Memrise Lectors / Actors - where to find them?

Hi all! I’m using Memrise for a while and Im at the Japanese 2 currently. I’ve grown to like actors/speakers that appear there in the in Japanese 1 and Japanese 2 courses. Do you have any idea if there is additional content where I could see/learn with them? Anything would do. Like YT videos, other apps where they appear, podcasts, etc. It might sound silly, but I’ve spent so much time with them, I’d like to extend the journey!

I sneak peeked to the Japanese 3 and it seems it’s relatively less words/phrases with them appearing, thus my question - is there any otehr place where these guys are doing some 日本語 related stuff?

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i’d love to know too! I think about that guy dabbing や every day…


Exactly! So far I was not able to see who that is, but maybe someone else got that figured.

Also Im nearly finishing the Japanese 2, and I checkd Japanese 3, and there is definetely lower numbers of these items you learn with video of native speakers. Mostly thats just a kanji, and a big yellow PLAY button, just to listen, but not with video ;< These short vids was the thing that kept me running there! Now I feel less motivated to move to the next level ;<

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