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Hey! Thanks for giving it a try!

Yeah we have a “grammar database” planned where you can see and search all grammar points with short summaries, usage patterns and links to the relevant grammar lessons.

Likely accessible from the dictionary search too :grin:

Yep, definitely a bug! I actually tried to replicate it yesterday, but it did not happen for me yet. Any specifics you might be able to share would be very helpful!

We’ve gotten a lot of bugreports and quality of life suggestions the past few days and are working on getting a new update out asap :smile: So it will likely be fixed in the next few days :relaxed:

Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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I have an older Macbook and I use Safari version 15.4. I have 3 extension: an adguard, ecosia and tampermonkey. It works when I use Google Chrome.

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I’m sorry that I’m asking all my questions here. I don’t have a discord account.
There are sometimes mistakes in reading exercises. The hiragana part of a word seems to be in place of the furigana a few times for example. But unlike grammar exercises I’m not able to comment on reading exercises to point mistakes out. Why is that?

I hope you had a great Christmas.

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Thank you, that’s really helpful! I was using Chrome to debug, so that’s likely the reason I did not see it then. Other reports are saying they are using Firefox, so I’m sure I’ll be able to fix this asap now :smile:

That’s absolutely fine, that’s also what this thread is for!

Just like with grammar lessons, there should be a report button (exclamation mark) at the top, right below the wavy header. If you could report it through there our content team will get a notification and change it up right away :smile:

Thank you, you too!


The exclamation mark on the right is what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


I should probably share a screenshot next time to make it more clear. Thanks for helping!


A new update is live! New SRS Lessons & Review functionality (personal synonyms, notes, suspending, allowed / not allowed lists), a whole bunch of bugfixes and some other improvements:


If someone has a specific grammar question pertaining to one of the lessons, where can they post them?

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I saw on the website there is an anime list. I’m hoping to see an anime list for shows like…





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Will there be ways to test out of entire sections of the path (thereby unlocking all the XP points for that section if we know the content)?

On a related note, I know mock tests are planned, but how about placement tests?

Ideally the comment section below the grammar lesson. We are working on a way for the team to get notified when new comments get placed so that we can reply to questions right away, if another user does not help explain it yet :smile:


If we can find the subtitles for it (or you can provide them at the time) we will add them once our parser is upgraded and ready. Study lists from native material are planned for the next phase, which starts in February :grin:


How long do you suppose the testing phase for MaruMori will be. I really like the product but at this time I don’t think it would be right for me. I don’t mind shilling out the $$$ but personally, it’s kind of steep with how limited everything is.

I’ll definitely be suggesting it to friends, since I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn Japanese. Thank you :slight_smile:


That might be easier if you add a manga list then? The animes on Crunchyroll don’t have a Japanese subtitle option, but I could use an OCR to pull from Japanese manga.


Especially with tools such as Mokuro that are both highly accurate in their OCR (not perfect) and extract to JSON files that are easy to parse from, it’d be nice to see a resource make use of manga for vocabulary/grammar/etc learning purposes.

The main issues I’ve found in making manga frequency lists are 1) having instances of misparsings (both getting a character wrong and mistaking part of the artwork for written characters) and 2) getting non-content text (such as the copyright page) mixed in.

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At least for the following few months, we don’t have a specific date yet :smile:

Thank you very much!

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We do have manga planned as well yeah! As @ChristopherFritz mentioned we intend to use OCR for it, although it is not perfect yet, it seems to be good enough in general :smile:

Yeah exactly, there can be OCR issues, general sentence parsing issues and unrelated content in there, but it’s still doable! There’s also a way for users to report/suggest changes to vocabulary in the study lists, so that way missparsed items could also be changed or removed later on :smile:

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Sorry, skipped over your comment when I answered the other ones.

You mean testing in order to see if you already know a region? Like placement tests?

I’m guessing you meant something else since you mention placement tests here :laughing:

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Kanken Writing Input Template for Kitsun App

Hi All,

Just wanted to share a layout that I customized for the Complete Jouyou Kanji Writing Deck, complete download can be found here. The Kitsun layout can be found in the Community Centre here. The deck is intended to be used via the Kitsun App here to enable writing input

Essentially, I wanted to use this deck content with Kitsun’s input methods. I’ve been running this in parallel with the Kanji Writing Deck , which tests kanji meaning recall to writing so I found the Jouyou compliments well as another unique method along with additional vocab recall in context to content and listening audio as a different testing method. The original author did a real nice job putting it together!


Mazec is a very good keyboard kanji drawing app (but not free) is what I’m using. I don’t know of a better writing keyboard but it works with kana and kanji and seems to have a ton of flexibility

Mazec iOS

Mazec Google Play

If not familiar with how to upload an Anki deck in Kitsun, here is my recommend method.

How to Upload


See my entry in The Den for details:
Collective Deck Corner - #3 by s1212z - Japanese - Kitsun Community

Why not just publish the deck?

I’d just assume the original deck author host the deck for all uploads on anki with media. This way they get web-traffic for their patreon and no copyright issues on media for Kitsun.

Any limitations?

Kitsun could not upload multiple diagrams per value so you will see one kanji stroke diagram per entry. However I added hyperlinks to Jisho which shows video gifs of brush strokes if you use the vocab link and look at the kanji entry.

My CSS skills are limited and heavily borrowed (but I am learning :slight_smile: ), so feel free to customize to your liking.


Well, a path is long, so I was thinking something like checkpoints within the path that you cab click on, do a test, and if you par the checkpoint test, you automatically mark all the rules bergen the previous checkpoint and the one you clicked on as “done”, get the points, badges, etc. That way you can “hop” faster through a path where you already know the content.

I don’t know what exactly you had in mind for a placement test. I assumed that was a more global test, and not something to help you hop through sections of a path.