MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log

True. While the studying aspect can be the hardest, often it is everything around it. Lack of sleep makes learning hard. Being stressed, etc.

Also, I find it useful to evaluate how I’m doing my studying regularly. Just checking in how things feel and if I feel different. That is how I realized I wanted to go faster, because it would help with other things in my life. The decision had little to do with Japanese. Although I’m sure I’ll be glad for all the extra kanji and vocabulary, however, they’re only arriving like a month or two earlier than previously planned.

If only I was better at doing these kinds of things for other parts of my life as easily. :sweat_smile:


November 3

53 is here. Also… 112 vocabulary lessons currently unlocked :see_no_evil:

So eeeeh… I… need to do 38 vocabulary lessons per vocab day this level… :sweat_smile:

Not ideal?

And this level and the next have more items than level 52… Then it finally drops down and waffles between 100-125. Level 54 has 151…

I’m still in on 4 day levels because I still want to finish early December, but dang, the next 2 weeks are not gonna be fun.

The burns are starting to be daily now too from when I got back into daily lessons in May. Thankfully I was still doing pretty few lessons per day. It wasn’t until June I really started back and those will come about when I reach 60.


Going well. I think I’ve read every day since my last update. I’ve almost finished 夜カフェ2 and won’t be reading the next volume with the club. Instead I’m almost at the point where I will get back into Loopers!!! Although that might not happen until the next level. :joy:

Just for funnsies I decided to try the demo for Harvestella and the little I played so far seems pretty doable in Japanese. Not sure I’d want to dig into that in Japanese, but I’ll at least play the whole demo in it.

Not sure I’m buying that game right now anyway, even though it releases tomorrow. I have enough games that I really should play. :sweat_smile:


November 7

Level 54!

My number of daily lessons will stay high this level too. At least it will be 35 instead of 38. Also this is the first level with no radicals. So that feels cool.

So far my review count haven’t become that much higher. Before I had maybe one day a week with 120+ reviews predicted. Now I seem to have 2 in the next 3 days already and two more will probably bump above it before lessons too. So I guess it is maybe 4 days per week now?

I do notice it in the evenings, I tend to need a bit more time than before.

Beside a few more reviews, I’m not feeling the speed much currently. Lessons take longer in the morning, but I mostly notice when I do kanji lessons since they tend to take an hour, while vocabulary is maybe 30 mins, which is maybe double the time that I did before, but somehow I don’t notice that.

Seven levels left (I’m including level 60). Feels crazy. I’m going on 4 years and change (about a week of it right now). To do almost 30 levels in 2022 but really from May on (I think I was on level 33, but whatevs), feels weird. But then I’ve done like 10 levels over 8 months, 20 levels over a year, then I stumbled back and forth around 30-33 for 1,5 year or so, and then May on I consistently went at it, and then these last few weeks turbo charge! Vrooom!


Still reading! Finished 夜カフェ2, started the short story sequel to 耳をすませば and read a chapter of Orange. One more book club, and then I’ll be digging into Loopers again. Poor Loopers that I thought I’d get back to a couple of weeks ago, but my reading was a bit spotty there for a couple of weeks.


Reviews are starting to get complicated. :sweat_smile:

So many kanji I really have to dig into the mnemonic to remember which one it is, for both meaning and reading. It becomes very clear which mnemonics doesn’t work that well for me. Which means those reviews feel extra slow to learn, because I’m blanking.

But! As I get better at visualizing the mnemonic (I might adjust it if the WK one doesn’t quite work for me), the better I do in future reviews where I’ll get a mental image of the weird story to remember the stuff. So it is worth going slow. It just takes some time when I basically add 70 new reviews every day (my lessons) on top of my daily numbers that are now looking like a 100 before those reviews are added.

I counted it out yesterday. 3,5 weeks left until I hit 60, another half week to do 60’s lessons (if I wanna hit the deadline I’m aiming for). Not that long, but I’m starting to feel the effort.

It is taking time, and when the reviews comes, it takes a lot of focus. It is still manageable, but I hope it doesn’t get worse than this.


November 11

Level 55 :partying_face:


I’m starting to question my wonderful plan. Alternatively I’m going a bit insane. Not sure which one I’m leaning towards.

So many reviews every day. I’m sure other people wouldn’t find the amount much, but the blocks of 30+ kanji reviews showing up all the time are so tiring. When I finish the vocabulary from level 54, I will be past the longest level, and once I’ve done kanji and radical tomorrow, it’ll still only be like 36 lessons per day.

But that is still so much. Since I’m used to doing about half that. :sweat:

I’m getting tired if that isn’t obvious. At the same time, I feel kind of like this speed up will have been for naught if I don’t stick it out. I’m probably just tired right now because I just did a 100 review pile.



