MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log

The last few days when I’ve gone to do WK lessons, I’ve felt resistance and a “this again?” feeling. It isn’t necessarily that the lessons are hard, but they feel hard to do. (Like the action of going through and doing them, not the action of learning them; if that makes sense.) Could be a bit of burnout, or I’m kinda on vacation right now so that change of mind/scenery could be affecting how I feel about lessons.

I think I’ll keep doing lessons through the end of this level and if I still feel the same (I’ve felt like this for 2-3 days now), I won’t start level 40 lessons when I level up. I will finish level 39 lessons though to make sure I cement level 39 kanji (I learn the kanji, meanings and readings, through the vocabulary).

I should level up beginning of next week, and then about a week after that I will have family staying over for a few days (only planing to do reviews then anyway), so maybe a 2 week break with just reviews will help bring enthusiasm specifically for WK back.

I’m still very much hype to read more Japanese. I’m having a lot of fun with all the things I’m reading right now.


July 25


Level 40 is here :exclamation: :tada:

This feels like such a long time coming. I’ve been in the 30s for quite a while. I got to level 30 in late May 2020. And that was all due to the Olympians group. I leveled 20 levels in the year I spent in Japan (plus a couple of extra months).

And now I’m here, finally with a new tens number. I see no reason why I won’t continue on this course.

I talked a few days ago about feeling tired of lessons. I don’t feel that way right now, and if I apply myself the same way this level like I have the last few, then I could hit level 41 before I have house guests and will only review.

However, considering how I’ve felt and I have extra on my mind right now. Between cat-sitting and a bit of house-sitting, as well as running back to my own home all the time. Also prepping for house guests, and trying to keep up with my yard, and also figure out a thing around reading that I will mention below…

Well, perhaps I should lighten the load of lessons for a while. Go back to 12 lessons or even 8. That way I can keep progressing, but also lower the number of reviews and pressure. I should take my whole situation into consideration.

So expect to see me on level 40 for a while longer than I have been on other levels lately!


Currently reading:

  • Loopers :infinity:, a visual novel
  • Orange :tangerine:, manga
  • Night Café :cake:, novel/light novel

First let me go back to the thing I mentioned above. I had trouble reading this weekend, partly because of other things in my life preoccupying me, but also because I was switching from Night Café which I usually read on weekdays back to my book/VN club readings, and that switching is a point of danger for me. Those are the kind of times when I’ll stop doing a habit. When going switching from A to B.

I don’t wanna write out the whole thing again, see my update on the REDC summer 2022 thread: 📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀ - #804 by MissDagger

So because I’m currently part of two clubs, this switching is something I’ll have to contend with, and I don’t want to read ahead because the thing that makes the clubs enjoyable is speculating together over where the story might be going and such.

Also, I’m reading Night Café in the hope to join the club for volume 2 starting on August 6th, and then I will read 耳をすませば with the BBC from September 10. Basically, soon I will be participating in 4 clubs at once. I guess by then, most of my reading time all week will be taken by clubs. :joy:


I’m enjoying Orange even if it wrecks my emotions every time I read it. I had no idea that it was going to be that kind of story when I bought the series a few years ago. I was told it was a slice of life manga that had some story and was short (only 6 volumes although now it is 7 volumes). No one mentioned that it would be a tearjerker. Hopefully there can be a bright future at the end of this story or less I might get a bit bitter…

And then Loopers is also not what I expected. Not sure what I expected, maybe something closer to Groundhog? Or Edge of Tomorrow? It is supposed to be a time loop story, but so far after reading prologue and chapter 1, there is no time loop in sight. Maybe I expected it too early, but so far all story developments have been in different directions than towards time shenanigans. I’m enjoying it though.

Lastly, Night Café is pretty comfy. For one, I’m reading it a bit more casually, mostly using the book club’s vocabulary sheet and trying not to look up a lot outside that. And the story is going down more predictable paths, I feel like I know where the story is going/will go. While both Orange and Loopers is leaving me feeling like I’m in a maze with super tall hedges that have so many twists and turns I can barely see a few pages ahead.

