MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log

I would consider it except… my reading time for the first half of this coming year is already too full as it is with book clubs. :joy:

I need to read faster. xD (aka need a bigger vocabulary)


January 16

Well hello there study log!

I will definitely need to figure out what to post here, so that I will do it with some regularity, but at the same time I just came back from almost 2 weeks of traveling, changing my time zone by 9 hours. So maybe the past 2 weeks aren’t an indication of how often I will update here?

WK News

I actually used vacation mode for the first time ever for this trip away. I knew that for at least half the trip there would be 0 opportunity to do reviews, and knowing I’d already be behind on my book clubs, I didn’t also want to be behind on reviews.

For just a second when I turned off vacation mode I saw 500+ reviews as it calculated how my reviews should be moved, so yeah, pretty glad not to have to work through that. However, I wonder how my retention will suffer.

The lowest level I had on my items though was waiting for the become a master review, so I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue for the majority of them.

Reading News!

As mentioned above, I am behind on the two active book clubs I am in, BU$TAFELLOWS and 9-nine-. Aka the two VN clubs. I am more than 50% done with chapter one of BU$TAFELLOWS. Not sure beyond that, I heard there is quite a bit of chapter left after the last choice comes up and I hit that yesterday.

Chapter 3 of Bustafellows just started this past Friday, so it’s been 4 days, and there are another 10 (we do two weeks per chapter still). So, hopefully now that I can focus on reading this, I can get caught up before we reach chapter 4. Or at least catch up during chapter 4. Hopefully the former, but hey, I also have work and life to do, so who knows.

As for 9-nine, I will get started on that (yeah, I haven’t even started), whenever I’m caught up with Bustafellows. I believe that club just started week three, so I suspect I will be 4-6 weeks behind before I start reading. Then I’ll have to catch up on that while staying current with Bustafellows.

And THEN, I hope to pick up Loopers for days when I’m not reading the other two… Lol. Sorry @TobiasW, I have a feeling I won’t be ready to start reading Loopers again until February sometime, perhaps even late February. :sob:

Hopefully I’m being pessimistic and somehow I can spend 2ish hours a day reading and get caught up quickish.

On that front though, I’ve also been pretty good about reading in English too, aka completely relaxed reading. And I don’t want to drop that. I expect to have to balance my free time very carefully.

Other News

I hope to join the Listen Every Day Challenge from February on. Honestly, a part of me wants to jump in now, but I know that is the kind of thing that would mess everything else up for me. So I’m resisting the impulse.

It could be easy to say “15 mins of a podcast or less a day only takes that long”, but I’m more talking about making the time, and potentially picking that over reading. Also, staring too many things at once is hard. And since I’ve been gone for 2 weeks, I already have to restarted my routines and get everything sorted after the vacation.

Point in case, my suitcases are still full. I only got home late last night, so understandable, but it’ll take a little while to get everything running smoothly again, especially since life never stops happening too.


So obviously I went ahead and did some listening today. xD

BEFORE any reading, which still haven’t happened so far…

I will keep updating this post with my listening. If I keep doing it. So if I foolishly get consistent with this already, I can just slot it into the listening challenge.

Jan 16: Comprehensible Japanese, Intermediate お盆の風習
Jan 17: Comprehensible Japanese, Intermediate 日本の秋
Jan 18: Bits and pieces of a few videos: cat news videos and origami videos. All of them mostly kicked my butt, but I could understand some of it
Jan 19: YUYUの日本語Podcast, episode 1, 日本のメッセージ文化. I followed the gist of the conversation but lost some of the details. Also was confused by ボイスメッセージ, until I realized that it wasn’t boys message which made no sense, but b as v. xD Aka voice.


Well there we are, joined my first listening challenge.


No worries, I’ll find other stuff to read in the meantime. Late February sounds good!


January 25

WK + SRS stuff

I’m now down to the biggest days having something like 70 reviews. And my low point is now 8, I have two such days this week. I also no longer have any words in apprentice and guru. Since I fix my mistakes and use WK more as an awareness machine, that isn’t as much as an achievement as it could be, but it still feels good. :slight_smile:

I also went past 6000 burns a while ago. I have noticed that I seem to have a slightly harder time recollecting vocabulary from the 50s, but I’m not sure if it is due to speed or just that I found the vocabulary hard to memorize overall. I suspect that the ones I keep seeing regularly as I read will stick eventually though. :slight_smile:

And yes, I mentioned other SRS stuff up there! :scream:

I’m not currently starting a new SRS, but I used Torii especially during my year in Japan, to memorize the class vocabulary we had. But I stopped using it after I came back. Had all 600ish items up for review, but I haven’t started reviews. Instead I am going through the items, and any I know right off the top of my head, I’m archiving. Any that I have had in WK and should know, also go there. (I can always resurrect them later if I really need to. Only items I feel like a few more reviews could help me remember it get to stay.

