MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log

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A friend really liked this movie. I generally don’t like Swedish movies, and certainly not the ones of this kind of genre, but that is a me thing. :slight_smile: So I hope you have a lot of fun watching it. ^^

I love the area, I love the house (despite the flaws it has), as for the north, I like it most of the time, although January have been terrible 2/3 times with temps around zero.

I guess the old one would be the apartment up here, although I only stayed there 9ish months, but before than I only had 4 months in another place and before that was Japan. Japan was good for studying in school, I wasn’t much of a student outside it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There is nothing wrong with studying here. I’ve lived in places were I’d find it hard to concentrate/settle down, and not having that means studying is good? The apartment was fine, the place between Japan and the apartment pretty terrible. I don’t mind studying here and I don’t find it hard.

I do want to make a trip there, but I also just got a kitten last fall, he’s now soon to be 7 months, and while I have a good place/people to leave him with, it is a bit more awkward than when I was without cat. If I’d known Japan would open just as I picked up my kitten… I might have gotten another kitten a few months later, but alas, I lucked out in the kitten department (mostly…) so I don’t regret my little Kiro.

But yeah, it’ll be a trip. I’ll see if I just do a big banger of 6 weeks, dealing with guilt with leaving Kiro behind that long (and great debt to my friends :sweat_smile:) or if I’ll do a couple of shorter ones with a few years in between. I have a hard time deciding.

It is from a visual novel actually. Loopers, ルーパーズ. Hilda.

Well… :see_no_evil: Considering I’m late N3, and don’t know if I have any N2 except kanji and some vocabulary, I’m not sure when N1 would be in the plan. :joy:

How about you? How’s your reviews treating you? Squashing leeches? Will you be joining me in the golden 60 soon? :nerd_face:

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Because I’m reading ahead of the Orange book club. Hard not to. I’m gonna save my fresh thoughts here, as I’ve done in the past.

成瀬翔 #2’s thoughts have now been posted in the right place: Orange 🍊 成瀬翔 #2 (Chapter 32) - #2 by MissDagger

Thoughts on 成瀬翔 #3 now also moved to their rightful place: Orange 🍊 成瀬翔 #3 (Chapter 33) - #3 by MissDagger

Thoughts for the chapter called “Orange x Dreaming sun” now posted to the right thread: Orange 🍊 Orange x 夢みる太陽 (Chapter 34) - #2 by MissDagger


March 4

Seems I haven’t done a study log update in a while!!!

WK: I’m now in burn only mode. For now, I’m still in the pre-speed up phase I hit mid-late 40s, so only have <20 reviews a day. But that will increase when I start hitting the burns from my heightened phase. I think that will be in April/May though, so still pretty far off.

Torii: I decided to stop doing Torii. I was reminded why learning words in isolation is mostly useless for me at this stage. So I’ve dropped it for now.

Listening: I also decided to drop this for now, as an intentional study. I’m not a podcast listening person. So unless I’m forcing that into my day, I just don’t listen to it really. I will continue watching anime and such from time to time, but for now, I’m kinda dropping this lower. Instead if I have listening coming up naturally (say by deciding to watch anime) I will endeavor to practice at such times, but not create opportunities especially for listening.

So except for burn reviews on WK, I’m not really doing any studying for Japanese, well… Except if you count:


Due to how January and February shaped up, I finally decided to not even try to join 9-nine-. I’ll hopefully get to that one in the future by myself instead.

As for BU$TAFELLOWS (B$), in one way I’m caught up, but only because I decided to skip one route for now. I’ll try to create some space to read the route I’ve skipped. But right now, I’m just happy to be caught up, and excited to start reading together with the club properly for シュウ’s path. He’s my favorite, so I’ll be gushing a lot and probably embarrass myself, unless other people feel the same. xD

I’m following along with Orange, well, today I’m reading ahead because I don’t know. I feel like getting some victories, getting some in progress things off my plate.

And I think this is also because me and @TobiasW are finally starting back into Loopers together! I’m so excited.

So that is why I’m clearing Orange off today (I think). Then I’ll have about half of Komi-san left, and the 5 chapters of an extra story in the Orange volumes 1-5 to read. My bookmeter already think I’ve read them, but I skipped them previously. :joy:

I want my reading focus to be on Loopers and B$, but I also recognize I will sometimes want something easy I can just pick up and put down casually. So I think Komi-san will probably be that, because each chapter is so short, so if I have little energy, I can still read one chapter.

So yeah, that is the state of my study routines right now. I don’t really have any I guess.

Maybe I’ll be ready to potentially start that reading club for the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar in April/May that some people were interested in. Although I still think it is a terrible idea. xD


Oh! Is there a home thread or post for this? I miiiiight mayyyybeeee be interested, potentially perhaps :sweat_smile:


Et tu, Brute?

There isn’t one currently, because I still haven’t seriously considered that mad idea. :see_no_evil: But maybe I need to make one, because I swear, every time I mention it another person is like “Hmmm, I might be interested in that.” :sob: :joy:


Yeah, I guess many have this latent feeling of “ugh, I should actually brush up on this grammar stuff once more” :sweat_smile: :cold_sweat:


“Is this you when you try reading through Japanese books and comics?”


“Join us as we read through the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar series! Once you’ve encountered all the grammar that is, your comprehension rate and reading speed will improve drastically!”




