprise everyone later.

But having doable goals is a thing too. I try not to be absolutely goal oriented, but when I keep track of goals and progress, I find that I use my time in not just more productive, but also in more enjoyable ways. Like it seems I have more time in my life when I keep myself a little bit on the busy side.

I can’t recall: are you making it to Japan this year?


I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Kiro needs me to not be gone for that long while he’s still a youngling. But I might go next fall, but I am vaguely aiming at next winter/early 2024.

It depends on work, but that is my current plan.

I’m also still trying to decide between one long trip to do a lot and then not go back to Japan for a while, or breaking it up into two shorter trips and maybe go again a year later. The latter option would be more expensive though, since flights aren’t cheap and I’m not sure I can afford that.

So definitely still in a waffling phase on a couple of things.


And if you wonder why it took me 15 minutes to answer, a certain cute little kitten decided he wanted pets. xD


Sticking around to bond more with Kiro is a good plan.

We are still aiming for winter 2024. Kyoto, of course, but my Tokyo pen-pal has made Tokyo more and more of a possibility. The Todai area is like a big town, and we would mostly just do that area. I would still like to do Hiroshima, but now this suddenly sounds like a vacation traveling all over. Also, prices for staying in Tokyo are considerably higher per night.
Also, life, and also new health issues.
Dog watching for two big dogs gets to be one of our bigger expenses too. But I have become friends a bit with a neighbor who has a little dog, my hope is to get him cheaper than our other dog-watch friend. (she charges around $100 per night, but she is absolutely trusted, and dog watching is her gig.)

We intend to do close to a month.


My original plan is about 6-7 weeks long. Covering Kyoto (for what I missed and visiting a few favorite places), Okayama castle, Super Mario World at Universal studios in Osaka, then traveling to several places for traditional Japanese architecture and such, and possibly visiting Matsumoto city (where the manga Orange happens!), and then Kamakura, and finally finish in Tokyo (for shopping and visiting new and old places).

Actually, it is only 6 weeks, because I tried to press it down into that time, without having a full schedule every day. I’m not the kind of tourist that enjoys seeing all the things every day. I much more enjoy things if I can wander and read in a park every other day. :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately that means it takes a lot longer to see everything I want to see. :worried:


We travel the same way. We planned less than one thing per day in Kyoto, and that was just right. To be honest, we would not do Tokyo at all, but I have made a really good friend there. (she went to shrines and prayed for Helen daily while Helen was ill) We would even just consider doing just Tokyo and an outlying town, but accommodations are more than double in the city, compared with Kyoto.
We won’t start serious planning until August. Much can happen between now and then.
I hope that your plans go well.



(But this post has to be longer than that, so here’s a bonus sentence.)




@RoseWagsBlue Friends makes trips better. Perhaps you could just do a couple of days in Tokyo at the end or beginning of your trip?

And yeah, my thinking of maybe winter 2024 is so we could met up in Kyoto again. The United States is so big that meeting up with people I know from all over just doesn’t work. D:

@TobiasW :+1:

Btw, to anyone who interacts with me a lot (and reads this log I guess!), if you happen to live in Las Vegas, please get in touch (my discourse username will still be available above for another 24 hours, but I won’t accept anyone unless I know who it is from so reply here; otherwise also reply here and we’ll exchange information somehow). I might be able to meet up soonish. (This is the trouble with not wanting to reveal exact travel plans online. :sweat_smile:)


I am really glad to hear this, I wasn’t for sure if you were still thinking that way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is really what we are planning. Mei has like two months of activities planned for us in Tokyo though. :slight_smile: She knows dozens of nice little parks and shrines and temples and cafes and onsen. She intends to take us to visit every one of them, it would seem. In the end, we will narrow it down to something like the botanical garden one day and maybe a shrine the next, then take the shinkansen to Kyoto.