Meaning on plum wine label

Hey guys, just a small/potentially silly question here.

A friend brought over a nice bottle of plum wine the other day (as I just got a job! woo!), and a small note on the bottle cap has been puzzling me a bit. It says:


I’ve worked out the meanings of the kanji and feel like I understand the sentence, but am confused by the ‘ten minutes’ part (十分). When I put the sentence into a translator, it just says ‘Please be careful when opening’. What about those ten mins? I feel like I’m misunderstanding something here… can anyone explain?


十分 has more than one meaning and reading.

じゅっぷん - ten minutes
じゅうぶん - enough, adequate

It should be a separate entry in whatever dictionary you use to check.


Ahh thank you! That makes so much more sense.

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Although ten minutes worth of caution to open a bottle could be quite amusing too… :rofl: :turtle:


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