MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log


Also, I feel the same. I want to be able to enjoy it.

Awesome. Now we have three people for a potential club next year or so. :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

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June 7

Mentally, I am debating what to read next. I will probably finish volume 2 of Yotsuba& before I start something else. (It is nice to be able to finish things, even if there is no story reason to.)

It is kinda funny in a why-is-it-always-like-this way that my current WK level of 35 is teaching me several of the words that I saw used in the last few chapters of Sailor Moon that I read. Today I added 破壊 and 被る for example, and I’m pretty sure I had other words a couple of days ago that I also vaguely remembered seeing (or that I knew possibly was in there).

Does that mean that continuing with Sailor Moon would be a good idea right now because I’d be gaining new words and seeing them in native contexts, or does that mean waiting a little bit would be more helpful (maybe there are more words in the next couple of levels?).

Not a question I have an answer to. *disappears for a couple of minutes*

Actually, I have kinda an answer. I just looked through the remaining vocabulary lessons for 35, plus all such lessons for 36-37 and none of them really feels like they will ease the difficulty of Sailor Moon baddie speak.

That still kinda leaves me drifting. I think I’m leaning towards continuing with Sailor Moon. I will also (most likely) be joining the BBC, although not for the next pick, but the pick after that. I think that means not until August or September though?

There is a chance I’ll join IBC for Spy x Family since I’ll want to get the physical manga for the BBC anyway, so I might as well buy that since it interests me… Not sure it’ll get here in time though, so will probably hold off.

Of course, buying even one volume for BBC means I need to buy some more to make the shipping worth it. :innocent:

All this to say I’m probably continuing Sailor Moon for at least another arc (and then reassess again). I think I still have 3-4 chapters left of Yotsuba& volume 2 though, so maybe I’ll change my mind before then.


Here is my chart of Sailormoon manga kanji stats per WaniKani level.


By the end of level 35, WaniKani will have exposed you to 61.84% of the unique individual kanji in the Sailormoon manga. For the overall total kanji (considering the number of times each kanji is used), it covers 91.08% of the kanji.

Levels 36 to 40 will get you to 93.15% of the total kanji recognized.

Levels 41 to 45 will get you up to 95.51% of the total kanji recognized.

And levels 46 to 50 will get you up to 97.57% of the kanji recognized.

(Of course, if any of those are leeches for you in WaniKani, you might recognize fewer kanji.)

At this point, every five levels in WaniKani help prepare you to recognize another 2% of the total kanji used, until you complete level 50.

(I don’t have a baddie-speak filter for these stats, unfortunately!)

I keep forgetting that this one is IBC, not BBC. I bought the first volume to see if it would be “doable” for me, and I think I find it a lot easier than Sailormoon. I do have to look up a lot more vocabulary, though.


Shame really, but I’ll take the stats for the whole thing!

Thanks. This helps with the decision for sure. More WK levels aren’t gonna make a huge difference it seems. I’m already at 90+% and while 2% sounds nice, that is 5 whole levels and at my current speed that is about 2,5 months for add 2%. Therefore, no reason to wait until I’m later in WK.

I can’t even remember if I’ve read the sample… Maybe I should do that. :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed the story seems like a ton of fun (from comments on the forum). And I’m a big fan of Mr and Mrs Smith (never claimed my movie test was refined), and Spy x Family sounds similar (overarching concept), perhaps with less trying to kill each other. :joy:


(June 8 update, but it feels more like a follow on to my June 7 update which is why I replied to that post)

So decided to just read through the last two chapters of Yotsuba& 2 (read a chapter yesterday too). That means I’m now finished with all in progress books (more or less since a graded reader for Japanese children have been on hold for many months (it shows on my book meter as currently reading)).

I guess that means I’ll have to make a reading decision today or tomorrow. I could skip a day of reading, but I think if I skip when I’m not currently reading something, the break might very well grow far longer than 1 day. Knowing my own tendencies tells me that.

I don’t know why this decision seems so hard. Partly it might be because what is going on in the rest of my life. In a way, it was so nice to abdicate needing to make a decision by making a poll in the read every day challenge. I could just refer to lots of people’s opinions and match it against what I was thinking. That made the decision crystal clear.

