MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log

Indeed. This morning he would only stop attacking the computer keyboard if he could lie in the crook of my arm again. And Helen is right, he is half Norwegian forest cat so he likely will be a big boi. :smiley:


I really am all in favor of a big push to just finish with WK. I have used spaced repetition for over 20 years. In other systems, when you can’t remember items, you just delete them. For some leeches, the better thing is to just learn them in some other way. In WK, the leeches stick around, and you can be wasting time that would be better spent reading and and writing and listening.

The situation with Kiro really is much like my time with Nite-Nite was. I would get up and work on math on the desk-top computer for about 3-4 hours each day. The best spot for him was right on my lap. I had to work without wiggling too much or he would get mad at me.

This is him in front of me on the keyboard.


October 21/22

Level 50 is here!

Only 11 levels of content left. Although I already did level 50 kanji so slightly less, eh? I haven’t done all kanji for a level since my first few levels. I just found the lesson filter script so good, mixing kanji and vocab lessons together, spreading kanji lessons across several days.

But, can’t do that if I’m going full speed (more or less). I think doing 32 kanji lessons this morning took me about 1 hour. Really showed me that it is the kanji lessons that take time while vocab ones are fast to learn. Of course, I had to deal with kitten distraction a bit too. Kiro really can be a nuisance when he wants to be.

In fact, he wouldn’t allow me to write this unless I cradled him in one arm, but I figured it out: scoot down further on the coach so I’m half laying and I can have two hands and he can sleep on my chest. I think he’s favorite place to sleep is on me/my torso.


I’m up to speed on 3 out of 4 clubs. It felt particularly good to catch up with Orange. Such a good manga, both the art and the story really pulls me in. After I finish up this week’s readings, I’ll see about catching up with Loopers, although at this point I don’t think I can catch up before it finishes, but I’ll keep reading it. I want to finish it after all.

Kiro also likes sleeping on me while I’m reading. He’s only been with me for slightly less than a week, so hopefully he’ll become a bit more independent because it is hard to do things when my little kitten either want to sleep on me or play with/annoy me.

Anyway, back to reading. I hit my yearly goal of reading at least 12 books/volumes. That felt really good. And technically I’ve only actively read 4,5 months out of the almost 10 we’ve been through this year, so can get a lot read in these last couple of months and change.

In more personal news, the roof renovation is done. Took four weeks and a couple of days. I’m so glad it is done. I don’t look forward to the bill that will show up soon. xD

Also as mentioned above, I’ve gotten myself a kitten. A companion so I won’t be all alone in my house. And he goes between being the cutest thing in the world and the most annoying thing in the world. It doesn’t help that this home has like no inside doors anywhere except bathroom and bedrooms.

Well, one of the bedrooms is supposed to be my office, and all I have to do is to put it back together (there were a couple of roof things that needed to happen in there so all the furniture got moved around and I’m sure there is some building/sawdust on the floor and things), and then I can close myself off from kitten, instead of kitten being closed off from me.

That is so backwards. :roll_eyes:

Maybe I’ll get more work done though. :crazy_face:


I read ahead one week for 耳をすませば because this week ended on a cliffhanger and next week was the last of the story!

I still want to write up my impressions, so I thought I’d do it here and then I can move it to the weekly thread when that gets posted.

Edit: The post is now here: 耳をすませば 📚 | Week 8 Discussion - #2 by MissDagger


Congrats! That’s excellent to hear! That’s with a good bit of Loopers on top too – it’s on the short end for a VN, but that medium is very good at making it look like you haven’t done much of anything in quantity of works read, haha.

Aww I have a cat too, love her. She was pretty crazy as a kitten as well. Any chance of a cat picture sometime if it’s not a pain? Unless you already did that and I’m missing it, but I did try to look.

I have to attach one of Jeane to make it fair


happy tendou
Congratuations! We are same level now MissDagger!


I posted pictures in a few different places, I’ll link them. I’m in a bit of time crunch, but later today (as long as I don’t forget) I’ll post some pictures here too:

https://community.wanikani.com/t/x/55503/6501, if you scroll down a couple of posts you find two more pictures.

A couple of more here, 📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂 - #491 by MissDagger, and then one here: https://community.wanikani.com/t/x/55503/6553.

