Merry Christmas! (p.s. level 60)

Level 60 on Christmas day. The best Christmas present I’ve ever received.

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your KFC :slight_smile:

Other than wanikani I’d like to shout out (and recommend) the Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly youtube channel. For me, by far the most helpful grammar guide (and much more). RIP Cure Dolly :heart: Gone but never forgotten :steam_locomotive: :steam_locomotive: :steam_locomotive:


Congratulations! Christmas cake and lvl 60 cake all at once I hope. The highest level may have been reached but the journey has only just begun! hope you have plens for the next step!

Good luck


Haha. All the ケーキ!

Thanks. I do indeed. I can read native material now without a soul-crushing amount of lookups. That was my dream and I’m so grateful I was able to reach this far. But my dreams have expanded now. I want to get pretty good at listening too. Which I current suck at :smile:

  1. Over to Anki I go (full-time)
  2. lots more reading
  3. lots more listening

We’ll enjoy our KFC and you enjoy your cake!! Congrats on making it to level 60! :muscle:

-Nick at WK