There is something about asking for suggestions and by listening to what suggestions (or votes if a poll) I get that helps me actually figure out what I want/think. I don’t know why that is so, but it’s true.


June 14

Level 36 achieved!
Time on level: almost 13 days.

I’m mostly liking the workload. Burns from when I more seriously started digging myself out of my review pile back in January are starting to come in. My apprentice is around 50 or below. But I think I’d like to speed up just a tiny bit more.

Maybe I’ll try doing 4 kanji and 8 vocabulary through all of level 36 and see if that works without having vocab lessons left over when I level up. I can always adjust if I start having a lot of vocab when I’m running out of kanji.

Because if I speed up a bit more, I could be fairly close to 60 by the end of the year and that would be exciting. But I also want to make sure I’m happy with the workload and that it doesn’t increase enough that I might need to slow down instead. I’d rather plod along than run and then walk. ^^

Reading / Listening

Having a lot of fun reading Japanese native material. :smiley: Currently deciding what to read next still. Looking at Natively scores, Orange would be a lot easier to read than Sailor Moon. Personally I’m open to either, so I’ve made a poll in the Read Every Day Challenge thread. They steered me right last time, so I’m hoping they can again. So grateful to them all.

I started playing Atelier Sophie, a very relaxed JRPG. I’m playing it with Japanese audio and English text. So it isn’t a focused study thing exactly, but try to listen to the audio before reading the text, so as to get some listening practice. At the same time, if I just play and forget to listen, it isn’t a big deal. I’m enjoying this very casual way of practicing listening which is probably my worst skill in Japanese.

Book clubs! Right, I’m hoping to join the VN club when that starts up (as long as it is a VN I think I’d enjoy). Also, the second pick from the latest pull from BBC is a manga that I want to read, so I will join that book club. It also means I need to make an order from Amazon/CDJapan… Fun but also dangerous for my wallet, haha.

I have a feeling my 積読 pile will grow taller. One thing I’ll probably do is order some other proposed books in the book clubs, so if they win later I’ll already have them! Heh, thinking ahead.

I’m not in a hurry to order though, because I don’t think 耳をすませば will start until September.

I’m so glad I decided to join the REDC Spring edition and truly engage with it, because I’m enjoying finally getting into all these books I own. Most of them are turning out to be as enjoyable as expected or more so.

And I think that is a fairly complete update on what I’m doing and achieving. じゃね!


Well, I’ve gone and done it. Created my first book club. O_O


Feeling very blah about Japanese right now. I guess it is normal to fluctuate in how much I enjoy stuff in general, and perhaps even more so when it comes to things I’ve actively studying.

Could also be related to switching to reading Zenitendou, not because I haven’t enjoyed the story so far (finished the first story). But it did very much feel like being conked in the head when I switched to it. It felt even harder than Sailor Moon, but I guess for Sailor Moon the difficulty is only in vocabulary.

And also, I hadn’t read native narrative sentences in a while (quite some time since I read にゃんにゃん探偵団).

So it is that? Or is it because stuff in the rest of my life.

I don’t know, but I find myself not drawn to reading. And I can’t decide if I should just take a break for a couple of days. Or if I should push through and keep going. It so depends on why I’m feeling this way, and I don’t know.

It has been slowly spiraling this way for a few days. Did is start when I started reading Zenitendou? I don’t know. I like how it is kinda +1, but it also feel pretty dense to me. Meaning I feel tired pretty quick.

It could be stronger specifically today because I read 4x as much Zenitendou yesterday than I’ve done on any other day since I started that book. So I might have tired myself out. I also went to bed late last night.

Sometimes being aware of just how many things affect my mood and temporarily change my mood on things make it hard to know if it is just several outside circumstances making me feel a certain way, or if I genuinely have to reevaluate something.

I wanted to talk about it somewhere, so I figured this was the place. Probably, all I need is a good night (or two) of sleep and then it’ll be clear whether it was just tiredness with a few other similar factors, or whether something actually needs to change.

So yeah, this feels like a whole lot of crap spewed on the page. That more than anything tells me that tonight (it is evening here) I should more or less ignore anything I feel or think, because it won’t be what I honestly think and feel. (Aka temporary feelings are skewing my view on everything.)

Not even sure I should post this, but hey, maybe someone else will recognize themselves in this and feel a bit less alone, and that would make this worth posting.


For me at least, whenever I switch to something substantially harder than what I was last reading/watching, it’s extra hard and discouraging at the beginning. I almost backed out of attempting to translate wrestling shows when I started, because it just made me feel really discouraged, and I felt so ill-equipped to even be trying. And then the extra Anki cards were an adjustment in themselves. A few weeks in, I felt like it was never going to work, and I almost gave up on adding new flash cards entirely.

But I did get used to it, and once I adjusted, the translations didn’t seem so scary and frustrating anymore, and the extra Anki workload wasn’t too bad, and I found myself feeling encouraged again. It just took some time to adjust to the new situation.

So my recommendation would be to keep at it for a few weeks if you can, and see if your mindset changes. If you still feel just as discouraged, it might be a good idea to read something else.


Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

I think for me, the weird thing is that it isn’t that difficult for me. I know most the grammar and if I don’t skip over exactly what particle is used and if I ignore commas, I can understand the sentences fine and if I want a deeper understanding how it works, I can do that. (I do need to do a lot of lookups, but I don’t think it is more than usual…) But every time I read it, I definitely feel like even just 2 pages is a lot (while not being too much).

I will keep reading Zenitendou, I think, although I’m taking a couple of days off to kinda clear my head off all the other stuff battering at me. And I’ll be glad when Orange book club starts up, because I’ll have an excuse to read something else for a day or two each week.

I’ve actually been thinking of speeding up WK a bit too, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works. Started today by upping my lesson count from 12 to 16. Will see how the additional workload feels.


おはよう, @MissDagger. :kissing_heart: I hope that you are doing ok today. Somehow I forget that you are posting here again, and forget to check in. :slight_smile:
I remember the summers after our long Erie winters, and I imagine that your summers are something like that. How does rural life suit you?

Also, I see that Japan is opening borders a bit starting in June.

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おはよう!I am better today. Sleep always helps when I’ve reached the bottom of a slump, which yesterday was. Honestly though, I’m not sure I’m back to what I would call fine. But I am better than yesterday and planing a real take-care-of-myself day today.

It is also midsommar (holiday) in Sweden, if you don’t know what that is, wikipedia (en) have a bit of information about the Swedish way of celebrating, but I felt it a bit lacking. If you feel like using google translate or similar, I have a feeling the Swedish page is better: Swedish Midsommar in Swedish (it has more pictures at least).

So it feels like a good day to relax and try to just enjoy myself, even if I’m not planing to join any celebrations.

Japan’s borders have in a tiny way opened for tourism, but only through Japanese tour companies (if I understand it correctly). And it is more open for business and studying purposes. :slight_smile: Slowly but surely.

I like the quiet of rural life. I like the green outside my windows. I should probably have bought a riding lawn mower (is that what they are called? The ones you sit on?); maybe then when I ignore my lawn for a little too long, it wouldn’t be so hard to get it back under control. :sweat:


Yes. We have one. The problem is that if it breaks, it is hard to find someone to come and fix it. Ours is broken. :expressionless:

One lawn strategy is to select the lawn right near the house that you want to keep very nice. Mow that each week. Then have the next section that you only mow every other week. Then, the bit further from the house you can let go to meadow, and mow it 2 or 3 times each season.

I will read about the Swedish celebrations.

Yes, it looks like just tour companies for now. But maybe a bit more general tourism by fall or winter? We will see.

Ok. I need to get ready for work now. More soon. H. had foot surgery yesterday, so I need to get her and the dogs settled before work. (she is ok, but in pain now. I can hear that she is sleeping right now, which is good.)

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Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. It is a very good point.

