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I think it’s the greatest, can’t recommend it enough. It has complete autonomy like Anki without the headaches and frustration (plus a modern/pleasing aesthetic that is an enjoyable experience to use). I think you will enjoy the reader tool, as it allows both reading practice and a simple way to create cards for you to study later and gives a quick analysis on reading level of the material. And since WK misses alot of basic vocab (or even just hiragana/katakana only vocab), I think you can find benefits just with this alone.

Vocab decks are much easier after going through the WK grind plus you can add en->jp with your cards. But there is so much functionality, so you can practice listening comprehension and grammar…Subs2Kitsun is great as well. And many community decks are very polished due to the feedback system that is set up (and customize what card you want to use). Plus there is still Anki deck import if you really want it.

Just a warning, given your WK level you are probably not in the full swing of SRS here so your time dedication to multiple SRS can be tricky. However @prouleau recently made a great tool that allows additional study approaches with WK material that is Kitsun-friendly. For myself, I do Kitsun just when I have the time but I ensure to clear WK reviews daily.