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True, but I suspect the number of people who haven’t watched or read it at all is far greater! Anyway, good luck with your club! :+1: :smiley:


Thanks for the tip… I think I did that? Should I delete my thread here, or is a teeny bit of duplicate posting okay?

I saw your thread, looks great! Best of luck with your book club! :slight_smile:

Having the same information in duplicate threads is fine, so I wouldn’t worry about removing your posts in this thread explaining your proposal. On the other hand, I’d be careful about posting many times in a row (like the thank you posts a bit earlier). As @Kumirei pointed out you aren’t allowed to post an indefinite number of replies one after another. Two handy tools are:

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No harm done for now, but something to keep in mind in future :slight_smile:


Thanks, this is super helpful!

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(cc. @Wildjinjer) Note that if you are the owner of the thread (or a mod, but that doesn’t apply to any of us), you are not affected by the 3 posts limit. That’s how I can just keep posting weekly updates in the home thread of the 夜市 book club.


I added the Harry Potter bookclub to Misc - scheduled as Intermediate. I hope that’s the right way to do it (?)

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So I am considering getting an e-reader… While I love physical books it’s a bit of a waste to be importing books, and they take up a lot of space too. Anyway, the only way I would consider reading ebooks would be on a proper device, so here I am. I figure you clubbers would have opinions on this, so I would like to hear your thoughts. Are any readers more or less suitable for reading both novels and manga? In both Japanese and English? Seems like Kindle would be the obvious choice, but I hear that Kobo is supposed to be good, too, and I assume that there are other options as well


I’ll come back after work (so, a little more than an hour) with comparison photographs.

I wish I got a 13 inch e-reader, but 10 inch is okay if it has a processor and screen that allow for quick resizing. (e-ink display)


I have a Kindle Paperwhite. It works well enough for books. Slight slow reaction to tap/drag, which makes looking up words slightly annoying. But it’s still much faster than looking things up on jisho. Manga looks surprisingly decent on the kindle too, but of course physical manga look much better.

“In both Japanese and English” would be a problem for Kindle. You can only be logged into one Amazon account at a time, and switching accounts wipes the kindle (I’m pretty sure). So switching back and forth between and Amazon Japan accounts could be a huge pain.


Thanks :pray:t2:

I had an inclination that it might be. I don’t really read much in English these days, so I might be able to fold on that point.


I have a Kindle Oasis that I just got a few weeks ago, they had the price reduced and I have to admit I do love it. I still have my old Kindle from years ago but it was too old to support Japanese hence the new one. I think the Oasis does really well for both Japanese text and manga. I’ve downloaded a few manga on to it to read and it is really good. Sometimes furigana can be hard to read but I was sort of expecting that anyway.

I was considering getting a Kobo Forma which is probably the Kobo equivalent to the Oasis only it has an 8 inch screen I think compared to the Oasis 7 inch. Part of the reason I went with the Oasis in the end was because it was on sale and I thought the Forma might be just a bit too big for me but I do have small hands.

One good thing about all Kobo devices is that you can use Overdrive to borrow books from your local library (here in the UK anyway) but you can only do that with US Kindles. Not sure if that’s something you would want.

I think in the end it comes down to your own specific needs, I’ve just seen @ChristopherFritz post and I have to say I would never consider a 13 inch e-reader as I wouldn’t be able to comfortably hold it for any length of time.

Some very bad photos, sorry the lighting isn’t great.

I keep my Kindle logged into my Amazon Japan account and I have a Kobo UK account for English books. It’s not just as handy but it means I don’t have to keep switching Amazon accounts.


Good to hear, thanks!

Me neither as I live in neither of these countries. Thanks, though!

Yeah, I will get my hands dirty with the details once I have tested the waters a bit. Thought it would be best to ask the experts first to see if there is anything I should be considering

Thanks for the photos


If you get a reader of a certain brand, are you more or less locked into their ecosystem or is it simple to download books from competing sources? Can you read BookWalker books on ereaders or do you need their app?

Most ebook companies have their own unique DRM, so you’re pretty much locked into their ecosystem if you ahem follow the rules.


That YouTube channel look at lots of different e-readers and compares them, they aren’t the most in depth reviews or anything but it would give you a bit of a better idea of what some of the other screens look like. If you go back in their videos a bit they have some looking at reading manga on the Kobo Forma and Kindle Oasis, maybe the Paperwhite as well.

I watched some of their videos while I was doing my own research.

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For BookWalker books you need their app, either for Android or for iOS. You could try it beforehand on your phone and see if you like the app at all; there are always free manga and books (excerpts at least) so you can get a feel for the app. I think the lookups are a bit slow but I only use it on old devices, so maybe that’s why.
A plus of a tablet is that you can run a Kindle app as well. But of course it’s not e-ink so if you’re after that then sorry…


Also, you can’t add custom dictionaries to the kindle app on iOS, so the actual Kindle Paperwhite is far superior in that regard.

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I wish. Excruciatingly slow even on an 2018 iPad…


You can’t even add custom dictionaries to iOS unless you jailbreak it :woman_shrugging:

(that implies the BookWalker app as it uses the iOS dictionaries.)

But I guess somebody who just wants a tablet (without being specifically attracted to Apple stuff) would be much better off with an Android device anyways.

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@DollyDaydream Thanks, I will have a look!

@NicoleRauch Thanks, but I already attempted to read on both desktop and mobile using the BW app and didn’t really like it

I read that Kindle books have poor image resolution, is this still true? The post was a few years old