"Maths in Japanese" (Math and CS book club)

I should’ve participated in this since I’m a math professor and I’ve worked with Japanese students before. Sadly, I’ve been going through teacher burnout. But I’d certainly be interested in participating if this gets revived!


Thanks for sharing. Please take some time for yourself first :slight_smile: If you like, have a look into our “home thread” to connect to some mind liked durtles. Just recently some interesting videos / youtube channels have been shared over there.

As for this thread: it will stay open for self-paced readings and asking questions any time within “10 years after the last reply” :slight_smile:


It’s easy to feel guilty when you miss out on something that would be for you, but please don’t give too much thought to it. I’ve experienced it a bit myself as a student and it really overwhelms you. Wishing you the best on your recovery.

As a math major I’m interested what type of field you’ve been teaching/researching.


Thanks, both of you!

I’m a community college prof, so I tend to focus more on teaching than research (lately, stuff like Universal Design for Learning and the neuroscience behind learning). In fact, for my Master’s project, I chose nonstandard analysis because I thought it would make beginning calculus easier to teach. Then I realized I’d have to explain to these students what ultrafilters and hyperreal numbers are and I was like, “OK, maybe I should just stick to what Newton said!” :sweat_smile:

Please feel free to hit me up if I can ever be of any help, by the way. Due to some personal stuff that arose along the way, getting that degree was quite a challenge for me. It’d be my pleasure to make any student’s path easier than mine was!


I actually went back and finished my bachelor degree this year. Thinking of doing a masters after gaining some work experience.

I’ve done some non-standard analysis in a logic course. It’s cool, but it does have quite a bit of work to build towards it. After all that work you do get a super powerful apparatus, but yeah it’s called non-standard for a reason :sweat_smile:.



Presumably it’s the Java part that made them cry. :slight_smile:


Sounds unfair. I’d go with “Template error messages when using C++ data structures”.