Master List of Book Clubs

I just realized the VN (visual novel) club have completely forgot to add itself to the master list. I know we’re not reading a book or even manga, but otherwise it is being run like a book club, in fact like one of the main book clubs. (We vote for a VN to read together after nominations and then read that pick together and then vote on the next one. We just happened to have a tie with the second pick, so we’re reading two in parallel.)

I’m thinking all of our VN reads probably fall under intermediate because it would be a lot of work for a beginner to keep up with the reading speed.

So I was just thinking of adding them to misc book clubs (scheduled), what do you guys think? Or should a VN dropdown be made (as a club, we’re only up to 3 read together, so it would be a bit sparse yet, but might be necessary later if the club keeps going)? I know another VN has a thread although I think that one was read non-scheduled. (I can’t remember which one it was, and I didn’t see it when glancing through the list in the OP so that one might not be included right now either.)