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Thanks for the offer, not quite sure where it should be put though!

Currently, not yet… I’d be open to a JSON import feature though so perhaps we could work something out? Do you already have some (sample) data?

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The third part apps section, probably.

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I’ve done a brief search for large lists of Vietnamese vocab a while back and found this: GitHub - duyet/vietnamese-wordlist: Lists of the most common Vietnamese words. (its “incomplete”, I would have to fill in the english from somewhere else)

Wouldn’t be hard on my part to transform it a structure required for import. Just curious if there was an existing (or planned) import feature. I think it would save the user some time, but I am not sure if the demand is there for your team to invest the engineering time.


I definitely considered implementing this, but for now, I first want to focus on getting the website running as well as possible.

If you kindly could :smiley:

I could make a very basic importer which will create a deck, very simple layout/template and import a few fields per card? Should be pretty simple if you could convert your data to a json format

Maybe something like this:
DeckName: ‘Vietnamese’,
NewCardsPerDay: 30,
{Field1: ‘dog’ , Field2: ‘chó’}, {cardtwo etc} ]

For each object in the Cards array it can then create two separate cards (English → Vietnamese & Vietnamese → English)?

Afterwards you’d be able to edit the template field names and give a better styling to the layouts if needed.


Done. :ok_hand:


That sounds great!

I am curious are you using a JS IME library for the Japanese input? Any plans to integrate other language JS IMEs (probably not but gotta ask) :slight_smile:


Holy… I was working on the same thing because I hate Anki’s UI…
I guess I’ll continue though because I can’t subscribe to yet another online service



I think this is a good priority to have. A lot of people struggling with Anki will not hesitate using your website.

Also, I just completely forgot what I was going to say. Oh, from what I understand, we are able to burn items, much like in WK. Are you considering making this optional? For example, allowing users to add predefined intervals. Because not everyone will have used WK, which means that they are probably used to their own SRS intervals.


I’ll decide on a format with the required fields soon and let you know once I start working on it, although my top priority now is to finish the first beta version :wink:

As for the second question, I think you might be more familiar with this than myself as I am using wanakana for Japanese input conversion, which I believe WK also uses and was actually sponsored/maintained by Wanikani?

But If demand is high enough I could probably add more “input types”, but I’d definitely need some pointers then :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the compliment!

Yes, the user is already able to determine their own SRS intervals. I see that I forgot to add a screenshot of the Deck creation page :sweat_smile:

^ These are the settings a deck can have at the moment


Another thing to consider: user’s trust.

The market is somehow being flooded with options now. Memrise, Anki, Houhou, Floflo, Kitsun. Each with their specific target audience, but still. People don’t know where to put their trust in.

A lot of SRS fans will want to use 1 platform for all their SRS. This during a matter of years. What happens with new projects is that people don’t trust the creators. You could be gone in 1 year time and everyone would lose their stuff. With Anki, they could be using the app forever (I guess? Sorry, I don’t know anything about computer science).

What I mean is that in the future, you might consider creating a way where it would be possible to go offline and still use the whole system. Maybe an app? Also, make this exclusively for lifetime users (because otherwise people would stop paying you and just use the app). Make like an exclusive code for every lifetime account or something. This would show trust from your behalf in that you’re willing to actually make something close to a “lifetime” experience.

Also, please activate my account. I’m jprspereira. I’m really good at being a beta tester. The best in the world. Trust me, I’m that good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s the end of Anki!

Also activate my account as well. I want to be a part of this super secret club!


Shh! :kissing_heart:

Check how well your decks import :heart:


About user trust: I think this is a general issue every startup / new product faces, and this is something that has to be earned. All I can say is that I will do my best to earn that trust and I’m totally open to any suggestions about how this could be earned other than having my platform run well and long.

I would love to develop a way to use it offline, however, I have not worked out all the details considering it will be a paid service which would require some way to validate that you are still subscribed. And for now, this is definitely a second priority as I want to focus on the online platform first.

@hinekidori Actually, I’m really glad to see you posting here! I love your anki decks and have secretly been using them as a way to test my import :flushed: I can confirm that your 10K deck imports well, but did need some small adjustments to the layouts (input field works a little bit different on kitsun). Some of the (temporary) screenshots actually show some of the layouts from that deck!


Exactly, that’s why I suggested it to be a lifetime option (at least for the release).

And of course, I don’t expect you to make this a priority. Just wanted to mention it before the future me forgets it.


Oh man, with all those new fancy learning ressources lately I feel like my little WIP is getting sort of… unnecessary :sweat_smile:

Would be great to be a beta tester, I’d love to check this one out :slight_smile:


This sounds pretty awesome. I’m always dropping anki. Would be nice to stick to something with a nice interface. Signed up!


Hey, if I can still fiddle with my templates I’m happy! I’m hoping you are providing a better solution to AnkiWeb so I can use my decks on multiple platforms. An adjustable interval structure is also a win in my book. I’m still not satisfied with being forced to work with the Anki algorithm.

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This is great! just registered. I used anki for a while but found it more of a anki learning experience then what I was trying to learn I have been using tiny cards of late which works fine, but this seem really cool and if you will have me I would love to be a tester

Thanks for the time and hard work you clearly put in here :slight_smile:


It’s all those level 60s. They got all this free time because they’ve already mastered all the Japaneses :thinking: