Min post length

Yeah, it’s not a big deal if it’s not lowered. I just wanted to start a conversation around it. Interestingly, the Discourse default minimum is 20 for English, but only 8 for Japanese.


Japanese packs so much more meaning per character


Exactly. Plus, we’re currently using 10 instead of 20, so I kind of like 4 instead of 8 for the new minimum post length.


Although I understand the sentiment, a complete sentence doesn’t necessarily have to be a deep nor lengthy (10 characters is already a low standard to begin with). With exception to the Japanese, pretty much all of those expressions can be encompassed in a message that would meet the current requirements. Unfortunately, since PMs are no longer a thing on this forum these small messages or encouragement or gratitude are more difficult to communicate in the way one would want. I just feel that there’s more to lose than could be gained from lowering the threshold.

I know you’re not asserting that this response is productive, but this is exactly the point I’m trying to make. Vague one word posts, for the most part, doesn’t do much other than clutter a thread.


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