Mipri's report after one 1 year

Hello everyone,

it’s been exactly one year since I joined Wanikani and i though it would be nice to share my experience.

Like a lot of people (I assume), I started my japanese studies during the lockdown last spring.
I did study japanese in the past but I would say it was reather lackluster. At the beginning of I even made some mistakes when reading kana but WK helped with it ^^

As you can see motivation at the beginning was not too high 2 weeks after sarting a break of two weeks (I don’t remenber why) But still I felt like it seemd to work because even though I took a break I still rememberd most of the material. So i got the annual substription.
Then mid may UNI started again and I had to prioritise my studies still a few singulars days with some reviews.
in Sebtember I downloaded the flaming durtles app so I could do my reviews during my commute but with online coures I soon forgot abouth it.
I rember thinking that I wasted my money buying an annual member ship and ten not using WK for months at the time. And I did not put it in vacation mode because I never intended to take a break.

So in dezember I finished my final paper and rememberd Wanikani with my final paper finished and suddenly had so much free time on hand so I tackeld my backlag of reviews ( probably 90+% of what i learned so far) it took me 3 days to get trough but I rememberd stuff, SSR is working.
I only reached lvl 5 in 9 monts but the stuf I learned stuck most of the lvl1-3 stuff got burned during those 3 days.

Since then I’ve dilgently kept up with my reviews. I got a lifetime membership during the sale bacause with my pance this is a long therm comitmant.
I soon noticed that prefer learning the vocab as soon as the Kanji in questions is gurued so I got the WaniKani Lesson Ordering II addon. and some other adoons bit mosly qal who don’t affect my studiing. I also started limiting my nemw kanjis to 5/day. Like this I don’t owerwhelm myself with new leassons on lvl up.
It now takes my rughly 2 weeks to finish a level and I have 100-130 reviwes a day which take me 30-45 minutes.


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