Master List of Book Clubs

I put up 地縛少年花子くん in the Miscellaneous (non-nonscheduled) section of the list since a few of us decided to keep reading in an informal format. We didn’t continue as a scheduled offshoot due to lack of members.


I just cleaned up a bunch of stuff. Moved books from in progress to complete and from upcoming to in progress. I think everything should be up to date now, except @Naphthalene will need to add a link to the ヨコハマ entry once they create the home thread.

And with @rodan’s help it’s even more up to date. :blush: (and typo free :laughing:)


I didn’t correct any typos, but I did fix my mistake of pasting Panorama Island in the Beginner’s Club originally and then poorly covered my tracks :upside_down_face:

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Oh, I read your one change backwards. You changed TBD to TBA according to the diff. Any reason you wanted to make that distinction? Or just a conflict with my change and you just happened to pick that phrase independently of me putting TBD?

Genuinely, I pasted the Panorama Island book club into the beginner section, saved, then realized what I’d done and replaced it hastily - I just picked the first TBX that came into my head!
Apparently I did it fast enough discourse didn’t save my first edit… I would have gotten away with too it if it weren’t for those meddling Ds!

Far from fixing any, arguably I added a typo! Voting is more deciding than announcing huh…