Minor Menu Updates

Well, I’m probably one of the only users with this issue, but having burned everything, I get the following message in the review forecast:

It’s really minor, but maybe just stop at “burned everything” if all items are burned (i.e., 0 lesson available). :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, a custom illustration for that case would be nice maybe


Ah, sorry, I didn’t notice that

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Absolutely agree.

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It’s no problem. They do look very similar on first glance.

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Just out of curiosity, do you guys plan an adding more kanji and vocab going forward?

Maybe related, but my invisible purple level 60 badge isn’t quite as invisible (or purple) as it’s supposed to be on the latest page, card profile popup, or profile. :roll_eyes:




would love to see a kanji stroke order illustration added to the explanation of each kanji so i dont end up in the habit of writing kanjis the wrong way *one day i might try out at passing jlpt and i have heard they fail people on getting stroke order wrong etc, so it kind of seems important

Don’t worry, JLPT doesn’t test you on stroke order. It’s Kanji Kentei that does that. Also, there is a userscript that adds this illustration to each Kanji‘s page.


weird flex but ok
(jk thats awesome congrats!)


Is it just me or the search icon is a bit off?

That’s amazing! Congratulations!


Hi, my feedbacks on the proposed changes:

  • with ‘account’, it was obvious that it was a clickable element. With it being replaced with the avatar, it may be less obvious (especially to newcomers).

  • what is the interest of hiding the search field? none obvious, i would say:

    1. occupied space stay the same, it is not freed
    2. (now users need to click twice to perform a basic search). ps: reading your other replies, I see that the focus is jumping to the search field. That does not feel very intuitive at all, sorry :frowning:
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If the preview site is breaking your script setup (for whatever reason), it means it will break your scripts for the main page. So i would say it is puting your mental health at risk :slight_smile:

Really? I feel like lots of sites do it that way. It looks a lot neater to me than having the little search field floating around all on its lonesome.

…in fact, that’s exactly how it works here on Discourse.


Reevaluating my comments:

  • the first issue (unused space when search field is hidden) seems to be related to one of the script. The space is compacted correctly when I disable all scripts at once.
  • regarding the focus on search field: indeed, i will certainly get used to it.

Suggestion: @oldbonsai what about creating a new URL for old geezers like me and other people who wish to avoid the distraction of frequent dashboard changes?
I sincerely wish for a https://geezers.wanikani.com which would serve the pre-March 12th (is it?) dashboard.

Thanks & Regards


I have no idea why you said this in response to my post.

EDIT: Never mind, I’ve been corrected

I use the search function in the dashboard quite a lot - having it as 2 clicks instead of one is less productive. On my PC and tablet (both horizontal and vertical) there seems to be plenty of space at the top to leave it as it was in appearance and in use (1 click to enter) while still improving the overall dashboard layout.

My primative attempts at mockups:


Tablet (vertical)

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It still takes just one click :slightly_smiling_face: you can start typing straight after clicking the icon just once.

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Odd. It’s one click for me. After clicking on the icon, the search field is in focus. Maybe it’s something on your end?