I might very well do something like this next year, and maybe part of the lawn this year. The problem though is mowing the part I leave alone, because my lawn mower isn’t able to handle meadow tall grass, so then I’d be using a strimmer/trimmer, I guess. (Which is actually what I had to do now because the lawn season went from off to super summer speed rather than slowly growing for a month like last year… And I wasn’t paying attention…)

I hope H heals quickly.

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June 26


Leveled up to 37! (Last night technically but I always level at night and start the next level the next morning when I do lessons.)

I’ve decided to go from 12 lessons per day to 16. If the workload proves too much, I’ll go back down. But I keep looking at the wkstats page and using an excellent script it now has prediction. Looking at prediction at different speeds, I see the possibility of gaining 60 this year, or very early next year.

So with a bit of pushing I could be mostly done with WK by my birthday next year (May). I’m not concerned about burning everything. And considering I’ve now been at WK for 3 months, I feel like I’ve fully settled back into a routine of WK.

It is a little foolhardy, and I’ll only increase my workload a little at a time to see if I can handle it.

My current split for lessons are 5 kanji and 11 vocab. I believe this means I’ll probably run out of vocab towards the end of the level, but depending on how it feels this level I might shift to 6 kanji & 10 vocab next level, at the same time, I can’t weight too heavily into kanji because then I’ll have a lot of vocab lessons left over from the previous level when I level up. It is a balancing act.


For fun, let us add this very short segment.

I don’t think I watched any Card Captor Sakura during this level. On the other hand I’ve been playing a lot of Atelier Sophie. I’m really enjoying the method I’m using for this. By having Japanese audio but English text, I get to practice listening comprehension while not having to look up anything.

Most of the time I try to listen to the lines being spoken and only read the English after. Although sometimes I read the English (either by accident or partly by choice) while listening and I don’t know if it is helping me pick out words better. I always wonder “would I have recognized X if I hadn’t read the English so I knew some kind of X word would show up?”. Obviously an impossible question to answer.

So I’m taking a casual approach to improving my listening comprehension, but I kinda like it. I’ll probably do similar with any Japanese VN (visual novel) I decide to read. Meaning I’ll listen to the audio and only read the text after. Although it might depend on the difficulty of the Japanese. Although with the VNs, I’ll have Japanese text too.


So this level saw me finish The Best Selection 2 by Yuu Watase. I enjoyed that collection of short stories a lot more than the first volume. Whether that is because my Japanese is better so I could understand it more easily, or because the stories fit my taste better? Not sure.

But I was sure I was gonna get rid of both volumes first chance I got after finishing both, but now I’m not so sure. I think I want to reread the first volume when I’m even better than I am now, and see how I feel about it then.

Also have the funniest panel from the book:


After that I started 不思議駄菓子屋 銭天堂 :candy: (Zenitendou), and I felt like I’d been clobbered. Going back to narrative sentences after spending a month only reading manga was the biggest reason.

I’ve already talked some about it in recent posts, and I’ve taken the last 3 days off from reading Japanese. It has been nice to take a break, and instead I’ve dived into some reading in English (the main language I read in).

The break have done a lot for my disposition. Both with Japanese and other things. I still, maybe, have some decisions to make for my life (unrelated to Japanese), but at least I don’t feel bummer anymore (about Japanese or life in general).

Probably today I’ll go reread the first story in Zenitendou that I did finish before taking my reading break.


Other reading things that will happen either during this WK level or very soon after.

Orange :tangerine: :email: book club that I am leading will start. (Less than a week!!!) Still feels absolutely bonkers that I’ll be leading a book club when I’ve so far not managed to follow through on any of the ones I joined. (Well, 結婚しても愛してる I only finished around 2 weeks late, so that one barely counts as not following through.)

Even more bonkers, it looks like we’ll have a lot of participants. I know that there is a lot of drop off and surely a lot of people who think they will start and then don’t. But I thought it would be me and 2 others, and it definitely looks like there will be more than that!

