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This sounds great! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this. I would love to have this added to the feature request list. :grinning:

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Anyone wanna post their decks? I’m curious what you’re using :blush:

Do you mean decks we’ve made in kitsun, or decks we’ve imported to try out kitsun? I mean, I can’t do either unless you’re just looking for screenshots :sweat_smile: but thought I should ask for clarification :stuck_out_tongue:

I intended the latter but both I guess? I know there are some vocab lists recommended by our ultimate resource repository thread

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you mean here. Could you perhaps elaborate a bit? :slight_smile:
If I understand correctly, I think the problem with this is that you would require users to have every word correct instead of setting a minimum correct requirement.

I haven’t imported anything, sorry! I think those who have are just using parts of the Core 10k.

I just have a ‘cards intended to break things’ deck and a small deck of honorific and humble verbs so that I can see how normal usage works.

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Sorry I kind of skiped through your previous post so I was just suggesting the feature you described except that you don’t bother creating new values for the card. Instead you always look for multiple answers (ie. you include the coma separation in your processing of answers) and set the goal to 100% correct. I don’t think this is a problem because I see it like that : if someone enters multiple meanings, it means he wants to be tested on all of them. If he don’t want to fail and he isn’t sure, he just enter the one he knows. Moreover there is the “ignore” button as last resort.
Moreover this simplify things for sharing and importing since it will depend on the user and not the card whether to check multiple answers or not.

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Ah! Now I get what you mean. That seems like it would work well! I’m not sure if this would suit everyone though so perhaps having the option to “force” it as previously described isn’t bad to have (under a advanced tab or something).

But your way could be the default in case a user enters a value with a comma :slight_smile:

However I would recommend you use a less frequent character like / or &. It’s not a problem for vocabulary but since you aim for a multipurpose learning tool, a coma might cause issues.

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Is there any news regarding another wave of invites? :slight_smile:

I am reading so much ideas / feedback here. A lot of it usefull. Can’t wait to see the finished product.


Not yet haha the next wave will be a bit later this week :slight_smile:

@ all testers, I am pulling the website offline to start the update. It’s a pretty heavy one and I’ll list all changes soon.


That is good news! :smiley:

Alright, the update is done.
The following features have been added:

  • SRSLevels have been changed. Growing from a small fox into a big fox. The last rank is a firefox, which is actually a (super cute) red panda: “You have ascended from the lowly creatures called foxes, you have reached enlightenment. From now on you are a firefox, a true panda.” Expect to see some nice artwork for those ranks soon :slight_smile:
  • New basic starting templates and layouts. The WK lookalikes have finally been replaced. (I’m uploading new screenshots tomorrow)
  • Layouts are now linked under templates. This makes it way easier to organise your cards or create new ones.
  • Pagination and infinite scroll have been added on the deck and card overview pages. Meaning they will load while scrolling. This boosts performance a lot!
  • Typos can now be made while putting in non-jp answers and it will still count it right. There is a standard max of 3 typos while smaller words will range between 1 and 2 maximum allowed typos.
  • After doing all lessons for today, your lesson counter on the deck dashboard page will change into a lock. Clicking this lock will give you the option to unlock a X amount of lessons more. (In case you are feeling great that day :slight_smile: )


  • anki import batching
  • jp input always converts to hiragana
  • a few other small ones

For more information, take a look at the trello board:

As said above, expect some new screenshots soon!


I’ve been waiting for a service like this! Ready to pay, once it goes out of beta. Best of luck and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I’ve updated the thread with some new screenshots for the curious ones, please note everything you see will still change (big or small) :slight_smile:


Looking for an online alternative to houhou for ages, sign me up!

@neicul I’ll create an account in a few days when I’m back from my vacation. Figured it’s worth mentioning that I’m a software engineer, so I generally know what to look for when testing.

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Great update, @neicul

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Thanks! :blush:

Cool, thanks!

When I get home from work later I’ll get back in Kitsun and check out the changes in mobile and try it on my tablet… I wonder if it will think I’m in mobile or not…