Migaku + WaniKani Question?

So I’m gonna start sentence mining again and decided to get set up with the immerse with migaku extension. I figured I didn’t want to overlap the words I’m picking up from WK so I created a temporary deck in anki with all current words on the WaniKani course. This way I could enter them into migaku as known words. I’m curious do you think this is efficient or harmful towards the early learning stage to have 6k words marked? I will have them down in maybe a year if I go fast through WK. I know there are a lot more than 6k words outside of WK that I could learn so that’s why I was thinking it would be best to have them marked as learned for now. Also, I do have a 2k core deck in review for starters so I’m not completely new to srs. Looking for input before I start my mining journey XD

It’s entirely up to you. It would, logically, be more efficient to only learn the words on one platform. On the other hand, there is no detriment to learning the same thing twice other than additional expenditure of time. A SRS system is the most efficient way to learn something with the minimum amount of input, but additional reinforcement does no harm.

Might I also suggest, while I’m here, tweaking your thread title? It reads like there’s some project between Migaku and WaniKani that needs input :slight_smile:

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Ahh okay, ya i guess ill have to think more about it >.<

What do you suggest i change it to o.o?

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