Not saying I know what will happen in Night Café but it is like I have a feeling of the general story arch, of being able to guess the emotional journey ahead of me. I can tell some confrontations that will (most likely) eventually happen, certain plot points. I don’t know how we’ll get there, or how they will play out, or if the stuff until that point will shift the landscape enough that something doesn’t happen. But I feel like I can look into the distance and have an idea of what it’ll look like.

That certainly makes that read a whole lot more comfortable. And I’m also finding the teenage drama done very well and engaging me. I’m so glad Hanabi has someone like her aunt in her life. We could all use someone like that who both supports us unconditionally and pushes us to be honest and our best selves.

And clearly I can write a lot about what I’m reading, which is why I’m enjoying the clubs because it is giving me an excuse to write what I’m thinking about it, and I’m sharing that experience with other people. And we can all share how we’re getting on with story. In that way, I guess Orange and Loopers, with their unpredictability, are better choices. :joy:

That was supposed to be my sign off…



Time to develop a habit of switching =D

For me personally, switching is required so I avoid days of “I don’t feel like reading this today”. If I don’t feel like reading one thing, I have anywhere from five to ten other series I’m actively reading to pick from.


Yeah, I’ll need to develop something like that. And when I’m high energy and not bothered by anything else, it goes easily. But when other things are on my mind or I’m bothered by something on the day I should switch, well, I might just not switch/start the next thing.

I also don’t like too many things going at once; it can stress me too. I think 4 book clubs will stretch me, maybe beyond what I’ll like/can handle. I’ll have to see. ^^

I can always drop out or read ahead to finish a volume early.

Perhaps this will mean I’ll be choosy in what book clubs I follow in real time. But time will tell how I’m able to navigate things. :blush:


Or I could have a super crappy start to the day and therefore decide to do fewer lessons. This day is gonna suck for a while longer still. Meh. :pensive:

At least it isn’t something serious in a long term way. Just an unexpected problem I have to deal with today, and I’m so tired.


August 5

I have entered Paradise!

I have reached level 41 :bangbang:
Why is that emote called bangbang? :face_with_monocle:

I am now two thirds through WK (level-wise). And that feels kinda crazy.

Back when I started WK in late October 2018, I thought I’d be at 60 within a year or so, because why wouldn’t I go at max speed? That held for about a month, then I slowed down.

I ended up not hitting level 10 until March 2019. And while that isn’t terribly slow, certainly a lot slower than I thought from the beginning. (Despite getting lifetime within 2 months of starting.)

20 was January 2020 and then speed up again for the next 10 level so I hit 30 in May 2020. And now in August 2022, I finally hit 40. 2+ years later.

No wonder it feels like forever. And just think, I’ve found the 30s full of useful vocabulary. I keep seeing things I’ve learnt in the last few months in everything I’m reading. Regularly enough that it is fairly common vocabulary.

To be fair to myself though. I kinda took a break from Japanese about the time I hit 30 (a couple of weeks after). A certain thing that happened in March, derailed my life, and I ended up moving internationally a month earlier than planned, and then I moved cross country only a few months after that. And not even a year after that I moved again.

I never moved until I moved away from home, and since then 9-10 times (depending on how you count it, and if I haven’t forgotten a move) and I moved out 13 years ago (I believe). So almost once a year. Can not recommend. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I didn’t do much Japanese until the beginning of 2022 when I started working through my review pile (I’ve never used vacation mode and probably never will). And now I’m here.

During this level, I had two interesting experiences.

(1) Reading chapter 3 of Loopers (VN) and needing to look up 220ish items, well those were the new terms, I also double checked some words, and I also had to look up some of those 220ish items more than once since they showed up again later in the chapter (long enough later that I forgot). This was a slug. That many look ups, having to draw a lot of the kanji because I didn’t know the reading…

(2) Then I read the あとがき of Orange volume 1. It had no furigana (except for the mangaka’s name). And I read it easily. I had to skip a couple of things, but it were mostly names. Over those two pages with a lot of text for manga, there were only 3-5 unknown words.

And then I also started replaying Super Mario Odyssey but in Japanese and it has been super easy to understand (except for the pamphlet for the desert place (I haven’t read any of the other tourist pamplets)).