Didn’t read two days, did read one day and haven’t read yet today. Jury is still out on today. So I still haven’t started Loopers yet. Next week, as I’ve said a few times now. D:

Well, what? 3 weeks until 60 and 3,5 until no lessons right? Or there about.

Maybe if I remember that, this temporary insanity will be worth it…


If you keep repeating the same thing, you’re just getting yourself in the right headspace for Loopers :wink:

Good luck sorting it all out anyway, those exhausting periods that come are rough.


Is there any reason why you have to go so fast? I think the costs are way, way higher than the benefits, since you’re unlikely to be getting any significant boosts to your reading comprehension from these last few levels, so you can spread them out over a long period of time and suffer zero adverse effects from doing so.

If I were you, I would slow down. It sounds like you’re on the path to burning yourself out just to meet a very arbitrary goal.



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The reason is that to fit the first few reviews in after learning a new item, I need to do WK lessons first thing in the morning. But I want to use that time differently. Same with the mid afternoon reviews. I might be more tired at the end of day, but I don’t do much other productive stuff then, so reviews are fine then.

Basically, I want out of the multiple times a day grind. I have other more important stuff to do first thing in the morning to set myself up. And I’d rather speed up for a month, and then have that time 1-2 months earlier. So the benefit is not for Japanese, but other parts of my life.

If WK was the only reason I was tired yesterday, I probably would change my plan, but honestly I was tired from a lot of other stuff too. So it just felt extra painful yesterday. It is a bit of a slug right now, but I don’t feel on the verge of burnout.

If I started feeling burnout-y, I would run, not walk, away from my current plan.

And honestly, I think I like moving through this material fairly fast. Considering how little of it I’ve seen while reading so far, I wouldn’t want to spread it out over a long time. Because then it would feel like I was learning less useful things for a long time, instead of cramming them. At least I can tell myself that right now. :joy:

Feeling more positive this morning for sure. Kanji lessons are always a drag, but maybe felt a little less draggy than it has.

I really appreciate that you’ve got my back. :heart:

The life stuff that made me tired was that I had to run out of the house doing stuff three days in a row. I’m such a homebody that it really grates on me. And somehow I always forget that. I hope that it will stop forgetting eventually and make a real effort to never have more than 2 days in a row. :sweat_smile:

I’m so glad that I don’t have any reason to leave my home for a couple days. (I don’t count going for walks or visiting the local grocery store, more like real errands stuff and even social fun outings.)


Another solution for getting out of the multiple times a day grind is just doing WK once a day and letting the levels fall where they may :wink:.

I’ve just learned from experience that usually the solution to feeling the grind with SRS is typically decreasing your SRS workload, not increasing it. I’m happily doing less than 15 minutes on Anki a day for the duration of NaNoWriMo, haha.

I just worry because I’ve seen a lot of people’s level up and workload graphs, and basically everyone who speedran the fast levels there at the end had a huge spike in reviews which increased daily for weeks. Lots of those people talked about WK basically taking over their life there at the end, and having to spend several hours on it every day.

Even if you get through that, if you’re already starting to feel the strain now, it sounds like a really good way to make yourself hate doing WK, and hate SRS. Which, I guess if you’re quitting at level 60, that might not matter, but if you’re planning on continuing to do your reviews for at least a few months longer, you’ll be dealing with an increased workload for a while after 60. And if you have any post-60 Anki plans, you might find you have less enthusiasm for that.

I guess my main recommendation would be to keep in mind what you want to get out of WK and make sure that you’re prioritizing your learning over an arbitrary level goal. If WK is getting in the way of life stuff, there are other solutions for scaling back on WK.

If you choose to keep going with this, good luck! But also don’t feel afraid to back out if it gets to be too much. Don’t let the sunk cost fallacy get to you!


You make so many good points. It is almost annoying, but like, in a good way, if that makes sense. :blush:

I actually went looking for synonyms to annoying that had a more positive slant (couldn’t find any when traversing an online thesaurus but that is probably on me), because your message makes a bit too much sense. And I’m not ready to give up my plan. :sweat_smile:

Also worth noting: I’m “cheating”* by erasing wrong answers at every turn. So once I finish all lessons and get through the initial reviews, my review amount will decrease every day (since nothing goes down in SRS levels).

As for SRS in general, I’m still feeling alright with it currently so my strategy is not poisoning the well so far. It is just some review piles that can feel a bit more than I want to deal with, but so far nothing that takes over my life or that I feel like I have to give up things for. Not beyond what I was giving up before on a slower schedule.

