MC and RC help

Hi everyone… first post :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for an app or system/whatever to help with something in Wanikani. I was wondering if there are any apps that show you which Kanji/Vocab you have the worst % MC and RC on? So you can just revise them. Or, is this considered cheating per the Wanikani system?

I’m still fairly new to this so please go easy on me :sob:


If you look at your WK dashboard, you will find “Critical Condition Items”. Those are items that have the lowest correct percentages. If your Critical Condition Items is empty, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Another alternative is to go to these pages:


These Lattice’s are perfect. Thank you!

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I forgot something: you can even check the meaning percentage and reading percentage by changing the url

The reason I forgot is, because these pages used to be linked directly from the dashboard. But when they changed the dashboard design several years ago, they removed the links. The pages are still accessible though.