It made me realize how far I’ve come. I feel like in a way, my awareness of my knowledge was still stuck in the early twenties, about the time I left Japan and Japanese language school. I hadn’t seen how much I’d progressed since then.

And then suddenly I had. It made me realize that I was level 40. I was almost (at the time) 2/3rds through WK.

So during the same level I both realized how far I’ve come, and how far I still have to go. Loopers is very much stretching my vocabulary. My vocabulary have so far been very focused on daily school life stuff, so reading slice of life manga have fit that well. Giving me just enough new vocabulary to push at the edges of my knowledge.

Loopers on the other hand doesn’t really fit that. I don’t know the common vocabulary used in visual novels (because I haven’t read any before), and also there are genre elements I haven’t read before. (Horror/eerie stuff)

I’m enjoying everything I’m reading right now from Loopers, to my first light novel 夜カフェ, to Orange. I also dipped my toes in another VN, will see if I’ll keep reading it past the prologue or wait for now. Lastly I’m playing Super Mario Odyssey, and while it is mostly for the game play (I’m a Mario nerd), I’m enjoying the fairly easy text.

Looking forward to all the useful vocabulary I will learn in the 40s, and all the fun reading I will do as I progress.

I do have a plan to take a bit of a lesson break soon, but I think I’ll wait until I hit level 42. At some point in my life, I might even read the whole series that created that meme (I’ve read the first book only).


In javascript , ! is the logical “not” operator and is called a “bang” (though, I’m not sure why). So “bang true” or !true would become false, and “bang bang true” or !!true would remain true. It’s probably best to not get into the nuances of why that matters here though. Anyway, good luck on your studies.


Coding slang made it into an emote’s name? I don’t know why that surprises me, it was probably coders who named the emote after all. :joy:

Bang bang sound like an euphemism to me, but maybe that’s just me. :joy:

Thank you!


It also goes back to Unix at least, and has carried over into Linux as well.

Some give the origin as comic books where someone fires a gun and “BANG!” appears beside it as the sound effect. But I don’t know if there’s anything to back that as an origin.

There's also a movie I haven't seen and is unrelated to ! in any way.



! is the not operator in several coding languages. I never learned much javascript, but c++, c# and bits and bobs of some other stuff. But I never heard it called bang that I can remember.

I have heard the name of that movie. But I’ve never seen it.


At least it is called hash-bang (#!) in Unix style scripts.

Also, for some reasons, Kumi’s emote userscript starts with a bang.


August 16

Level 42 is here!

It feels unbelievable to me that I just keep chugging on. It has now been about 4,5 months and I’m still here, not burning out and loving WK more than I can remember doing. I was sure that at some point, it would become less useful (and survey says that might happen at 50+, since 50 was the original last level). But since my main reason for WK and learning Japanese in general is to read, I don’t see anything as useless. Maybe, it might not be as useful right now, but it won’t be wasted.

I’ve talked about taking a break for a while. And I definitely feel like I have a few more reviews per day than I’d like, but considering how consistent I’ve been the last few months, the daily burden won’t really reduce for a few months. So unless I’m willing to break for that amount of time, a week off from lessons won’t make much of a different when I get back to lessons.

So instead, I’m gonna be a little more lenient. If I’m really tired, I won’t add new lessons. And if I have another good reason for not doing lessons (such as not being able to review later), I’ll make sure I don’t do lessons on those days.

Basically, instead of taking multiple days in a row off, I’ll be more okay with taking a day here and there off from lessons. Sometime in September some of my family will visit, and I’ll definitely only do reviews when they’re here. That is a given.


I finished the first volume of 夜カフェ during this level. Meaning I finished my first novel in Japanese. It has been a long road here, but all that work lead to a fairly easy read. Night Café is definitely a novel I’d recommend as a first novel, because the language is very easy. There are some vocabulary around crafts that most people wouldn’t need to know, but otherwise I also found most of it very useful.

So currently I’m reading Orange (volume 2; manga), Loopers (VN), and Night Café (#2). I’m also so tempted to add something else. :woman_facepalming: I technically also play Super Mario Odyssey in Japanese and I make it a point to even read the touristy leaflets for each kingdom (those are for sure the hardest language part).