If it actually worked like that, I’d set that club up pronto. :joy:

Maybe I’ll do an interest/potential club thread in a couple of weeks when other admin duties in clubs are done (since I’m currently kinda running the main VN club). And if there is enough interest and we can figure out a way to read through it without boring ourselves to tears… then maybe it’ll happen. ^^


I’ll admit, I haven’t figured out a solution on this one yet.

For my part, I can routinely say, “Here is an example of this grammar used in various manga that most of you probably haven’t read, presented without enough context to get anything out of it.”

My interest would be as an excuse to get me to read daily about grammar that:

  1. I don’t know, as I always ignore it when reading since I get the gist of what is being said.
  2. I do know roughly but don’t know in depth.

Yeah, I agree with @ChristopherFritz in that I think my main interest would be using it as an excuse to get myself to read an in-depth grammar explanation every day as a way of brushing up on stuff that I already know roughly, as well as stuff that I’ve seen but not learned in depth. Even looking up basic particles in there has been helpful to me; I feel like I learn some new nuance every time I reference it.

I think if we pace ourselves with it and aim for like 7 grammar points a week/1 grammar point a day, there won’t be enough reading to bore ourselves to tears. I guess unless you fall behind and try to binge like 30 grammar points on one day to catch up :joy_cat:.

I could probably pick a month and commit to doing this on my own, but I think having the solidarity of a group reading it together would help motivate me, and that way we could share examples like Christopher mentioned, and folks could ask questions if there’s something in the explanation that’s confusing. Even if the thread is relatively quiet, I personally benefit from just having committed to doing something and having a predetermined schedule to stick to.


“Maybe I can skip a few grammar points to catch up. I mean, how many uses can の have, really?”


Just for fun, I went through the index in the back of the basic one and counted how many entries there are. There are a few different ways to count, for example, if a certain point is covered in another point then I decided not to count that separately (they actually show that in the index). I did count each individual entry if they were numbered.

It came out to 204 entries (I could have miscounted, of course, but the variance shouldn’t be more than 1-3, I think). Now, I guess, it could be reduced a bit by having all numbered entries count as one point… and then we are down to 159. So ca 5,5 month with sometimes quite a few entries in one day (に especially had quite a few, otherwise it would take a whole week by itself :joy:), or just under 7 months if doing each numbered entry as its own day. :sweat_smile:

And that is just the first book. xD But I guess with this kinda thing, faster isn’t necessarily better.

Man, why am I thinking so much about this? Probably because of this:

And this:

This could be very valuable. Well maybe the lack of context not so much, but I think you’re underselling its usefulness. Or maybe I’m just optimistic. xD

I was actually thinking that what one might want to do is be on the look out for the grammar points and pull examples from what people were reading and posting them. So we could see it more in the wild, and have examples to figure out nuance on…

I guess I’ve just proved to myself that making a thread is necessary, lol. I’ll make one as soon as I have a bit of free time to spend on it. So in the next couple of days or today even.


Not trying to pressure you at all, but I’d definitely join that club, if it were to happen :grimacing:


This is actually a bit harder than one might think, even for fairly common grammar!

I’ve done just what you say, back before I had an easy way to do text look-ups in manga. It was a nightmare.

I don’t want to be discouraging, but I do want to be realistic.


I have an advantage here, I think, haha, because I keep master documents of all of my pro wrestling translations, which are all purely digital text and are pretty easily searchable with a simple ctrl+f (plus I can search the pro wrestling thread to find specifically sentences that were confusing to me, haha :sweat_smile:). But I feel like maybe MissDagger is suggesting that if we happen to come across something in our reading for that day (or very recently), we can share it, without necessarily feeling pressured to go search for examples for absolutely everything.


@ChristopherFritz Exactly what @fallynleaf said. Said it better than I could have too. ^^


Because when my brain gets going on new ideas and stuff I want to do, it brings all old ideas to the front too, I remembered I had a few people interested in potentially reading Ouran High School Host Club together.

So I was wondering if @TobiasW, @MaraVos, and @ChristopherFritz might be interested in that in a couple of months?

For me, personally, the Orange book club finishes end of March, but I’m also currently committed to two VNs (:wave: TobiasW).

But one of those VNs should finish in June, and I think I figured out that Loopers will finish in May if Tobias and I can stick to our schedule. :open_mouth:

So June might work well, or possibly tempting the beast in May. I could honestly probably add it from April since I’m likely to want a break from VN reading each week anyway, and one chapter of manga generally doesn’t take me long.

I just wanted to see if it would potentially fit your schedules somewhere in that time frame too, aka if it would be worth to maybe set up a more scheduled club (I’d also ask in the readying every day challenge threads if it looks like it might become a thing).


I hope you all are proud now. xD

Ehmmm, lets see, @ChristopherFritz @NicoleIsEnough @fallynleaf @Akashelia

Let me check my list of what I'm currently reading and what I plan to read...

I’d say there’s more than enough room for Ouran for me at any time!

Pray Dreamin’ Sun doesn’t get voted for BBC?


At the moment, I’m not that interested in it to be honest. I kinda read ahead and finished volume 7 of Orange, so I’ve read the crossover chapter, and I also today read the 5-chapter story in Orange v1-5, and I’d say neither of them came up to the quality of Orange. Although honestly, the 5-chapter story turned out better than I first anticipated after a couple of chapters.

Maybe I’ll change my mind, maybe I should keep my eye out on manga deals on Kobo and see if I can pick up Dreamin’ Sun cheap or maybe try the first volume for free or something like that.