Meaning of "刻むぞ!血液のビート!

Context: Jojo was fighting Bruford underwater, and needed a single breath of air to make his blood flow so that he could attack Bruford with 波紋.

I’m not sure if 刻むぞ here is a threat towards Bruford (I will shred you), or if the 刻む means to beat, as in a heartbeat, and therefore is a command to his heart or his blood vessels (do blood vessels beat?). And for 血液のビート, this might just be the name of a 必殺技 or something, and in that case the 刻むぞ being a threat would make sense. However, the ability to breathe was a big deal in the past couple pages, so I feel like it’s just as possible for 血液のビート to be the recipient of a command. But if so, like I said, does blood even “beat”? Thanks


Looking at how this gets translated gives me a quote from a different panel:

Which gets translated as “Let my pulse pound”. So it seems 血液のビート is something along the lines of a “pulse” here, though I haven’t found a single other example online. And it’s definitely that, that’s pounding.

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So 刻む is “beat” here? Then, in the bottom right panel of the image you posted, that’s not a command, but rather a means for the heartbeat? Like he’s saying, “Let my heart beat… …with burning heat”?

Here’s the full translation from the anime.
But I would personally translate it as something like “Heat that burns all consuming”. I don’t think it mentions the heart part anywhere.

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No, I think it’s three separate parts; they don’t all have the same grammatical form, but the ハート ヒート ビート half-rhyming at the end of each one isn’t accidental. (Plus there’s the !! and おおおお between phrases two and three which rather splits them up.)

I didn’t know 刻む had a “to tick away (time); to beat out (e.g. rhythm); to record the passing moments​” sense, so that was a new one on me.

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