May have lost my mind a little here

Sounds like a pokeman to me.


Yep. Shih tzus gonna shih tzus all over the ROOM if they have to.

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Yup I was right.

Rule number 1 of internet discourse is to reject all responses unless they support your idea.


Also of politics these days…

The WK mnemonics are centered in American English and American culture so they almost always make sense to me.

Damn, I mixed up Geoduck with Golduck. (I didn’t think of Geodude at all.)

American culture or not, I have no problem knowing what Shih Tzu is. (Just not used to the spelling, nor used to “shit”, even if I know the vocab.)

Being too americocentric is getting on my nerve sometimes, even if I like learning about cultures, creators, and historical events (even more than languages themselves). I saw many Europeans here. Aren’t there also supposedly quite as much Indians and Chinese on the internet?

I am not here to learn American.

Probably not the person you meant to direct this at, but remember Tofugu is a US-based company

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Yeah, I know. Naturally, I am interested in Koichi, his past experiences, and his team.

Tofugu blog is invaluable as well. Anything is good, compared to mnemonics.

Also, isn’t it a better idea to cater to your customers, rather than where you’re from?

I think it’s just difficult to come up mnemonics not from your culture. Or can you make mnemonics that are based on Chinese culture (assuming you’re not Chinese)? Can you make cricket mnemonics (for India or UK)? etc etc
(Ideally, mnemonics for everyone should be culture-independent, I guess, but that’s also not always easy)


Thinking that way. It’s true that, making up stories to fit with anyone other than yourself, is going to be difficult. They did try to overhaul before too :smile:

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Indeed, I appreciate the Overhaul. It made it easier and better for me as well! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)