Meaning of 本格丸 on a product label

I was browsing for stationery on jetpens (as one does) and saw these scissors. The package features the phrase 本格丸, which to the best of my figuring ability, literally translates as “seriously round” or “authentically round” or something like that.

I’ve got a feeling that this use of 本格 has a slightly different connotation to a native reader. Can anyone help me out?

It says ペン型の「本格刃」. Notice that the second stroke in 刃 (blade) does not pass through the top, as in 丸. I haven’t seen 本格 before, but it seems to standard in this context? Possibly traditional?


I think in this context it might mean “authentic blade” or something like this. Like it’s a selling point of the item: “A real blade in the shape of a pen”

I was also confused by the 丸. Yeah, that’s a different kanji.

I’ve never heard of 本格 either, but Jisho says it means “genuine” or “real”.

Ah, Kumi might actually be right. Found this on Duckduckgo:

本格柳刃 - traditional (authentic?) sashimi knife

The rest of the results are less helpful. You put a 刃 in there and you get Kimetsu no Yaiba cosplay :man_facepalming: ,


I see, so what you’re saying is that it’s important to correctly identify the kanji if I want to understand the vocabulary…seems legit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help @Kumirei and @AndyMender !


It’s not always as obvious as it may sound, especially if you’re looking at font 8 kanji :joy::joy: :joy:

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