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MaruMori definitely looks like it will be an awesome tool, but it’s a little too early for me to buy into right now as I’m already around JLPT N3 (I just took the N2 a few weeks ago and felt like I passed, but who knows :rofl:). Will definitely consider it once higher-level content is added, provided you can still skip to your level of choice to start, but it doesn’t really add anything for me right now to my Japanese studies.

This is very good to know!

This might be a stupid question, since I think you’ve probably tried it, but hey, anyway, have you tried the scroll wheel or, on a laptop, the two finger scroll? :eyes:

Double Sale Announcement!

Hey everyone!

I’ll cut to the chase, Kitsun is having its usual annual lifetime sale, but with a big twist!

You might have heard about our new sister platform to Kitsun, specifically for learning Japanese. It is now in open beta and we’ve just introduced early supporter options, which include a bundle with Kitsun!

If not, please click here for some info

MaruMori is everything you could want to learn Japanese in specific. It’s the full package, it’s the whole picture, it’s the… steak and the potatoes. Basically, we wanted to eliminate the need to use multiple platforms. So we created an all-in-one, guided, gamified Japanese learning experience. It will take you all the way from absolute beginner to language mastery, and the best part is you can start anywhere. You’ll find hand-crafted grammar lessons, packed with detail and language secrets to impress your friends with, as well as reading exercises tailored to your level, so you can start reading real Japanese right from the start. Not to mention, we’ve curated an extensive vocabulary database, our own kanji learning system, and much, much more.

Needless to say, we think it’s pretty awesome, and we’re pretty sure you will too. But hey, feel free to try it out yourself if you’re interested in learning Japanese in specific!

And so, In the spirit of the holidays, not only will the Kitsun lifetime subscription be on sale, but we’re doubling everything up, so you now have a one-time chance to bundle up a Kitsun and MaruMori lifetime membership at a pretty incredible price.

MaruMori’s own individual early access sale is on now too, and the discount will be slowly decreasing over the coming weeks so the earlier you are, the bigger the discount.

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Special Discount For Kitsun Lifetimers

If you already have Kitsun Lifetime and are interested in getting MaruMori, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve also got a special deal for you, as our thanks for supporting us over the years!

Once you link your Kitsun account in MaruMori (settings page), you will get a special extra discount on top of the current discounted MaruMori price.

In any case, we hope you have a great holiday period and hope to see you around in the coming year as well! Keep on studying! :heart: :tada: :fox_face:


I’m on a laptop, and two-finger scroll just scrolls the whole page, not the dropdown menu. My laptop happens to have a touch screen, so that’s been my workaround so far, but I dislike using that because then finger oils build up on the screen and leave streaks.

Two-finger scrolling does work for the “manage cards” page where the scroll bar is way over to the right after all the fields and so you can’t grab the scroll bar and see the vocab item’s main fields at the same time. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but was kind of annoying for me trying to scroll through the 10K deck and mark a lot of the non-WK kana words as “known.”

Edit: sorry, found the vertical scrollbar on the “manage cards” page just now after scrolling the horizontal scrollbar all the way to the right. It’s still really tiny.


Are you selecting Auto or Manual for your anki import? So just to clarify, ‘default template’ reference (Kitsun Japanese Vocabulary or Kitsun Japanesse Kanji) are mainly for dictionary generated cards. If you are importing content via csv or anki apkg, you will need to choose your template of choice which includes the generic from Kitsun, any imported from prior or community centre or your own custom.

You may want to try Auto first which auto assign based on the original design and see how it looks…if you designed a custom template that you want to use, you can convert the values within the card manager (this is what I usually do). Auto will also create a unique deck so to consolidate a single deck for every import (assuming that is what you want), you can either copy or move to your target deck via the card manger menu below. Also in deck manager, you can mass edit convert to a preferred template “convert to other template” and just assign the values of the auto import to your preferred layout. See if this helps:

I don’t use anything beyond what I already outlined above. If I want context sentences in my cards, I will mine within the reader if possible otherwise the default template is what I use either via the app, reader, dictionary on desktop, or the browser extension that sends items to the dictionary page. But if I’m making a specific deck, it depends on the resource…the decks I published were done mostly by either dictionary generated or mass imports via csv


@s1212z Thanks so much for clarifying your process! I hadn’t messed with the Reader at all yet and that seems to work well for news articles and such as long as I can copy/paste the content, in that it grabs the sentence as well. I’d still have to probably add to a specific deck per source and then convert and add the source url link based on that, but it’s much more “one-click” (well, two, since it makes me confirm which deck each time) from hover which is what I was looking for. It would just be missing the J-J dictionary entry then.

@VegasVed answered my question about the “Basic” template having to be mapped to – apparently Anki exports always export with that Basic “Note Type” (to use Anki terminology) regardless of the whether or not my particular Anki deck setup uses it or not, and Kitsun doesn’t filter that out (I assume because some people actually do use it), so I have to define a mapping for it when doing a custom import, but that can be mostly blank.

