Master List of Book Clubs


The first alpha release of the Book Club Manager user script I use is available:


Not sure if it could be a new column on the first post, but I guess I would like to know about JPDB decks that are also on books not read by WK, so I have made a new thread :slight_smile: feel free to contribute or to comment if you have ideas to improve it!

I think it would clutter the table too much, but I’m fine with including a link to your post in the OP of this topic. I’ll find somewhere to put it tonight.


I just wanted to add a Miscellaneous Scheduled book club to the list, but am not sure about the ordering. In the first half of the list, it looks like it is organised by level and then start date, but after Advanced, then it starts over again at Beginner and loses a bit of start date organisation.

So, I was thinking of adding mine to the more organised first half, and maybe doing just a bit of tidying, pulling up some of the lines from the lower lines into the organised first half. Although I won’t manage all of it. But first I thought I’d ask if the first half really is as intended, or if I’ve missed something about how that is meant to be organised. Thanks!

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Oh! It seems that a part of the table got duplicated, thanks for pointing this out! I’ve compared the superfluous entries and deleted them (they were identical to the above ones except one where the book club has been started in the meantime). Now you should be able to put your book club into a good spot (and yes, it’s organized by level and then start date, just as you assumed).


Ah right, somehow I didn’t catch they were duplicates. You’re quick, thanks so much!


@DIO-Berry I’m going to have to ask that you stop editing the wiki. A plugin or script you’re running (maybe one that adds furigana) keeps messing up the 魔女の宅急便 and コンビニ人間 entries (probably because they contain <br/> tags). Unless you’re willing to disable that script and carefully review your changes to ensure nothing was incidentally changed, it’s best you just refrain from editing from now on. Hope you understand.

(Don’t like having to call you out publicly, but no PMs…)

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Hey @araigoshi, what did you just modify in the wiki? There seems to be a bug where using the inline table editor adds lines in between each row in the table (which I just reported to Discourse), but in this case I don’t see what change you made. I’m trying to see if this bug happens all the time or only under certain circumstances.

Oh, I was trying to see if the <br> thing was caused by the inline table editor top see if it could help narrow down what was causing problems for @DIO-Berry , as I’ve noticed the table editor blows up a lot of the tables in my challenge posts too, but it didn’t seem to be the cause. I saw the blank lines in the diff view, but then when I went into edit view to remove them, they didn’t seem to be real, just an artifact of the diff view?

Yeah, I saw that too, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a script that tries to auto-add ruby tags for furigana.

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@seanblue I have not edited the wiki in a very long time, so I will continue to not touch it.

Did you get a new notification? Because according to the logs, I haven’t touched the table in over 2 months.

I noticed it in December but didn’t pinpoint the cause. Then it happened again in January, which I just noticed and saw they were from your edits. So yeah it has been two months. Just had to mention in case you still didn’t realize what was happening.

Instead of working for three months to pinpoint the cause, if you had mentioned that weird stuff with
was happening, I could’ve told you exactly what script it was and we could’ve sorted this out months ago. I didn’t realize it was happening because I didn’t think to check if my actions were affecting parts of the post that I wasn’t manually editing.

But since you’ve decided that I needed called out like a bad dog instead of just initiating a conversation, I’ll make sure to @ you any time I would want to edit the post.


It was discussed back in December the first time it happened, so I guess just mentioning that weird stuff was happening wasn’t sufficient. But obviously I don’t expect you or anyone else to track the thread and read every conversation. And at the time I wasn’t able to pinpoint which edit the issue came from or I would have tagged you then.

Perhaps I let my frustration at it happening again after the previous discussion put me in a bad mood. Regardless of the reason, I called you out more forcefully than I should have. Sorry about that. As I said in that post, if you can edit the wiki while avoiding this issue feel free to do so.


I missed the post back in December, sorry. It might be worthwhile to add a caution in the editing notes and to check that other lists aren’t affected by edits?

I appreciate the apology. I don’t even use that script anymore, so I was extra peeved. It shouldn’t be a problem on my end anymore. I do still think it’d be good to add a note though for other people who use it though.


Yeah makes sense. What’s the name of the script (and link if you have it) so I can make the warning as clear as possible?


This is the one I used to use. I don’t know if there are others though.



ABC’s Nausicaä offshoot is completed by now, right? All seven volumes.


Nausicaä shall never end! Nausicaä is eternal!

But yeah, we finished. Almost six months ago. :slightly_smiling_face: