[Memrise] 6K/10K Japanese-German vocabulary

since I know there are some Memrise users here, I recently found a new vocabulary course with the 6k deck for german speakers: Its over 9000!!! Wörter mit Audio - by Xlaech - Memrise
The original author sought help in translating the words, so that’s when I decided to jump into it. there are currently about 3000 words with - I think - adequate german translations and disambiguation hints. have fun!


I wonder if there’s a deck that goes JP => GE. I have a JP friend going for an exchange in Germany next year and this would be gold to her :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I haven’t come across one yet. The better resources are definitely the English ones, although I always wondered why they don’t annotate their grammar properly (or use some intuitive hints just like WaniKani does when it wants an answer to be a verb [you have to answer with “to …”])

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These types of SRS systems would work a lot better if the deck creator could easily make the deck functional for natives of both languages. Argh, the Memrise team seriously needs to wake up.

Thanks for answering back :relaxed:

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