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How did it go? :slight_smile:

I’ll be pulling the website down very soon for a new update filled with new features and bugfixes. I will post a list of changes once I’m done with the update!


Alright, Kitsun is back up :slight_smile:

Here’s the main list of changes:

New features:

  • Answering correct or wrong will now set a global class. This means you can style or hide/show anything in your card based on whether you answer it right or wrong. The classes to style with are: .correct_card and .wrong_card
  • You can now easily duplicate layouts. Click the button after selecting one and it will make a copy right away (don’t forget to change the name, it adds “- Copy” at the end)
  • Card values are now linked to template fields. this means that if you update a template, all the cards will use the new names and appear in your layouts which utilize the new names.
  • Syntax highlighting and general code editing improvements (indentations/auto tag completion) have been added to the layouts page)

  • You can now set default template/layouts per deck. Meaning that you won’t have to search for them again if you quickly want to add a card.
  • You can now use <br> tags in your values
  • Total cards indicator has been added at the deck overview page.
  • Lesson Reserve will not build up until you’ve done at least one lesson in the deck

Bugs fixed:

  • {{kanji:fieldname}} field has been fixed.
  • top bar is removed during reviews
  • grammar layout has been fixed
  • ignore button is now visible again

As always, you can check all changes @ Trello :slight_smile:

I will probably send invites for the next phase on Sunday!


Never thought of that but this is such a good idea. Maybe you can implement something like skip.correct_card so that you don’t turn the card around if you are right and just go to the next?


Lightning mode (as WK calls it) is what you’d want and is on the feature list :slight_smile:


@Rakantor Please do not be demotivated. I am still waiting for your development as posted here Do you want a WK-like tool for vocab learning? [Poll]

Any update please?

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Hi there. Just wonder is the new invites has been sent out. :rofl:

@neicul I created an account using the same username!


I’ll activate the second wave of accounts tomorrow (it is now 1:30am here)

So far the first phase testers have done a tremendous job of reporting bugs and delivering useful feedback. Most of which occurred in the Kitsun Discord server :slight_smile:

I hope the second phase will result in even more feedback, feature discussion and bugs being found. :smile:


I haven’t kept up with the thread. It has been a long week for me at work.

My apologies if this has probably been mentioned, but when you have cards with hidden text that appears upon mouse hovering (such as furigana, in my case), the Next button is in the way of this.


macOS 10.13.4
Safari 11.1 (13605.

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I don’t remember that being mentioned :slightly_smiling_face: you can check the Trello board (link in the OP) if you’re unsure whether a bug has already been flagged, though it’s probably still helpful to have information from more people on a bug, and multiple people asking for the same feature indicates popularity.

No worries, just mention anything you find! This is a problem I know about and is currently on the priority todo list on trello under the following task:

  • Reviews/Lessons - add some top margin & move buttons to bottom

What happened was that I removed the topbar but did not give the cards a small top margin yet. so now the top of the card falls behind the button. I expect this to be fixed with the update later tonight :slight_smile:

I see that you are using Safari, how is the experience on there? I currently have no means to test Kitsun on Safari so if you see anything weird, please let me know.

I’ve been trying to decide how use this while testing, since I don’t use Anki or anything similar right now. I think maybe I’ll focus on creating my own cards based on words I don’t know when I read Aria the Masterpiece. I kind of wish I had done something like that with Kiki’s Delivery Service, so this seems like a good opportunity.


Ah, yes, I should’ve check the Trello board. I will do so next time. I might drop in to the Discord channel in the future as well.

I’ve tested on both Safari (macOS) and Chrome (Win7), and so far the experience has been identical. No difference in how the page is rendered, too. Functionality is the same, as expected. I’m really liking the service so far. You have something really good in your hands here. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


I spy an opportunity to test out deck sharing :eyes:


@neicul will have to activate my account by June 23rd then. :stuck_out_tongue:


@mztik That’s great to hear! Thanks for the kind words!

If you do decide to drop by on discord, you’ll get a fancy colour assigned :wink:

@seanblue This was my initial plan after reaching 60 as well. To make cards based on encountered vocab in reading material :slight_smile: Sounds good!

Time to update! I’ll once again be posting the changelog here once it is done. Expect activations to come right afterwards :smile:


New update is here

New features

  • Table view for cards. You can now switch to a new view on the Cards Overview page. Expect mass management tools/actions to be added there in the next updates!
  • Search function for cards. A search function has been added to make it easier to edit the cards you want. The search will look for any cards matching the query on both “tags” and “card field values”.
  • Audio has been rehauled, it features a new standard design (can be styled with the class “.audio_wrapper”). The standard positioning is currently not completely good yet (it always goes to the most left position of the container it is in) but will be fixed soon.
  • Audio autoplay is here! It is a little bit wonky but it works most of the time. Currently, it always autoplays audio on seeing a new card. This will be changed to work with your prefered setting asap.
  • Reviews and lessons are now rounded to the current hour.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + S can now be used to save your layout edits.
  • Lesson/Review Buttons have been moved from top to bottom
  • Default templates are now read only and have been updated
  • Pressing tab while entering values for a card will now focus the next field


  • IOS input fix
  • Import batching improvements
  • Caching problems should be fixed
  • Default layouts/template set is now working right after first save.
  • Input responding to enter after finishing

As always, please look at the trello board to see what has been changed and what is still left to do!

I’m going to start activating new accounts in a few minutes!


All invites for the second wave have been sent!

Please check your mailbox (and spam folder) to see if your account got activated.
And if your account got activated, please join our lovely Kitsun Discord Server (link at the top post) to get access to all the latest updates/discussions.

Before reporting bugs, please take a look at the trello board (link also at the top post) to see what is still open!

I’ll be going to sleep now and will answer any questions when I wake up. Otherwise, you can ask for help in the Kitsun discord :slight_smile:

Oh and please do a refresh if you already had the site open. Sometimes it doesn’t update until a full refresh. (fixing this soon)