Method of seeing just the example sentences?

I find that trying to translate the 2-3 example sentences given for each vocabulary is good practice. Is there a website or script that would allow me to just use these sentences for practice?

I don’t think there is a script made specifically for this, but there is a script which hides the translation of example sentences, I think. I also have an Anki deck with all the example sentences, but I wouldn’t share that without permission, so if you are interested we could ask a mod.


The script @Kumirei is referring to is this one here. Caution: May slow your vocabulary study sessions down considerably.


Also, Tofugu has a thing called 4500 sentences (or something) you can buy. Which is basically a long list of example sentences to try to translate. I was able to buy it on sale once.

Thanks to everyone for the comments. I believe the 4500 sentences thing may be more efficient for us. I’ll look into it.

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