For trying to get all the fields I want, I think if I could just get the Anki import to default to my preferred template for import and save or remember my input mapping it could work. Choosing every single one of these dropdowns every time is a bit too laborious to try to do after every reading session:

And at that point the cards are already in Anki with all the info, so I would just be importing to Kitsun for the better interface and to take advantage of the “known words” feature when I start running multiple decks (which, to be fair, is a really awesome feature).

And sorry everyone for all my questions/comments today! You all have been great about trying to help me getting this working for what I need. I love this community so much! :heart:


I’d say stay tuned, MaruMori is a pretty big deal and the dictionary restructuring sounds like it it will open up options for Kitsun too on what added features can be added…sounds very promising. Feel free to ask more questions not clear on current tools,


I really like MaruMori already! I worked on it (actually for quite a long time) today - it’s very engaging! The grammar explanations are well done and so far very clear. I agree with what someone else said about the hiragana exercises - they take awhile, even already knowing the material. Looking forward to seeing how the site evolves.

Finding the N5 area was easier on my laptop at home - for some reason, my work monitor only displayed a small part of the world, but at home I can see more at the same time which made it easier to find my way around the whole thing. I think now that I know what is there I will be able to find it on my work monitor as well.


I’m seeing:


I block Javascript and whitelist certain domains, so I thought that may be the issue, but I temporarily allowed all Javascript on the page and I still get this.

Anything I can investigate to try and figure what’s happening?


Got it working. I had to disable the Migaku Chrome extension’s embedded toolbar first.


Questions about these 3 features and mini-games:

  1. Will conjugation drills allow conjugations from any source conjugation to any other conjugation type selected by the user?
  2. Are conjugation drills coming soon?
  3. How will the Reader be different from Kitsun’s? Will it be tighter integration with Kitsun and use the same reader or something different?
  4. What will users be able to import?
  5. Will mini-games earn badges and XP?
  6. What is XP for? Leveling? Does leveling earn badges? How about streaks? Are there multipliers for streaks of correct answers too? :eyes:

there is an app for android or ios as well to use kitsun?

for WK flaming durtles is great for when away from home.

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Yes, there are apps.


They got buried a bit in the op


That’s really odd, but just to be sure, did you perhaps get asked to log in to Kitsun first when it redirected you to Kitsun? The redirect from the login page to the account linking page in Kitsun seems to remove the query parameters from the URL, which results in an error.

Restarting the process from MM (clicking on connect again) should work right away if you are already logged in to Kitsun.

Perhaps that was the issue you and @_Marcus ran into? I’m working on deploying a fix for this as we speak :smile:


I did.

But I also reloaded the page a few times while trying different things, then when I disabled the Migaku toolbar (which auto-reloads the page) my username came up and the link worked when clicking on it (rather than giving an error message). Maybe the Migaku toolbar was unrelated, and just a coincidence though!

Got it, thanks! Likely that it’s the same bug then. Sorry about that!

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So far what we thought about is to go from the dictionary form to the target conjugation form, but perhaps letting you go from one form to the other would also be a nice drill option :open_mouth:

Likely starting work on it next week, should be out within a few weeks at latest!

Ideally we want to use verbs you already learned as vocabulary through the unlocks, so that you can focus on the grammar drilling, rather than figuring out what the verb even means. But I’m not 100% certain if we already have all types of verbs as unlocks at the point where the conjugation tool will get introduced. Will have to doublecheck next week :smile:

It will be largely the same as Kitsun’s, but with an improved parsing method and using our own dictionary. It will likely also know exactly which words you already know and do things like remove furigana if you already know the word. So we can tie it directly to your progress on MM and also suggest you certain stories appropiate for your level.

We’re also working on graded readers which will likely also tie in with the reader. Improving the parser will also allow us to start parsing native materials for thousands of premade study lists. Kitsun will of course also get the same parsing improvements and such.

We kind of have two different types of imports coming up.

  • One where we let you import the vocabulary and kanji you already know, so that they get marked as known and will not show up in any study list you have. As an added bonus, it will also show you exactly how much of a study list you already know, which is great for figuring out if you can read certain books for example.
  • And one where you can import items for your own study lists. Being able to create a studylist automatically, or add to an existing study list. All you need is a word or kanji list :slight_smile:

Yes! We have weekly and daily challenges on our roadmap too, so that you can get even more EXP through putting in just a bit more effort for the day or week :smile:

Exp is for leveling yeah, although right now leveling is not implemented yet :laughing: We’re working on it and will provide more details about it later!


I really love the look an concept of the site! I’m heading into N3 now but am also interested in reviewing N4, so I was wondering if the N4 section is meant to be fully unlocked at the moment? I can get to its “world” but the slide-in menu on the left is empty and clicking on the map doesn’t do anything. I also noticed on the world map that it says the N4 lessons are 100/100. I wasn’t sure based on how you described the current content if it’s supposed to be available right now, so I wanted to make sure I’m not experiencing a bug.


what grammar levels based on JLPT are available in MM right now?

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N5. I believe N4 is rolling out gradually starting very soon.

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