Meaning of やつ in the anime Kiniro Mosaic

Hello everyone, I am currently rewatching Kiniro Mosaic while trying to understand each line of dialogue but I can’t figure out the meaning of やつ.

The line is : それって外国のおうちに泊めてもらうやつ?‌
With the English translation being : Is that the thing where you ‌stay in a foreigner’s house?‌

Thanks in advance for the help.

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やつ means thing here. :slight_smile:


Oh wow, it was that simple. Thanks
I’m also wondering if there are any easier anime to watch :thinking:

やつ can also mean “that dude/guy/bro/chap/fella/literallyanywordforguy”!
E.g: "そのやつ何してるか?” - “What’s that bastard doing?”
More reading: It’s that guy, fellow, chap thing | Tae Kim's Blog


But やっつ would mean 8 things, right? How difficult is it to hear the difference when voiced?

Not that difficult once you get used to how Japanese sounds in my opinion. Partially this is because when you learn grammar you also start to learn that similar sounding words often don’t fit into a sentence in the same way. In the above sentence, it wouldn’t be grammatically correct to replace やつ with 八つ (やっつ), so even if you didn’t quite hear the difference you’d know which one was meant.


And the kanji is on level 34

WaniKani / Vocabulary / 奴

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