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Hey! Load in some Overlord! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey, I remember talking to you about this before PMs got disabled!
I think you should definitely carry on and don’t let yourself get demotivated!

@hinekidori They work on mobile as well :wink: Sneak preview of G-Anki deck (which was made with your layouts I believe?):

And could you perhaps elaborate a bit on what you don’t like about the anki algorithm / platform? Same goes for anyone else, as I’m really looking to create a better version of anki (big ambition though)

@Raionus Actually I just got to level 60 yesterday :'). Developing this, having a job AND trying to reach level 60 at the fastest pace was definitely extremely challenging lol.

Also, @ everyone who signed up so far, thank you! I will start activating accounts as soon as I finish the last things I still need to do.


After signing up:

  1. I didn’t know I was signing up for a waiting list. You should say that up front. (Maybe you did and I missed it?)
  2. Why force me to use numbers and symbols in my password? I use a password manager and can generate secure passwords without numbers in them. I think any password validation other than maybe minimum length is over-reaching.

Hi, to answer your questions:

  1. Sorry to hear that, perhaps I was not clear enough but it is mentioned in this section:

The reason I’m inviting everyone in batches is because this would be the first “real” test and I want to closely monitor how well the servers will take it. This way I can scale up to improve speed/performance if needed and quickly react to problems if they arise.

  1. The password requirements are at least one capital letter, one number and the password must be at least six characters long. It is just a general safety measure for people who do not use password managers. Having a word with 1 symbol behind it is already safer than just the word. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Very cool! I recently updated my Template so it would be more friendly to being used on the phone, plus just general updates to the format. Here it is if you would like to take a look.

[Template Perfect Form - maybe]

Well, being a long time user of WK I prefer the modified Leitner system they are using which is not something that Anki uses. So being able to set what my intervals are is a plus, as well as how far back it gets kicked back when answered incorrectly would be very useful and has been on my wish list for a while now.

Another question - If a person is taking advantage of the input box do you have a feature that will use the answer to move the card forward instead of pressing the know/don’t know buttons I see in your example? That is a common complaint with Anki and would be a useful feature to have as an option as well.


This looks really nice! I’ve always been frustrated by Anki’s UX and would love alternatives. Great job on the design, I know it’s early but it’s looking great so far!

Regarding user trust: I think offline access is a good long term goal, but for me personally the trust issue is less about online vs offline and more about avoiding data lock-in. Sites that make it easy to create content but which lack any way to export that data are always a bit of a red flag for me – it’s just hard to justify investing time in creating a bunch of content when there’s a risk I’d be unable to use it in the future, either because you have to take the site down at some point (I hope you don’t!) or because I decide to switch to some other new tool that meets my needs better (I’m rooting for you though! :slight_smile:). As much as I dislike Anki, it does have an open data format, so even if (when) I get fed up and switch to something else, there’s a good chance that I can salvage the decks I’ve already made.

So I’m not sure if you’ve thought about adding an export feature yet (and if you have and I’ve just missed it, then I apologize!), but if not I hope you’ll consider it. :slight_smile: In any case, best of luck, I’m excited to see where this goes!


I just signed up! Looking forward to try it out! :slight_smile:


I’ll take a look at the template, thanks!

Currently, when a user answers correctly, the card moves up a SRS level. If wrong, the card moves down two levels (which is also how WK does it I think?)

Pressing enter after putting in the answer will flip the card, having a “lightning mode” so you automatically advance to the next card if the input was correct, is currently on the priority to-do list :slight_smile:

@MosbyNeko Thank you! An export feature is on my features backlog and has low priority for me right now. but thank you for your opinion on the issue. It is a good idea and I will definitely consider developing it after launching!


I’m pretty sure that items which are currently Apprentice-level move down one SRS level if incorrect, and items which are Guru or higher move down two.

There’s also some intricacy in terms of getting something wrong multiple times in one session; I believe it divides the number in two and rounds up, so two incorrect answers will still result in one drop, while three incorrect answers will result in two drops (whether a ‘drop’ is one or two levels). I’m less certain of the specifics of this though.


I believe you are correct, thanks for reminding me! I will change the behavior to match WK regarding the apprentice part at least.


Yes, this.

Another thing: when you’re doing lessons on WK, you get to answer it in the quiz right after the lesson and only then will it enter the review system. With Anki, the item is automatically in the review system, I guess.

How would it work here? Would I be able to make the first “review” appear 1 minute later? Would I be able to review it 3 times right after the “lesson”?

What I mean by this is that allowing some customization right after a recently learned item could be interesting. The idea would be to do a quick binge on the recent learned items and then allow the SRS to do its wonders. I’ve been doing this out loud for myself and I’ve found that I learn items way better this way. It also allows me to notice right away the ones that would possibly be leeches (because I end up struggling with them right after the lesson session).

I’m just sharing this idea out loud. I’m not even sure if this is already possible or not.


No problem! I think having it drop just one level for apprentice is pretty appropriate, so that would be good. I’d guess the multiple incorrect answers thing stops you absolutely bombing stuff, but that’s probably less of a concern given the extra work required to make it happen.

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It uses WKs lesson system. Basically, you can determine a lesson batch size. So for example, if your batchsize is 5:

When you start your lessons, you will first “learn” the 5 lessons in the batch, after this you will be taken to a review screen (just like in WK) and have to review the batch you just did. If you get a review right, it will be moved to apprentice level 1. From then on the SRS intervals come into play, so if we take WK SRS intervals as default, it will take 4 hours until it pops up in your review queue.

As for the wrong review kickback issue:
As I now understand, you would like control over how many levels the “kickback” will be?
I will put the following on my requested features list:

Deck option:

  • Apprentice item kickback
  • Guru+ item kickback

And set the defaults at 1 and 2.


I’m so sorry if I made it overly confused xD

I want to be able to customize how many times I review an item during that Quiz (pre-reviews).


Anki has two queues:
One for learning items and one for “learned” (which is the review pile).
After how many reviews an item graduates (moves into the review pile) can be set up in the settings.
Learning items and review items are handled differently for some parts (e.g. learning items are not getting buried).


Amazing. Makes me so jealous. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for allowing ‘+’ in the eMail.


Hahah after re-reading it I think I get what you mean now. you wish to do the lesson “quiz” part for an item as many times as you want?

Right now the minimum interval after putting it in review queue is 1 hour and it will count as a level up in the SRS system. So this is not really an option for you.

Although I think it would be possible to add this as a deck setting, I think it might be difficult to explain this to the rest of the users (we already had much trouble here :stuck_out_tongue:).

How about a self study option (which doesn’t count for reviews), would that also suffice?

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I’m also curious what your support will be for audio. It’s something I currently use in all my cards.

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During import of your decks, the audio files are automatically uploaded to your folder on the server.
The fields which use audio automatically create a small player during lessons and reviews, the user can press the play button to listen to it. Autoplay of audio is still on my priority to-do list.

This is how the player currently looks:

The users can also record or upload audio while inserting the values of the new card.

So far it all works fine expect for one bug:

  • audio doesnt seem to play on android

I will have a look at this issue soon.


Geez man. You’ve thought of everything.
Also +1 for kickback customization.
My username is VegasVed, please activate my account too :grin:


I’ve been looking for a Wanikani-like solution to expand SRS to other fields and subjects. Anki is powerful and free. I’ve been using it for years, but it’s ugly, clunky and unintuitive. I’ve signed up and will definitely try your tool.

The 1Gb limit seems reasonable, all my Anki decks take up around 470Mb and this is after years of creating my own decks. At some point it may have to be raised, but for now it seems more than reasonable.