Loopers :infinity: VN “book” club’s first pick (unless the vote changes in the next day or so) will start probably mid July, so not during this level. But this very fact is the reason I’m not starting my first VN right now. Because I’m planing to read with the club, I don’t want to have two first VNs. :joy:

Read Every Day Summer Challenge 2022 will start on July 1st. I’m just waiting for the thread to get posted. I’ll have to see what goals I make for that, but I’ll probably put another of my reluctant to read books as a goal. Although maybe finishing Zenitendou :candy: 1 would be enough of a push goal considering I’ll be leading Orange :tangerine: and reading my first VN :infinity: during this challenge.

It feels so amazing to know that all these books (and VNs) I already own (and another batch will arrive next week (pics will be posted!)), now I will actually get around to read it. (Meaning I bought most of my collection about 2 years ago and barely touched it until RED spring challenge.) It might take a long time to read them all, but I am bite by bite sentence by sentence reading the elephant my collection. :star_struck:


Seems like you’ve already turned around a bit, but yeah, this isn’t too far from the kind of posts I’ve been making heh. I’m similarly seeing an upturn at this moment, doing my best to make things less volatile – I’ve settled on the conclusion my own problems seem overall tangential to Japanese itself, it’s just filtering into my mood towards the language. I of course think your study log is a good place for this kind of thing; I always think it helps when I just get it out there and get some feedback too.

I suppose advice might not be needed anymore, but for another data point, I’m similar to @fallynleaf; I’ve usually found that particularly hard projects get better with time. But there is certainly a feeling I’m familiar with of dragging yourself into doing something, and at that point it’s a problem.

More than anything, do what feels best for you, but I do hope you hang in there enough to stick with the plan to join for the VN :infinity:


I relate hard to this. Overall June have been a crappy month to me, because I feel like all these things are upsetting my thinking left right and center, and I can’t find my footing. And it finally seeped into Japanese. I guess tackling something harder to read, let those feeling sink their claws in.

True. Sometimes it just feels like so much wasted breath, if you get my meaning. Especially when I know how temporary it is, when I’m fairly sure that it might just be a few days and I’ll be feeling better.

Then it just feels like I’m being a bummer and dragging everyone down with me. But then I remember that sharing the good and the bad, lets people see the whole of you. And also, sometimes you might just be saying what someone else is thinking (or close enough) and even if you don’t wish misery on someone else, it is nice to know you aren’t alone.

So while I was tempted to just delete the whole post before hitting the publish button, I decided to let it be posted.

I’m definitely planing to stick with Zenitendou for now, but if…

Shows up, I’ll set it aside for the time being.


It very much is in the plans! I actually bought the game two days ago and have since been holding my thumbs (the Swedish sign for praying for luck, aka :crossed_fingers:) that it would keep the first place. :joy: :sweat_smile: :joy:

I also got the Marco VN, because FLCL meets Excel Saga is such a crazy combo I’ve got to read it at some point. :joy:


Personally, I really appreciate seeing people post when they’re struggling rather than trying to hide it. I think in communities like this, we have a tendency to assume that everyone around us, especially those who are above us in ability level, are always succeeding and having a great time, when that is often not the case. At least with my own log, I hope that it gives others strength to read through my posts where I talk about having a hard time, and then seeing that I manage to persevere somehow :blush:.


My haul have arrived! A huge order just to get 耳をすませば and Orange 7. :joy:

Basically I took the opportunity to get some other things I’ve been thinking about, plus peeking through my want to read list on Bookmeter to find some more ideas. Also picked some nominations in book clubs that I’m interested in, so if they win later, I’ve got them.

Also got myself some otome visual novels. Past book club picks. A Dictionary of Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Grammer. And more Zenitendou. If I’d waited a few more days with my order I probably would have skipped those, ah well, more difficult (for some reason) and fun reading for me in the future.

@ChristopherFritz Did you mean only that 耳をすませば has no chapters? Because at least my copy have page numbers super often. So if you need help with page numbers for the club, hit me up.


Uhh otome games :eyes:
Definitely have my eyes on all of those for when I’m a bit more advanced / I just go crazy and try them out. I don’t know if they’re actually any good but they look so aesthetically pleasing I can’t help it. I’m currently playing バリアブル バリケード on the VITA and having tons of fun but looking things up is so slow I’m taking forever :sweat_smile: