Memonic suggestion: 港 (みなと)

For me, the current mnemonic for 港 doesn’t work, as it is two compounded words (“me natto”) that doesn’t have much connection to the meaning (a port/harbor). Here is my suggestion:

“You have just arrived at a port in Crete, just outside of a labyrinth. Wait, isn’t this where the Minotaur (みなと) lives?! Quick, sail out of this harbor and get to safety! Taking on the Minotaur is a job for Theseus, not some poor soul just trying to learn Kanji!”


As long as it works for you, any mnemonic is perfect! I’d hesitate to have everyone use yours for this word because if “minotaur” is the connection, it’s possible people will write みのた to track the English-to-Romaji path there. I know that leap is not unheard of for WK-supplied mnemonics, but I’d want to minimize it. (Edit: Though to be clear I still like yours more than what’s there now! I never looked too hard at the “me natto” because of what’s in my second paragraph).

港 is one of those vocab words where a person can benefit from exposure to Japan–the reading is something I know from place-names (but never knew what it meant, of course). So the connection to something that’s already in my brain is much stronger than stuff I’m learning for the first time. Specifically, there’s an entire ward / district of Tokyo called Minato / Minato-ku / 港区. And even closer to home for me, there’s a famous area of Yokohama called Minato Mirai, and though I’ve only ever seen it written out in Hiragana, I assume that the みなとみらい comes from 港未来, and means “Harbor of the Future” or something, given that it’s on the water and where the big glitzy buildings are.

Personally I memorized it as “To work in a port effectively you need to work with everyone [みなと]”

as I always imagine port full of people just walking around aimlessly not knowing what to do until the ship, which can be unloaded, arrives.


I think of Naruto’s father Minato on a mission to guard the port.


OK, IDK if this will cause problems later on, but why not imagine that the 共 above 己 is your hands holding those of your friends… and besides, 共 appears in 共(とも)に, which means ‘together’, while 己appears in 自己 (oneself). So you go with everyone to a port:
皆と共に港に行こう(=己, kinda)

EDIT: @maykeye I see we had a similar idea. :smiley:


Quite. I derive a lot of my mnemonics from remembering words I already know. Like, say, I’ve known that ひみつ means “secret” for a fair while, so when I come across 秘 on WaniKani, all I need to do is remember that it’s the ひ in ひみつ.

For another example, WaniKani teaches 覇 in level 52, and gives a whole bunch of obscure vocabulary to go with it… but never once mentions that it’s the は in なは (which is to say, 那覇), the capital of Okinawa.

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There is also the built-in mnemonic, 港’s etymology is , “water door”.

な is an old way of saying の. It appear in a few other words too, like みなもと= もと


Mine is weird but I picture a normal harbor but the water is a big stretch out of the mom from FMA brotherhood’s face …because her name is Minato.

Also for 泉 I picture Izumi from the show dancing around a stream of water like a crazy person

Ed and Al’s mother’s name is Tricia, though?

Not… uh… not to break your mnemonic…


Omg ur right lol…then who is minato :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ok I tried to google minato and it pulled nothing up so apparently I’ve lost my mind and the water will now look like naruto’s father :joy: