Master List of Book Clubs

Third times the charm. Third looks best imo


We have this snippet in the ABBC thread for Natively:

Natively grades book difficulty from user feedback, a higher number indicates increased difficulty - Grading system on Natively website | Wanikani forums Natively thread


I like this version the best by far. I think it’s important to keep the key information (the original club in the Title column) as clear as possible.

Regarding the slow reread of コンビニ人間, I think including it as you did above is fine.

Regarding 本好き, I’d probably not link to it since as you said the original link already includes the offshoot information. Additionally, since the offshoot stopped after volume three we should not call it “ongoing”. Perhaps something like Completed; offshoot inactive. (I don’t like “inactive” per se, but I got that from the misc list since I don’t like the strong word “abandoned”. Maybe “stopped” is better.) Importantly, for any book club with an offshoot, I’d doing the completed; offshoot status format.

Finally, as mentioned before, I wouldn’t bother with the English titles in IBC, but I like the format above for use in ABBC and BBC.


“hiatus”? :grin: like so many good manga, RIP :cry:


Well the series isn’t on hiatus and the book club will never continue. Discussion within the week to week schedule dried up, so it was changed to a “general discussion” for volume 4+.


I’d say “neglected”, but that sounds a bit harsh.


I agree. It’s the cleanest of all.

I like “stopped”. Or maybe “on pause”?


I feel like we’re overcomplicating 本好き. The scheduled portion was stopped, but the club still have some activity as volumes come out and as people read them, no? And the last book is coming out this year, I think? So why not call it ongoing (in a different format than normal clubs sure, but still ongoing) until the last volume comes out and then it is complete? Or we could even call it complete now since all threads are in a real sense already posted and available.

People will figure out what is up when they go to the home thread, or they’ll ask about it there, but I bet it won’t be that many anyway. So just calling it complete (or ongoing for a few more months and then complete) should be fine, no?

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Do you mean like this (also mocking up a pretend offshoot completed version for Snow Country):

Title Status Natively
Completed; Offshoot ongoing 32
Convenience Store Woman
Reread completed
Slow reread ongoing
Snow Country
Completed; Offshoot completed 47

I understand how that would make sense from one stand point of always saying if the read with the main club was completed, but an offshoot probably doesn’t happen without a completed read with the main club anyway, so feels redundant and potentially introduces confusion since we would be saying it is complete and ongoing at the same time.

And more importantly, it makes the status column a lot wider, so will probably make mobile viewing worse.


Let’s just call it complete then (or simply not mention it at all). As it is the volume 4+ thread gets a comment once every several months.


I think it looks fine on mobile, but you’re probably right.


As cool as <br> is, maybe the Natively heading could just be shortened to “Natively” to make all fit one line? IMO should be clear from context that the number means level.


So I’ve taken the visual novel and advanced book club tables live. Do realize that I just copied the info that was already there. So if there were mistakes before, they are still there. Also I haven’t checked if the upcoming book in the advanced book club have gotten a natively rating yet or not.

I went with the options people have either expressly said the liked the most (most people said) or have gotten a lot of likes (so it is Natively, not Natively Level).

I’ll see if I have time today to adapt ABBC/BBC/IBC, I’ll basically be working on this for the next few days (and because I said that, watch me do it all in one day, lol).

It would probably be good to have someone check if I introduced any mistakes. And after all tables are up is when I might cycle through and complete any missing info.


Wow looks great, that’s a big improvement! Thanks!
I can volunteer to help you check afterwards if everything is fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Good work, it looks great!

I added the Natively level for the next ABC pick and also the 予言の島 book club under Unscheduled (although it is a bit scheduled). I realize that category would also need to change into a table (and you don’t need to do all of it yourself, obviously), but I only had time for a quick addition at the moment.


Not only that, we also probably want to adapt the misc scheduled table to include natively ratings, but that would probably mean getting rid of some info. I figured that’s a discussion for after the main clubs are fixed up. And if I’ve run out of steam by then, I might just sit back and let you guys do the formatting. :wink:


I guess Difficulty and Natively Level say the same thing more or less, when it comes to misc clubs. We could have the same column for both, or keep only Natively?

And since we’re discussing the misc categories, the scheduled/unscheduled difference isn’t always clear to me. For example the Spooky Summer’s current pick is lightly scheduled, in that it’s supposed to happen over the summer. But like all book clubs, anyone can read at any time. Is that scheduled or unscheduled? And does it even matter? :person_shrugging:

Also, I don’t particularly like this phrasing here: “This section contains books that were not selected from normal book club polls”, makes me feel called out :joy:

And there are also some new-ish totally informal (and non-normal :upside_down_face:) book clubs, like the Profoundly Weird Club or the Halloween/Spooky Summer Club. Should clubs like these be separate categories in the master list? Probably not. The fact that the Profoundly Weird Club includes books from other clubs makes things even more complicated.

All in all, it’s so hard to organize things. :eyes:
That’s why I usually just shrug and let chaos do its thing


Scheduled means there is a weekly schedule with (generally) weekly discussion threads, exactly like a normal book club. Unscheduled means there’s a single discussion thread just to talk about the book/series.


Ah okay, weekly threads or single thread is a more clear distinction, although I’m still not sure how it matters much.

There you go again! :flushed: :see_no_evil: :wink:


How about routine book clubs? Since typically the abc/ibc/bbc/abbc aim for a certain range of weeks in which to read the book and they have a well-established schedule for voting and starting new books.