May have lost my mind a little here

Seriously though, how would I know what a Shih tzu is. How often does this happen to you? I can’t be the only one!


It’s a dog breed. I feel like most people would have heard of it, even if they maybe can’t remember exactly what they look like. Not a dog person?


I like dogs, but have never gone out of my way to know breeds of them haha

Sure, there are plenty of breeds that would be pretty obscure as well… but the fact that this one is kind of a “funny” sounding name (at least to most English speakers, because, well, it kind of sounds like “s***”), I think it stands out.


yep. At least that mnemonic is gonna stick with me now. Reading notes saving the day

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Especially when you hear this or shiitake around a certain age where you consider toilet humor to be the pinnacle of all art forms. :joy:


I’m a dog person but I probably would have never known that breed if it hadn’t been for Dumb and Dumber. That’s how I learned it :slight_smile:

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I love the idea of reading this sentence not knowing what a shih tzu is and trying to picture what on earth this thing is that has its own room but decides to pee all over yours.

This one didn’t stump me but there are a few mnemonics about a biker gang (ぼうそうぞく) where I needed a mnemonic for the mnemonic.


My dog Fonzi was a shih-tzu terrier poodle.
Shittier Poo


I haven’t laughed this much at a WK forum post in a little while :joy:

But yeah it’s just a dog breed with a name with the misfortune of sounding a lot like a certain English swear word. I think the reading mnemonic actually gets the breed’s pronunciation right, since it’s pronounced like it’s written: “shih tzu”, not “sh*t tzu”

You’re going to see that mnemonic more in the future for other kanji or vocabulary words that contain しつ, so get used to it. Lol


I’ve had my moments of seeing things in mnemonics that I’m not familiar with, namely pop culture things like the names of actors, fictional characters, etc. that just make me go “wha?”


Only reason I know what a shih tzu is is because my parents had one lol.

There are several words I’ve had to look up, especially since English is my second language there are certain words I still need to double check to make sure I understand them properly.
Can make some mnemonics extra hard to remember sometimes

The pop culture stuff used to be way worse before the mnemonics were updated. Lots of one’s about Koichi’s favorite actors and musicians that he just had a thing for. I had to look most of them up, and I still didn’t get the jokes.


There’s a whole thread about that! Even native speakers wind up learning words! I agree with post-Overhaul being better on the culture side, but there are still some words the mnemonics haven’t been helpful for (憩う and 塊魂 recent examples for me)


A guy went to a zoo, but there was only a single animal there, a dog. It was a shih tsu.


Yeah there have been a couple of kanji that took some extra time to memorize because I had to work on understanding the mnemonic first. Few examples that come to mind is 丸 and 日.
Mnemonic for 丸 being to remember a viral cat named Maru (まる) curled up in a circle, and the mnemonic for 日 being to remember philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (にち) being targeted by the sun for philosophizing too much.
The mnemonics definitely do help, some just take a little time to get used to, hahaha.


For me it was geoduck in WK, never heard of it, but nothing like a google image search to find out what it was.

vocab depends on people’s immersion even in their native language

here you will see sometimes people complaining about vocab related to baseball, since they dont like the sport, they think it is a waste of time.

For me every new word is important and someday will encounter on them.


I owned a Shih Tzu so this was a easy one for me.


But fuck me if I knew what a Geoduck was. Pretty sure it’s a Pokemon right?