I definitely don’t need something more, unless I’m always on top of the weekly reading of each one (they are all current being read in a WK book/VN club). And currently I’m aiming right for getting behind on everything. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m happy to be here. I’m dabbling a little in listening practice again, but unless it decides to stick around for more than a few days, there is no reason to mention details. So I’ll see you at next level up, unless something else study log worthy happens before then!



:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So here you are again. Nice to see you around. A long time since last time I noticed your precense.
I hope everything is as good as it can be.
(Och varför pratar jag engelska? )

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(Antagligen för att det är ett engelskt forum.)

Life is pretty good in general. Normal up and downs as always happens all the time. How about you?

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August 27

Level 43 is here!

I guess I will no longer have access to the special forum once the forum figures out I’m level 43. I’ll probably go ahead and do a log in and out tomorrow morning.

WK have been pretty uneventful. I think I skipped doing lessons 1-2 days because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do their reviews later in the day. Otherwise I kept my 16 lessons per day schedule.

Level 43 is the first fast level, and it is a bit tempting to see if I could speed up. I probably wouldn’t speed up enough to take advantage of it though. (I’m not likely to go from 10-11 day levels to 4 day levels or even 5 day levels. :joy:) Also there are a few other things taking my attention right now, so I’d rather not push WK right now.

However, I can see myself doing that closer to the end, depending on life busyness level at that time.


Ah well… I’ve mostly read very, very, very casually. Meaning I’ve been replaying Super Mario Odyssey in Japanese (I played it in English first time), and that has been my reading most days during level 42. And there is nothing wrong with that. I just think for the first month in a while my Bookmeter stats will only show one finished volume/book which is kinda sad.

Also, I’m 3 weeks behind on both Orange and Loopers. And two weeks behind on Night Café volume 2 book club. But my plan is to catch up with NC, because it is such an easy read for me, and then probably go Orange and then Loopers. By the time I catch up with Orange, we’ll probably be on the last chapter of volume 2, so that will be a nice thing to be able to check off on bookmeter.

Not Japanese related

However, I’m currently rather distracted by other things in my life. I’m working on my relationship to food. :dotted_line_face: And while I knew it would be disruptive, I thought it would mainly bother me when it comes to food, but right now I think it is taking far more of my focus than I planned for.

And it’ll probably be a few weeks before that will settle down. At the same time, we have the end of summer, with some yard work still to do. Also I will have house guests at the end of September, so I need to arrange things for that.

I’m not exactly happy with how much I lack focus due to the food stuff, but if I can get to a happier place with that, it’ll be worth it in the end. So I’ll just have to accept that and do what I can around the food focus.

That said, my plan is to keep going with 16 lessons with days off lessons as I need it. And to give reading a bit more time every day as I’m able.


Congrats on leveling up! I also just reached 43, but am reluctant to log out and back in again and lose access to the secret subforum… :sweat_smile:

Good luck if you decide to attempt to do the fast levels fast. I’m happily going to keep trucking along in the slow lane haha


Had a bit of bad luck with Covid. Covid wasn’t the problem, got a combination of Postcovid and restriction stress. To always watch out for people and keep extra distance was bad for my brain.
Recovered from that and got a bit too much at work this spring so… I crashed again. Working half time right now for some weeks and then probably is better on track again.
Such things unfortunately happen. And in most cases we get back again.
However, the people I work with are great. Sometimes it feels that they know me better than I do myself.

Mina må-bra-event är igång igen så det gör ju allt trevligare. Blev både ett vinter- och sommarnärcon i år.

Sad to hear that you have to work with your food relationship. I hope you get to a good working solution in the end.


I’ve managed to dodge covid so far, thankfully. I feel for you. Sounds like you have good coworker though and that is a huge help.

Jag har inte varit på Närcon på 10-12 år. Gillade det bättre när det var mindre och i Örebro. Har svårt att ha roligt på stora konvent.

As to my food relationship, I think only good things can come from working with it. (Obviously approach matters, but this seems like a good one.) So I’m hopeful. :slight_smile: