Meaning of ようにそ

I just saw on a website different translation of “welcome” next to each other and the Japanese one was “ようにそ”. Research only showed one answer from hinative. The only thing I can get out of this myself is the “ように” part as in “hoping”.

Can someone explain If “ようにそ” is actually “welcome”, used in conversation, and in which situations?

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Where’d you see it?

I think it may have been a typo or you misread it. Welcome is ようこそ


Could you send the link to the website?

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Your right, I feel a bit stupid now. :frowning:

I just can’t deal with all those different fonts :cry:


It happens, especially with similar characters. You don’t want to know how long I mixed up ね/れ, る/ろ and め/ぬ


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