Math and CS book club: currently reading: 東京大学 理系 2012年度 第4問 解説

This is a bi-weekly reading session of the math and CS book club approaching short math related web articles or article snippets.

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How is the reading going? Any questions so far?

To gauge the level of Japanese and the length of the texts we want to read during the bi-weekly math related reading sessions let’s have some polls. In case you haven’t read the text but still want to poll please use the dedicated option :sweat_smile:

Level of Japanese
  • too easy
  • slightly too easy
  • ideal
  • slightly too difficult
  • too difficult
  • I haven’t read the text - just want to poll :upside_down_face:

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Length of the text
  • too short
  • slightly too short
  • ideal
  • slightly too long
  • too long
  • I haven’t read the text - just want to poll :upside_down_face:

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Japanese-wise? I think the level is pleasant to begin with, no problems there so far.

Maths-wise? I’m being stubborn and trying to do the proof myself but number theory has never been my strong suit…still wanna prove to myself that I could make it into 東大 though :no_mouth: I’m gonna give myself another day, then I’m gonna check out the solution.


Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. How did it go? I mean, welcome at tôdai :grin:

…there’s always a second chance for everything, right? :sweat_smile: I’m working on a list of useful vocab and phrases for my Anki deck though. That way I’ll at least master the problem language-wise :grin:

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I have a grammar question about a phrase in the solution:

ある自然数 a, m が a(a+1)=m^n を満たすとする

From context, I’d say the not-so-literal translation is “Assume there are natural numbers a and m such that a(a+1) = m^n.” When I try to do a more literal translation I get stuck at the first ある. What grammar point is this? I guessing the meaning is something like “there are natural numbers a and m” but I’m a bit confused by seeing ある at the beginning of a sentence.

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It’s this one: 或る -

which I would translate as “arbitrary but fixed” (I don’t know how you’d say that properly in English, this is me literally translating it from German ^^)


Ahh yes I know what you mean, thank you!

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Yes, that’s the spirit! And there is a whole list of problems we can choose from :blush:

Thanks for sharing the link :slight_smile:

Also thanks to those of you who voted. Looks like the level of Japanese and length of the text are convenient.

Although this thread is supposed to be bi-weekly I’d like to postpone for one more week to give our first CS related reading a chance. Therefore, next reading in this thread will start April 14th / 15th depending were you are based.

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