My plan is to finish looper before the end of the year and I’ll definitely remember to count it for myself at least. :slight_smile:


Yes, we are! :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

Although I won’t be here for long. :joy: (I will level up tonight. :sweat_smile: )

How are you doing? I saw on your study log that you like your new computer. (Yes, I’ve been reading it. :smiley: )


He’s every bit as cute as I expected! Glad I asked.


October 25

Level 51

There we go! My fastest level* ever! I have now hit reality.
*except for level one, I feel like, maybe, that one doesn’t count

  • Was 32 kanji lessons in one day fun to do? No.
  • Will I do it again tomorrow (except this time it is more like 36)? Yes.
  • Will I regret my life choices? Probably several times over the next month.
  • Will I regret it past finishing the level 60 lessons? Most likely no. In fact, I’ll probably be happy about finishing.
  • Will I be like everyone else that feels that the kanji and vocab in the 50s are ones I don’t remember very well? Probably, although I feel like I see that sentiment from both those who sprint through those levels as well as those who marathon them. Probably have something to do with their contents and the frequency of seeing them out in the wild.

I haven’t had this experience since the first few levels, but now I have: 3 kanji from 50 that unlocked with the radicals, all level 50 vocabulary except the 8 or so locked by the newly unlocked kanji, 1 radical, 35 out of 36 level 51 kanji, and thankfully <10 level 51 vocabulary lessons.

113 lessons in total, waiting for me patiently.

So as mentioned my plan will be this:

  1. Tomorrow: all available kanji lessons from 50 and 51, plus the one radical lesson
  2. The three days follow tomorrow: I will divide the remaining lessons (all vocabulary) in 3, and do one chunk each day.
  3. Level 52!
  4. Repeat the cycle (except +1 the level numbers, and change the number of radical lessons to whatever number of them are available)


Well… I finished the main story of 耳をすませば. Today I’m unlikely to read because I was and still am so tired I aborted most of my plans today. No idea why, because I’m actually getting decent amounts of sleep now that builders aren’t waking me up 1-1.5 hours earlier than usual.

So that is pretty meh, but I’m not gonna make myself read just because. I am however about to put on a movie and chill with my kitten for the evening. Might decide to watch Whisper of the Heart, not sure yet, might feel too tired to want to wade through Japanese subs.

Other news?! I don’t know, I don’t think I have any. :joy: Kinda hard to have news every four days, or to have much to update. I might end up only doing an official log update every two levels now, since otherwise what will I have to say except: kanji lessons… ugh… :persevere:


The real argument for doing two week levels is so that your once-a-level study log posts make it sound like you’re a very studious and productive person with how much you managed to accomplish in the space of one level, but the secret is that two weeks is just a lot of time to get stuff done.


chatty with MissDagger (",)


I see you have already went ahead. Safe travels ahead! :sweat_smile: hahaha

I have been well. Just got busy IRL so had to slow down WK. Things are better now but the I haven’t returned to previous pace because this pace is just zen at the moment. :wink:

Yes, it is great. After a decade on an old laptop, I can’t believe how fast my new desktop currently is right now. :nerd_face:

Thanks for looking out. I am glad I still have friends I know here in WK. :sweat_smile:

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@fallynleaf :exploding_head:


More replying to insupekuta

I’ve set myself a fast schedule, hopefully I can outlast the end of it. :sweat_smile:

I took a break between spring 2020 to summer 2021, and then from end of summer 2021 until spring this year (2022). Although I started easing in from the beginning of 2022. So enjoy the zen pace.

I honestly love going slow, but I also want to get back to a life that doesn’t have WK lessons first thing in the morning. So it felt worth it to shortened the time until then with about 1-2 months.

A decade old laptop. O_O Yeah, those tend to be very slow. I had one such I recently replaced, about 8 years old and the battery was shot. Mostly it was the battery thing that made me replace it because I was tired of being shackled to an outlet, and for it to randomly shut the screen down if it had less than 100% battery and wasn’t plugged in. Like it would suddenly think it had no battery if I woke it up away from an outlet. :expressionless:

I was gonna say: some of us old timers are still around. Then I wanted to hesitate because, to me, old timers usually refer to forum members that have been around since before I was a member in 2018. But I think in internet terms, I can probably call myself an old timer for this forum. I was happy to see a familiar face too. :smiley:

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I owe @Daisoujou some pictures, and finally I’m paying my debt.

And yes, I take many pictures of when he sleeps. Usually he plays a lot when I’m eating or working so… :woman_shrugging:

Obs! Don’t miss the pictures hidden in details tags to make this post a bit smaller.

