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So I got a response from koichi about the possibility of a script like I suggested previously for the leech list import. The response is gray, but what it amounts to, is that as long as we’re not downloading mnemonics and just the review items on their own, it’s ok to make a script with that ability. To quote “I would say what you’re proposing (listing item names in a text) is not anywhere near breaking WK’s terms of service.”

My message


I want to write a script, but I’m a bit unsure whether what I want to write is in line with Wanikani’s Terms of Service.

This is the script in its current state: [UserScript] Leech List Burn-Only Upgrade

It currently allows you to download a .txt file with your leeches in Japanese only (just in kanji). The term leech is community definition, described on the script page. In general, it allows for a more refined way to see and detect problematic review items.

I have received a few requests to create a format csv file that allows for easy integration into secundary srs sites. Learning leeches specifically can be quite beneficial to overall performance later on. However, here is where I start to get a bit worried.

At what point am I stealing Wanikani’s intellectual property? Am I doing this already by listing review item names in a txt? Or am I allowed to make a more extensive list (say kanji/vocab, reading and writing)? Would I be allowed to go even further than that?

Another worry I have is that a few tech-savvy people might use this framework to be able to download the entire wanikani library, which is undesired as well.

In general, I do not wish to lessen the profits of Tofugu. I don’t think that the proposed set-up would be damaging, but there are some risks, and I don’t think I should be the judge of whether those risks are worth the benefit.

I’m looking forward hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Pepijn Ekelmans


Hi Pepijn!

That kind of thing definitely has it’s gray areas. I appreciate you checking in about it.

I think if you’re just outputting leeches, that is the item’s themselves, you’re still fine. If you’re including the mnemonics and ordering and all of that - that’s where it gets a little dicey. The purpose of the script sounds like it’s so you can practice trouble items, which sounds nice and useful to me :slight_smile: I would say what you’re proposing (listing item names in a text) is not anywhere near breaking WK’s terms of service.

Someday we may make a tool that lets you review trouble items / leeches too, but I think what you’re doing is great. Good luck!