MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log

There's also a movie I haven't seen and is unrelated to ! in any way.



! is the not operator in several coding languages. I never learned much javascript, but c++, c# and bits and bobs of some other stuff. But I never heard it called bang that I can remember.

I have heard the name of that movie. But I’ve never seen it.


At least it is called hash-bang (#!) in Unix style scripts.

Also, for some reasons, Kumi’s emote userscript starts with a bang.


August 16

Level 42 is here!

It feels unbelievable to me that I just keep chugging on. It has now been about 4,5 months and I’m still here, not burning out and loving WK more than I can remember doing. I was sure that at some point, it would become less useful (and survey says that might happen at 50+, since 50 was the original last level). But since my main reason for WK and learning Japanese in general is to read, I don’t see anything as useless. Maybe, it might not be as useful right now, but it won’t be wasted.

I’ve talked about taking a break for a while. And I definitely feel like I have a few more reviews per day than I’d like, but considering how consistent I’ve been the last few months, the daily burden won’t really reduce for a few months. So unless I’m willing to break for that amount of time, a week off from lessons won’t make much of a different when I get back to lessons.

So instead, I’m gonna be a little more lenient. If I’m really tired, I won’t add new lessons. And if I have another good reason for not doing lessons (such as not being able to review later), I’ll make sure I don’t do lessons on those days.

Basically, instead of taking multiple days in a row off, I’ll be more okay with taking a day here and there off from lessons. Sometime in September some of my family will visit, and I’ll definitely only do reviews when they’re here. That is a given.


I finished the first volume of 夜カフェ during this level. Meaning I finished my first novel in Japanese. It has been a long road here, but all that work lead to a fairly easy read. Night Café is definitely a novel I’d recommend as a first novel, because the language is very easy. There are some vocabulary around crafts that most people wouldn’t need to know, but otherwise I also found most of it very useful.

So currently I’m reading Orange (volume 2; manga), Loopers (VN), and Night Café (#2). I’m also so tempted to add something else. :woman_facepalming: I technically also play Super Mario Odyssey in Japanese and I make it a point to even read the touristy leaflets for each kingdom (those are for sure the hardest language part).

I definitely don’t need something more, unless I’m always on top of the weekly reading of each one (they are all current being read in a WK book/VN club). And currently I’m aiming right for getting behind on everything. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m happy to be here. I’m dabbling a little in listening practice again, but unless it decides to stick around for more than a few days, there is no reason to mention details. So I’ll see you at next level up, unless something else study log worthy happens before then!



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