First day or so at my place

I gave Kiro the box and he wasn’t impressed, until I leaned it against a wall, then it was interesting.

His favorite place to sleep.

He’s only in the hammock when I place him there. :sweat_smile:

Kiro in a paper bag!

He’s new favorite toy. A pizza slice with a bell inside.

Mommy being silly and giving Kiro a blanket.

“What is on the floor?”


I just handed my phone to Helen and she spent about ten minutes looking at your baby. It put a big smile on her face.


October 30

Level 52 is here

I know I said I probably wouldn’t post each level, but it is nice to have that little milestone. And who knows, otherwise getting to 60 might just sneak up on me?

What, you don’t think that could happen?

I think you are right. :sweat:

In fact, today I should have done all the kanji lessons, but I didn’t level up last night because I was having fun times with friends, so I had to do 100+ reviews this morning and didn’t feel like also doing lessons on that, and I wouldn’t have been able to get the 8 hour review last night anyway. I guess I could have had it for this morning.

But I’m all for being flexible and doing what is best for me in the short term too. So instead I only picked off the radical and 7 kanji lessons today (in fact I just did them so will only do the 4 hour review today). It still leaves 29 kanji lessons for tomorrow, so I’ll get to have that fun then. :sweat_smile:


I’m still very choppy in my reading as I have been for the past two weeks. Missing days every other day or every third day. I don’t know if I’m just not finding a good flow in my life, or reading haven’t found a good spot to be.

I’ve been struggling a bit with tiredness. It’s been a certain time of the month, only it seems my latest booster shot of the covid vaccine have messed with it again. So I’ve only had some of the things, and not others (thankfully skipping the parts I’m happiest to skip). (Now watch me get it properly tomorrow >_> )

The problem for me when I’m not getting enough sleep? Unless my body force me to bed early, I act like an overtired toddler and just stay up waaaay too late when I’m tired as if that will leave me less tired the next day. :woman_facepalming:

If someone had told me as a teenager that adults still have trouble adulting in some areas, I might have despaired or thought they lied. It has taken me quite the while to notice everyone doesn’t perfectly do what they say they will either, and also just because they can do ABC well, doesn’t mean they can do XYZ well.

Like somehow we’re all imperfect and just better at doing things well in certain areas, and pretty bad in other areas, but as an observer I too often only see the things people do well and then assume they gotta do everything else well too.

So yeah, tired as all that today, so another reason I didn’t try to go through all the kanji lessons. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more energetic.


@trunklayer Dang, you be a fast reader! I barely had time to post it? Have you hacked my computer? O_O


I’m actually still reading it, but I always give the encouragement like first! :cat2:
I should write in my own log meowre often too :sweat_smile:

P. S.

True, but to be fair, kids too sometimes have trouble kidding :sweat_smile:

Btw, I have a similar purroblem with staying up way too late :sweat_smile:

Anyway, it’s great that despite all these purroblems you still meownage to keep moving forward. I hope you’d find an interesting reading resource that would meowtivate you to keep reading everyday.

Best of luck with your studies! :cat2:


I guessed as much, but still, it is kinda funny to instead imagine you either reading at lightning speed or having hacked my computer. :joy:

I often think I ramble a bit too much on mine. Like why would anyone read my inane mumblings about mostly the same things every time. Plus I think it took like 2-4 days for me to go from “I’m definitely sticking with 6 day levels” to suddenly say “lets do 4 day levels!”. If one just read my log, you’d think I couldn’t hold one plan in my head very long. :sweat_smile:

But for sure, if you want to write more often in your log, you should. But if it doesn’t interest you much, then you don’t have to. :3

Maybe we’re just two kittens at heart that happily believe that tomorrow never happens anyway so better make the most of today. xD

I was gonna say I am reading several interesting things, but since I read most things on a club schedule, when I finish the weekly portion, it is on to the next club thing, and I don’t keep reading the most interesting one.

Orange is probably my favorite read right now. :blush:

Thanks! :smiley:


Don’t worry, you have nothing on my study log in terms of amount of rambling, haha! :sweat_smile:

I feel like it’s important to talk about some stuff, though, because the one lesson I’ve learned the most while studying Japanese is that the hardest part of isn’t anything about the language itself, but all of the other stuff going on in your life that sometimes makes studying hard.

So to me, the ramblings cover a very important aspect of the studying process, and are therefore worth talking about! :blush: