Memorizing On'yomi and Kun'yomi

I think you’re mistaken, unless you had caps lock on or something (caps causes the IME to output katakana instead of hiragana).


Hmm, okay maybe I’ll give it another go.

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I’d honestly consider it one of my few essential userscripts; it’s just so convenient to passively learn which readings are which, meanwhile all of the daily exposure to katakana has made it considerably easier for me to read it quickly.

Plus, you get both of these benefits while spending 0 extra time on reviews! That makes the userscript a win/win/win IMO :slight_smile:


Thank you for these explanations ! I was wondering if there was a rule (I supposed it but couldn’t find it) or if it was random.


Same here!

Though every once in a while it is a hindrance. For a year I was convinced that the reading for 今年 was こんねん and not ことし.

It is こんねん. It just also happens to be ことし as well.

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Really?! My Japanese teachers at university kept getting on me about that - they said it was wrong.

Maybe it’s a regional thing?

Yes, it is both. The cause is that the word has two different etymologies. One derived from Middle Chinese (こうねん) and one being a native Japanese word (ことし).今年#Japanese

I would expect, though, that most people probably use ことし.

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I installed it yesterday on Firefox with Grease Monkey but it doesn’t work. Could you tell me on which navigator you installed it ? (Sorry if I have made English mistakes as it’s not my first language). I know the script is not maintained anymore.

こんねん is a formal word that is more likely to be used in a formal greeting.

If you’re not speaking formally, it would sound weird.


I use the script with Tampermonkey on Google Chrome. It also only affects kanji (pink) reviews that want an on’yomi reading, are you sure it’s not working for you?

Yes I know it’s only for the pink/kanji part. Everything is activated both Greese Monkey and the script and it doesn’t work (I have deactivated and reactivated both too). I haven’t got chrome installed but I’ll give it a try as I would really like to work on my katakana at the same time ! Thank you for you help

Yay, it works on Chrome !!

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