Currently I don’t have plans to start another SRS when I finish WK, and I don’t currently do any outside it. Doesn’t mean I won’t use SRS again, although it isn’t something I’ll immediately start. My plan is to read, preferably read more, but maybe other life stuff will take the space. And after the holiday season, so starting next year, I want to focus a bit more on grammar, finish out reading/learning the rest of N3, and start dipping into N2 and N1. I’m thinking about picking up the shinkansen master jlpt books when I visit the UK.

For now, my plan is to only dip back into SRS for a specific purpose. Koohi have word lists for some books and book series I want to read, so when I’m getting ready to read those, I will probably use that SRS for a bit. To smooth the ride a bit. But overall the plan is just to read, and study some more grammar. But maybe I’ll just dedicate more time to reading and only go to grammar resources when I’ve read some more stuff, so maybe I’ve seen the stuff already.

That is my plan for now, but I’ll see how I feel some time after the holidays.

You have very good points, and if I feel the scales starting to tip, I will definitely re-evaluate. :3

*I put quotation marks around cheating. For two reasons: (1) Even correcting my wrong answers help me learn the item and I’ll often remember them when the next review comes around even for longer intervals, (2) WK is about awareness for me, not learning, if I learn that is a happy side-effect. Meaning that I don’t considering it cheating, because I’m learning in a way that works for me.


Actually one more thing!

Thank you!

Because you are making me think and question in a good way, whether I am making the right decisions for myself. And that is so valuable. :heart_eyes:


@fallynleaf Again, thank you! This morning, seeing as I only have vocab lessons, I decided to do something else first thing in the morning. And it felt great.

I’d gotten stuck thinking I had to do things a certain way. And I need to with kanji if I want to keep my speed up, but otherwise I can do lessons when it fits my schedule.

This morning felt so good. :blush:


November 15

Level 56, here I am

Literally 5 levels left (including level 60’s items, of course!). This feels so unreal. I’m like almost at the end.

I know I’ve seen multiple level 60s say this isn’t the end of kanji learning, but if this is a freaking good large amount, I will :sob: forever. xD

So much more positive this time around. Helps that my level up gif that plays on the start page for 10 mins after leveling up wasn’t swallowed up by the long review session I had last time. I had 100+ items this time too, but didn’t level up too early in the session/did the session faster.

I like getting to watch sakura petals falling.

And now new items will be added tomorrow and a few more times before I finish. Meh! Don’t they know I don’t have the space for that? :joy: The last batch is literally on my hoped for last day of lessons, so not cool. xD


I’ve been off here too. Read yesterday at least, and I’m probably reading right after I finish this message.

In more fun slash dire news, I might be trying to read two VNs at once. Seems poor Loopers might keep getting the short shaft. Because the VN club had a shared first place with almost no overlap voters. Apparently my decision to introduce otome nominations made all the forum otome fans find the VN club, or get interest in it.

So looks like I’ll be running to clubs in parallel. I might just have to finish all my other club reads. So I can focus on Orange and two VNs. :sweat_smile:

Oops?! Yay?!

At least if I’m reading on my switch, taking my reading material with me on my upcoming trips won’t be that hard. ^^ Gotta see the silver lining, right?

I’m doomed. xD

JLPT material, to buy or not to buy?

Also of interest here, I guess, is that I’ve been thinking of getting some of the SKM (新完全マスター) books. Probably N2, and potentially (later) N1. Although I’m not entirely sure when I am taking JLPT. I think I will, but I’m not sure next year is the year. So asked for some advice.

I think I’d definitely get the reading and listening one. Vocabulary one is out, and the grammar one is a maybe. But probably not I think. Unless I just want to have something help me figure out what I’m likely to see.

Will have to see how I decide to do.


Finished something early again, so gonna post my thoughts here and then move them to the right thread.

And now my thoughts on the short story sequel to 耳をすませば is in the right place: 耳をすませば 📚 | 幸せな時間 Spinoff - #9 by MissDagger

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PS. Ended up not buying any JLPT material with my current order from Japan, so I guess for now the answer is “not buying”. Will reevaluate later.


Well, considering that I will now be running two clubs, with BU$TAFELLOWS being picked along with 9-nine- in the VN club.

I’m so glad I’m planning to finish off WK. Not only am I super enjoying my mornings of delayed vocab lessons to do what I need to each morning, but I’ll need as much time as possible when I’ll be reading two VNs at the same time with the VN club, plus Orange. (Plus God Bless the Mistaken until that finishes.)

I forsee no other reading outside these.


November 19

Well you know the drill? (probably)

Level 57 is here!

The last couple of days it had been hard to remember well during reviews, but I’ve also been in adverse conditions. I haven’t had the ability to focus much, or a lot of reviews from the day accumulated before I could review.

That is what happens when you have an unusually full couple of days. But it will calm down again now, and probably stay fairly calm for two weeks.

Unless my brother will come change my boiler, but I’d hope he would have called if it was suddenly next weekend.


Ehhm… what has happened here? At least one skipped day, yesterday. I finished off the sequel short story for 耳をすませば and I’m so glad I joined that book club and read the short story, and from what I’ve seen the anime movie should be fun too. Still haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Looks like both VN clubs will start in about a month or slightly more. Giving me space to pick something to fill the reading room. I might just pick Loopers. But I also need to ramp up some reading in English, and catch some old movies.

Watched The Sting from 1973. Very enjoyable and also old. Like movies have come a long way since then, but it is also a classic for a reason.

Not sure I have much more to say. Four levels of content left. 3 levels until the vaunted 60 will be my level number. Unreal in a good way.

And I don’t have my cake planned yet!!! I do want to bake one myself, and I might also celebrate by buying an extravagant dessert somewhere. I do have some travel coming up. ^^


November 23


Level 58… The level I’ve seen so many people stop short on. At least two people I can remember off the top of my head, and I know there have been a couple of more (that I noticed) who either stopped or paused for a long time here.

Not planing to do that myself.

I can taste the end of this marathon.

And looking at level 60, it has a radical, so I won’t be able to completely finish all lessons by the time I wanted to. Instead I’ll have 2 remaining lessons until I take the one locked kanji to guru. -.-’

So mean.


Kept up with my current book clubs. Had a catch up chapter with Orange, but read that and this week’s in the same go. Now, my reading schedule is pretty free until December 16th when BU$TAFELLOWS begins.

3,5 weeks. Except for keeping current with 神さまがまちガえる and Orange (which has one week off between volumes this coming week).

[Pause to go read…]

And I did it! I’m back to reading Loopers :bangbang:

More confused than from just lacking vocabulary because I last read this in early August, so about 4 months ago? Yeah, I don’t remember all the details, but they’re coming back to me. And some of my predictions is proving right even this early in the chapter :bangbang:

Happily ca 15 more WK levels makes a difference in understanding this. So it’ll be good practice to see new words in the wild, and also a slightly smoother read. That makes me ecstatic because Loopers was rough to read before and now it’ll be slightly less rough.

Also I had a book + game haul come in. I might as well post the picture here as well as in the REDC thread.

The latest volume of the hotel manga!! And a short story manga collection from the same mangaka. A rejuvenate the shopping street/center manga recommended by rodan in the 多読 thread. The latest volume of よつばと that I didn’t get in my last haul for no particular reason (except I knew I wouldn’t catch up with all the volumes before my next haul, and I was right).

Then we have two games 9-nine- which will be the parallel run VN club pick (to Bu$tafellows), as well as a very famous/well received otome VN called Hakuouki. Which is also super long. VNDB estimates it at almost 91 hours at native speeds. I am not reading this one for a while. :joy: Although I think it has a vocabulary list on jpdb, so that could smooth the way.

Anyway, that’s my update for this time. :blush:


November 27


Well, I’m so close now! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

More or less 3 levels of content left though, since I’m not beginning vocabulary for level 58 until the day after tomorrow.

If there is one thing I don’t like with this speed, it is that the vocab gets pretty far out from when I guru the kanji. The last batch of level 58 vocabulary will be done four days from now, so about 3,5 days after I guru the kanji do I see the last of associated vocabulary.

When I did levels slower, I typically mixed kanji and vocabulary lessons, so in many ways I’d do the newly unlocked vocabulary from a kanji the day after I guru:d it. That is a much better way to really build in it. Right now, day 3 of vocabulary, aka four days since the guru status happened, is far enough removed that the kanji seems to almost fall out of my head.

Time will tell, but I think it’ll be worth it. It also makes me appreciate the days I don’t have to start with lessons first thing, which the old system of kanji almost every day kinda forced. Soon I will have no more kanji lessons. No more WK lessons either, although I’ll probably finish at least everything coming in these last few content additions.

Tonight I was a bit tired for the reviews, but otherwise it’s been pretty good.


I’m back to reading Loopers and it feels good. It is less hard now than it was in August. 15+ levels of WK will do that, plus a bit more reading experience. It feels good to have something I can read at my own pace. Obviously I’ve been allowed to read ahead in any of the book clubs I’m in, but it feels a little dirty?

With Loopers, the club is over with, so I can just read. I also know that I should preferably finishing it by end of December, meaning I’d read it a lot quicker than the club. Maybe I won’t be able to.

From December 16th Bustafellows will start, so that will put a damper on available time. The manga I’m reading should only take 1-2 days of reading, depending on time (since I’m in two manga book clubs).

So yeah, Japanese is feeling good. I still haven’t decided what kinda cake I’ll bake for myself. Nor have I looked into where I could order/buy a really nice cake. I better do that asap, because the end ain’t far away, even if I include doing all level 60 lessons. ^^