Master List of Book Clubs

I absolutely want to read more literary texts. But unfortunately it’s most probably way beyond my abilities right now… Let’s chat again in a year or so, ok? :wink:


Huh? I wonder what it is.
looks it up
Oh. That certainly is a title.


I’ve updated the first post with the current books being read by all the book clubs.

I’ve also made it into a wiki so anyone running a book club can update it now.


I remembered to update the list! :tada: :grin:


Does anyone know the approximate date that Chi’s Sweet Home will start? I want to see when I should buy the book so I’m ready to participate when the discussion starts.

Probably best to ask in the Absolute Beginner Book Club thread.

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My bad, I missed the link on accident.

Can someone had the new bookclub I just created?

Book Re-Zero 1
Difficulty advanced
If enough participation next book: Re Zero book 2.



You can add it yourself. Just put it in the miscellaneous section following the pattern you see there.


I always think I’m done posting and cross-linking everything, and then I remember that I need to update this thread too :sweat_smile:


Just added to the main list on the OP the upcoming books for the ABBC:


Omg, thank you, I totally forgot about this list :sweat_smile:


I’m guessing this should go under Misc Clubs rather than as an offshoot of the Beginners’ Club? :thinking:

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Probably? Maybe add a note next to the beginner book club entry in parentheses that the rest is below or something.

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@marcusp @NicoleRauch


Please try to follow the format in the OP used for links:{threadid}.

The fully qualified links are noisy and make it hard to navigate when editing. And the /x is included because not including something there is apparently not officially supported and links without it could break at any moment.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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It seems that now almost all “short” links from the first post are broken and display an error page (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS). This seems to happen if the thread title includes any Japanese characters. Do they work for anyone else?
Edit: They work in Firefox, but don’t work in Chrome. At least for me. “Long” links work everywhere.


Yeah, they don’t work for me in Chrome either.

Same thing here too

Yes, this is a known issue and I’ve already reported it to both Google and Discourse. It only happens:

  1. In Chrome (Chromium?).
  2. When opening the link in a new tab.
  3. When the URL doesn’t match exactly, and thus needs to redirect.

Unfortunately because of point 3, even long links will stop working if a topic is renamed. Perhaps it’s worth putting the full URLs here since many of the topics don’t get renamed and should continue to work, even if the links to the main book club threads continue to break since they get renamed so often.

Discourse said the issue will take a while to figure out and I’m waiting to hear if they have any workarounds. Even if we use the full URLs here, the main book club threads’ links within their own topics (e.g. to book nominations) will constantly break since those topics are always being renamed.


Uuuuuuuuugh, it’s so annoying though. If it weren’t for threads being renamed I’d say it was a small thing for us to put the full names in, but given that it makes it basically impossible to link to dynamic threads it seems like quite a bad bug (any word on why removing the title stopped working? this never used to be a bug at all…).

We keep losing the historical data of how many clicks a link has had too :pensive: