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That’s correct :smile: The next time you enter a session with that item, you will get the new layout as well.

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@neicul, would you be able to add the PoS only on the back of the cards in the official layouts? Because while doing reviews, having it on the front kinda spoils the answer sometimes (think transitive vs intransitive verbs):


You still need to know the answer right? I dont think transitive vs intransitive spoils the answer? I think the main reason I wanted it on the front is because of it showing which nuance it is searching for…

What’s with that example by the way :laughing:

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Will this be something that would help with grammar and sentence structure?

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I just realized that my example was a terrible one at all levels :joy: The problem happens when going JP => meaning. For example, 上がる vs 上げる. If I get spoiled on knowing that 上がる is an intransitive verb, I know the meaning is “to rise” and not “to raise”.



You could use Kitsun to create your own cards which drill you on grammar usage / sentence structure, or wait until someone publishes a community deck for that topic.

However, for reinforcing your grammar studies I’d personally recommend using bunpro as their website is specialized in that particular area:


What I meant is that you still need to know that it’s “to rise” or a variation of that. But I get what you mean. I’m not sure if it becomes a problem when I remove the part of speech details from the front…

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Sure, but don’t you mix verbs transitivity? I do it all the time :rofl: And I see a bunch of people talking about the same problem.

So yeah, I only see this being a problem on the front of cards when going JP => reading/meaning.

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So! I’ve finally recovered from a pretty heavy fever (it did give me time to play Sekiro though :wink: )

Time to get back to working on Kitsun this weekend :slight_smile: I’ll be doing some bugfixes first and then focus on the native apps again.


It might be because you have been bug fixing but the mobile behaviour has improved. Rather than hiding half the kanji it is merely doing a little bump most of the time.

Anyway here is the worlds most boring screen record to show you what is happening.

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I was very definitely getting things wrong to see if the behaviour was different for a wrong answer.

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I did issue a fix for the screen resize problem yeah :smile: This weekend I’ll make sure it automatically scrolls to the top after opening the keyboard as well as that seems to be a problem occuring for some users.

Kitsun will be going down for a new update in the next couple of minutes :slight_smile:

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New features:

  • Rank up/down notifications during reviews now show the new SRSLevel that the card changed to.

  • Tags can now be added while generating cards from the dictionary page. At both custom and default card generation flows.


  • The dark class is now correctly added to the lessons/reviews card wrappers. Meaning that you can now properly style cards especially for dark theme users. (E.g. same card having both light and dark versions based on the theme the user is using).

  • Dictionary: Buttons are now properly disabled while waiting for an answer from the server during card creation.

  • Dictionary: Values should now be properly wiped after generating a card.

  • Unlimited lessons: Enabling, doing a lesson and then disabling the setting will now return the lesson pool to the daily amount rather than keep it at the max amount.

  • IF/OR layout logic will now also work for cards which lack the fields (but where the template DOES have the fields). The value now defaults to false if it doesn’t exist.

  • Pressing Enter on a external keyboard on a iOS device should now work as intended.

  • The icon files are now stored locally, no more dependencies on external servers causing Kitsun to malfunction when those servers go down :tada:

  • Tapping on the input should now scroll the card to the top.

Feels good to be back in the flow! Looking forward to working on Kitsun (the website) again :smiley:


So getting an apprentice item wrong is signaling the item to go to SRS lvl 0. Shouldn’t it be 1? Since SRS 0 is for lessons.



Oops! Good catch :smiley:

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Another thing is that I’m almost sure that it’s signaling fire foxes at SRS lvl 8 (when ranked up). It should be lvl 9, deshou :slight_smile:

EDITED: I would review this feature again. For the same item, if I get it right, it goes to Fennec 4… but if I get it wrong it goes to Fennec 1… It can’t be both Fennec 2 or 3 at the same time… So something is up :thinking:

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Wrongly answered cards below SRS level 5 are ranked down 2 levels instead of one. My guess is that the item was level 3 → rank up = level 4. | rank down → level 1?

But perhaps something is off with the count in general :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s it then! But was it always like that? How haven’t I noticed it? :scream::scream::scream:

Also, you know I reported a bug with the custom cards saving info that was added to the previous created card. However, I like it saving the info for the tags’ field… so can you somehow keep that??

Because as I go with reading, I just add the name of the book/manga once, and then it’s always adding new vocab nonstop \o/ And I can always know where I got the word from in the future, which is supaaaaa nice :sunglasses:


Always been like that ^^

Yes, that’s how it currently works! :smiley:

I’m taking Kitsun down soon-ish for a new update

mumbles something about reordering reviews

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