But, it was 600+ items to start, and I’m not gonna do all that in one night. So I got it down to 500ish somewhere.

I’m using the new Torii beta that has an anki mode, because I think I’m done with typing in answers for SRS. It was good to start when I really needed to cement how Japanese works and sounds and such, but now I want it quick and simple, so I can focus on consumption, not SRS.

I haven’t 100% decided to take up Torii again. It has a 10k core deck, and anki mode in the beta, so I’m considering it until I’m reading something that is on koohi. I will see though. Maybe I’ll start doing lessons and remember why I found learning random words so irritating. :joy:

Basically, I’m getting Torii ready so I could use it, but I’m not sure I will.


So I already joined the listen every day winter challenge 2023. I just couldn’t keep myself away. I started last Monday and I’ve listened every day except one. Usually around 7-15 minutes. I’m not looking for any big numbers, just something.

I have two resources (Comprehensible Japanese (intermediate) and Sayuri Saying Everyday) at just about the right level of +1 where I also have enough time to connect words I’m hearing for the first time that I actually know, without loosing the thread of what I’m listening to. That is what I call +1 for myself.

I also found one podcast that is the next step up (Easy Japanese), something like +3 to +5, as in I felt I could follow it and it felt more natural speed with many pauses, but I also didn’t quite catch what it was about, not deep enough anyway; because 30 mins later I couldn’t recall at all what I listened to. Meaning I had to focus so much on understanding at the time that it went in one ear and out the other.


I saved this for last because I wish I could write something different. I should be going hard on Bustafellows, but I think it is just a tiny bit too lookup heavy to be compelling to pick up, despite how entertaining it is. It wouldn’t be a problem if I could read it slower, but I have a lot of catch up and it stops me from picking it up because I know I should read so much.

Stupid, I know. Perhaps typing that out will help me just pick it up and read some today.

In better news, Orange book club started volume 6 this week and I enjoyed getting to pick that up again. I felt like this chapter truly finished off the unanswered questions I was left with after finishing the main story of volume 1-5. I’m sure we’ll get even more story to deepen our understanding and such of the characters, and I’m here for it.

Also, in better news, I’m ahead of my reading goal for English fiction this year. Part of what I wanted to do this year is to make myself a consistent voracious reader again. With how consistent I was with Japanese reading from when I started last year, I hope to continue that trend but add in lots of English reading too. And I wanted to aim for at least one novel a week, and I’ve already finished 5, so I’m ahead.

To note too: even if I haven’t read Bustafellows, I have read something most days. Newspaper articles on regular NHK mostly. Which is a jump up from the easy ones I could only do before.

So January are going about as I expected. Perhaps I hoped I’d be reading more Bustafellows, but that is about it. I started listening earlier. And I’m making possible future dipping into SRS again. And reading in general is going good, and great (in English).



Well, I’ve even done some lessons on Torii, just enough to finish off N5 and N4 vocabulary that I didn’t already know. I also managed to archive basically every item I had in circulation from Japanese school because I already knew them all (or they were obscure things I couldn’t remember seeing for the past year, so I figured who cares).

I still have a few too many reviews on WK to go all in on Torii, and I’m not sure I want to anyway. Reviewing anki style though is so much quicker and nice, and since I can archive (which is kinda like burning, but not exactly) an item at any point, it doesn’t feel punishing to maybe review something I’m a bit shaky on, because I can always take it out of circulation whenever I want.

I hope to go through and see how many N3 words I can archive right from the start, meaning any word I recognize the first time I see it. But N3 have 1300ish vocabulary of which I have burnt/archived about 300 of it. So 1000 terms to look through, although I expect to be able to get rid of a bunch of them.

For now, my plan is to keep reviewing on WK and the few terms I have going now on Torii. And every day or every other day or so, I will look through some more N3 terms to archive those I know.

I can see myself keep going with some SRS but at a casual pace, as long as it has anki mode.